So like the rest of you, I hated that TB ending, but it was somewhat open, in my opinion. Both Sookie and Eric are alive and for all we know Eric could be looking after her and stuff.

And Bill is dead and that’s all that matter. Victory has never tasted so sweet in my opinion. Anyways, I realize I forgot to update Predatory like weeks back when I posted it on FF.net so if you’re not a FF.net person, you can go ahead and read the chapter .

There was also another update for this story which now leads up to having 7 chapters. Also, I am so happy with all the new follows and favorites and I am so glad you guys love my work, it makes me so giddy. I hope you all enjoyed your labor day weekend, I know I sure did! I went and saw the Giver and my sister had to pinch me every time I tried squealing in delight at Alex holding a baby, or anytime Alex was on the screen, hehe.


Anywho! Here we are  

Predatory Chapter 6

Predatory Chapter 7


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