So without further ado

So I’ve been absent a while. I realize that. I’m so so sorry! But I’m here now!

Also, thanks for the nomination! That really made my day! It’s so nice to see that people like me and my work. That’s really awesome, you know? So because of that, I have a treat for you.

When I was writing Predatory, I made a lot of changes, and by changes I mean the Pythoness. Because in my story, Pureblood Vampires are really different from the normal ordinary vampires like Bill, and I considered the Ancient Pythoness to be a Vampire of Pureblood, so she’ll definitely be young looking.

I also realize that I need to explain my world a little more, and how this all works out. Because  I sure as hell know but it’s not fair to keep you guys guessing and wondering, so I hope to have a big explanation on how the world in my story works. Especially for this one. I’m always writing flashbacks and whatnot to explain events, but I realize that I have a HUGE habit of doing that, and I’ll try to work better at not doing things like that. So, I promise that it won’t turn out like that.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Predatory Chapter 11