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You giys should go nominate! And uhh don’t forget about me? I don’t care about winning but being nominated is very rewarding and motivating for me. Best of luck to everyone

You Want Blood Awards

Good morning everyone.  This will be short as my kids are hollering about mom and computer time and breakfast and clean clothes.  I don’t know I tuned them out after that.

I have started to update the nominee link page so you will have plenty of time to read and vote for your favorites.  I am still waiting for some email replies on some before I add them. Also remember that nominations are open until June 12th!  



Thanks guys!!


(AKA 4padfoot)

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Southern Vampires Mysteries/True Blood Exchange Update

Greetings, all.
I would like to thank everyone who showed interest in the exchange. I believe there is enough interest to go ahead with the first of what will hopefully be many exchanges. Sign ups will begin on Monday 8th June and be open for two weeks, closing on 22nd June. Assignments will go out on the Wednesday 1st July and you will have two whole months to complete them, meaning they will be due on the 1st September.

As this might be the first exchange for some of the participants, I will include a sample sign up so you can see how it is done. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by leaving a comment or directly by email @

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Guess who?!

Yes that’s right everyone I live! Okay so, I was pretty ill. I had this severe stomach pain one day and afterwards I was so worried about my health, and my doctor wouldn’t be able to see me until like two weeks after I had that stomach pain. Which caused me to have anxiety. I don’t know if I’m cured of that, but right now, I’m trying to live worry free and it works out great, that and it’s summer and I’m at the pool nearly everyday. It helps a lot. As for my stomach, I went to the pharamcy to get some over the counter antacids and they help a lot, and I take some natural vitamins that are doing wonders for me now. So my health is back to normal and I couldn’t be happier, anyways

I wanted to talk about  the awards. You guys, I wasn’t nominated but I’m not complaining.  These awards aren’t rigged. Everyone votes and people win. that’s how polls work. The people vote, and people win because people wanted people to win. That’s how the elections work. Anyways, these writers are amazing, and I’m always so happy to read everyone’s stories. They got me through my anxiety these past few weeks, it helped me take my mind off of a lot of things and I’m greatfull for them. So people don’t be haters don’t be petty. As for my favorite writers, please update guys there are some fics that haven’t updated since months ago and I want to see new chapters. I’ll make a deal with Crowley if I have too  (Yay supernatural reference)

Now, onto other things. LOOK I UPDATED! That’s why I’m here again. My posting will go back and I have a lot to update. So without further ado, click on the image to take you to the new chapter!

Holy Smokes Batman!!!!

I sort of disappeared off of the face of the planet but here I am! I’m promoting this! Go vote!

You Want Blood Awards

Love me

Oh they do, Eric.  They seriously do…

You guys seriously rock the nomination ballots!!

We actually got through them all already.  This shocked us too.  Thanks to all that sent in information to me, it helped.  And that whole mention to my own readers of being well read in the fandom helping?  Oh my.  It really does!!!!

But we have an issue.  You know that top ten idea we had to make sure you weren’t overwhelmed?  Well it seems we have alot of ties to fill in the last of the fields.  We talked about it ourselves, and since one or more of us are often in the category, we decided to allow you guys to make that decision.  It is only fair.

So what our wonderful 4Padfoot is doing right now is putting together a vote for you guys to decide who will be filling in the blanks we…

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