Guess who?!

Yes that’s right everyone I live! Okay so, I was pretty ill. I had this severe stomach pain one day and afterwards I was so worried about my health, and my doctor wouldn’t be able to see me until like two weeks after I had that stomach pain. Which caused me to have anxiety. I don’t know if I’m cured of that, but right now, I’m trying to live worry free and it works out great, that and it’s summer and I’m at the pool nearly everyday. It helps a lot. As for my stomach, I went to the pharamcy to get some over the counter antacids and they help a lot, and I take some natural vitamins that are doing wonders for me now. So my health is back to normal and I couldn’t be happier, anyways

I wanted to talk about  the awards. You guys, I wasn’t nominated but I’m not complaining.  These awards aren’t rigged. Everyone votes and people win. that’s how polls work. The people vote, and people win because people wanted people to win. That’s how the elections work. Anyways, these writers are amazing, and I’m always so happy to read everyone’s stories. They got me through my anxiety these past few weeks, it helped me take my mind off of a lot of things and I’m greatfull for them. So people don’t be haters don’t be petty. As for my favorite writers, please update guys there are some fics that haven’t updated since months ago and I want to see new chapters. I’ll make a deal with Crowley if I have too  (Yay supernatural reference)

Now, onto other things. LOOK I UPDATED! That’s why I’m here again. My posting will go back and I have a lot to update. So without further ado, click on the image to take you to the new chapter!


2 responses to “Guess who?!

  1. that’s the only thing that bugs me about these awards: multiple votes. So if someone decides they reeeeeeally want something / someone to win, they’ll just sit and vote multiple times. I’ve seen it happen, so I know it happens. It saddens me because in those cases the true winners are never known. but i have voted, once, democratically. 🙂

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