Hello, happy first day of winter!

I’m a Pennsylvanian, but I’ve been in Florida for a few years now, gosh I miss the snow so much! I’m a winter and fall kind of person, I dislike Florida weather very much. But it finally got cold here, and Warm egg nog makes everything better!

But anyhow! I did update. I finally got around to transferring one of my stories here. I never got around to it because I was lazy, but here it is! Also there is another update coming your way tomorrow, and a oneshot as well!

Moonlight Sonata

Oh December is finally upon us

The year blinked by really fast. It was around this time, in 2013 where I had opened up my first TB/SVM fanfic, I mean I’ve been reading fics for a long time now, but the Sookie and Eric world really sucked me in, especially after Season 6 had me devastated.

Anyways, December is here and I just finished my Fall semester and I can finally focus on my mini projects, crochet hats and scarves for the kiddies in my family. I should pick up on knitting, there are some knit scarves that look really cool that I may want for myself.

Anyhow! I bring you an update! This chapter is more like Eric’s POV, and his feelings and thoughts. I might just speed up and finish the first half of this fic before December ends. 🙂 Anyways, enjoy!

Loveless Chapter 3

Now It’s Getting Stupid


Hi Everyone,

Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m just pissing in your ear about the same thing over and over, but I once again need your help.  ANOTHER author on fafiction,net has stolen massive amounts of my stuff (from multiple stories this time) and put them in her Eric/Tara story.  It’s called Element of Blood by Carmel Muse, and from about Chapter 8 onwards, it’s just one huge ripoff.

Check it here.

A reader clued me into this woman on another fan site and I had them take it down, but she was writing under a different name and a different title.  I told her to take it down, which she didn’t, so the administrator did it for me.  I’ve written to her again on FFN to take it down, but it would be great if anyone who feels like it would go PM or review her and let…

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