Well then!

Usually with school around, life gets hectic. Moving is still underway and I’m sleeping on my mattress which is now on the floor. It’s also 3am and I’m starving and the only thing I have to eat is a Nutella sandwich and I am not complaining!

I promised that this update would come earlier in the week but I hadn’t realized that I was behind on a few assignments, but here are two updates. TWO!! Wow, go me!

Sweet Home Louisiana- Chapter 4

Yours, mine, ours- Chapter 10

Okay here it goes

Haha, I’m here with the chapter update that I promised last week, which the update was supposed to be updated last weekend.

The truth is I am a ditz and I am easily distracted by things on the internet, so chances are, I will pause writing to blog on tumblr, watch tv or play video games–and then focus on homework. But, anyways, the good thing is that I PROMISE there will be another update sometimes this week, maybe two–or three depending on my situation. I’m in the process of moving with my family and packing stuff is boring and tedious.

But enough of all that, here it is!

Moonlight Sonata- Only Teardrops


I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!

I promised myself I would update during the holidays but I procrastinated, and I literally had nothing better to do, I was on winter break for three weeks, and my classes have started again, bummer. But on that note! I guess I did something productive because I managed to work on three stories at the same time, one of them has a completed chapter and I have brought it out for your viewing pleasure, and the other two will be updated between today and tomorrow.

Predatory Chapter 9