I’m back! With an update too

I don’t think I’ve talked about this enough, but the Legend of Tarzan was absolutely amazing. I never knew that Alexander Skarsgard cradling a newborn baby was something I even wanted?? Like, I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud in the movie theater, because that was really hot. I mean like, this baby was so tiny in his hands and I’m just over here like, please be the father of my children!

Margot Robbie is such a delight though. She is a beautiful actress, and she looked really good with Alex on screen.

Also, I’m back with an update. Real life has pretty much had most of my attention these past few months, and it has been quite a while since my last update, but here I am with one of the many firsts and I hope to continue updating as the days go by. Because my stories need updating.

Predatory 12



I’m just really sad and heartbroken over Alan Rickman, I grew up watching him. I grew up with Harry Potter, and Severus Snape was one of my beloved characters that Alan Rickman brought to life. What a start to 2016, but Alan Rickman will always be the one and only Professor Severus Snape to me, Always.

Aside from that, I do bring an update with me today. I also will be posting a short story tomorrow. I wrote it, intending to publish it during the holidays but I got busy.

Anyways, here is the next chapter of Loveless!

Loveless Chapter 7

Update at last!

I’ve been horrible with keeping updates, but you know real life an all. Work, gym, college and all that. I have high blood sugar that I need to bring down, so now I have to watch my carbs, but hey! I’ve lost at least 9lbs in the process and I’m very happy about that! I’ve been eyeing a few things I haven’t worn in ages because I no longer fit into them, and I can’t wait to wear them again!

Anyways! Without futher ado, I bring you the next chapter of Loveless, oh and I know Halloween is over but I really did mean to get this chapter out before that but like I said, real life made it impossible. There’s a part two to chapter 6 which will be chapter 7, hopefully I’ll have it up by Sunday if not Monday.

Loveless Chapter 6

So without further ado

So I’ve been absent a while. I realize that. I’m so so sorry! But I’m here now!

Also, thanks for the nomination! That really made my day! It’s so nice to see that people like me and my work. That’s really awesome, you know? So because of that, I have a treat for you.

When I was writing Predatory, I made a lot of changes, and by changes I mean the Pythoness. Because in my story, Pureblood Vampires are really different from the normal ordinary vampires like Bill, and I considered the Ancient Pythoness to be a Vampire of Pureblood, so she’ll definitely be young looking.

I also realize that I need to explain my world a little more, and how this all works out. Because  I sure as hell know but it’s not fair to keep you guys guessing and wondering, so I hope to have a big explanation on how the world in my story works. Especially for this one. I’m always writing flashbacks and whatnot to explain events, but I realize that I have a HUGE habit of doing that, and I’ll try to work better at not doing things like that. So, I promise that it won’t turn out like that.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Predatory Chapter 11

Voting is open!

I didn’t realize that I was nominated! I’m very happy that I was! So anyways there are other amazing authors out there that have also been nominated! Don’t forget to vote!

You Want Blood Awards

“Hello everyone!  Yes, it is Robin.  Voting is open!  This will be very short.  When I was in middle of nomination forms my power went out.  For 6 freaking hours.  Then it kept going downhill from there.  Polldaddy’s site crashed.  By the time I was able to get back to work and everything ready by noon there was no time to write out a quick scene.  All the nominations are on the nomination page but I am still working on getting all the links on the nomination page so keep checking back to get to the last story links.  Remember to vote and come back next weekend when the winners are announced.”


  • You can vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in EACH category.  Got that 3 votes in each category.

  • You can only fill out the survey ONCE.

  • Voting will close on 6/20/2015 at noon EST.

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