Update! And New Story!

Hello! I realize that this blog looks so dull. I’m still trying to find my way around this, since I’m so used to tumblr, and I did at one point contemplate on creating a tumblr for my fanfiction only. But I decided to jump bandwagon and do wordpress instead. That and tumblr would get sort of cluttery.

I am still alive, and in case those of you weren’t aware I’ve moved most of my stories to wordpress in case FF.net decides to take my stories down.

I’m also aware that my stories need banners, but at the moment I’m a bit on the busy side, I know it’s summer, who would’ve thought? I go on vacation next week and the week after that I decided to do something fun called Gishwhes.

Gishwhes is a short term for : The greatest international scavanger hunt the world has ever seen. It’s led by Misha Collins, from Supernatural. He’s the biggest weirdo out of all of us for this.

Basically what this is, I join a team of 15 people, from different parts of the world, and our leader, Misha gives us a list of items. 150 items it was last year I believe, and we try to break world records.

We break world records every year, last year it was largest chain of safety pins and largest online album of hugs.

But here is a nice descriptive video of what Gishwhes is.

So yeah, and aside from all of this, it falls on my math finals too!

So I’ve decided to give you all two treats this time, and when I come back I will try to get into a weekly updating schedule.

Here is Predatory Chapter 5

And a new story, Home Sweet Louisiana Chapter 1