Another update

Hello everyone! While I did say I would be update the other stories, I sort of…well I made a new story. I was trying my hardest to write the next chapter of SHL, but then suddenly my fingers had a mind of their own and the result was that.

This next fic is sort of angsty, similar to YMO in the angsty kind of sense. I write YMO and I really never cry, but for this one I did, I was crying for the the character I wrote, which is an OC of my own. I also wrote a second story, which I haven’t added here, but it’s up on FF.NET, I’ll be adding that shortly.

While you guys wait for the others to update, here enjoy yourselves with these. Also! Moonlight Sonata links back to FFNet. So don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself there. Enjoy~!


Moonlight Sonata


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