Spring time, Spring Break, and yay allergies!

I’m a Floridian, well sort of. I was born and raised in PA and now I have been here for nearly ten years, but that’s besides the point. Man I miss winter so much. I’m sort of a recluse, I dislike being outside for various reasons, but I tend to enjoy the weather every now and then. I hate the hot humid Florida Heat, and it seems to be coming back slowly.

Along with the terrible pollen season. I hate Spring because my allergies start acting up, and all of the little Florida critters start crawling out of their hibernation status and make their way into the house and straight into my bedroom. I killed a centipede the other day the darn thing would not die. No matter what house we move into, these things follow me everywhere. A toad slipped into my room last year. Like, I just heard a strange noise under my door and then suddenly I see a toad on the floor. It must have been fairly small to fit underneath, but the noise it made with the door must mean it really struggled to get in. I woke the entire house up that night.


College has me buried in work these days. My professors are relentless which is why I have been unable to update. But today I bring an update! Yay, must be that luck of the irish huh? Hehe.

Predatory Chapter 10