Chapter 1

A deep long, heavy sigh came from her lips, as she looked out her window, she watched every house go by. Her hands were balled up into fists, she was nervous. Her stomach felt jittery, and she felt nauseous. Her heart beat was fast, and she was pretty sure her driver could hear it. He was a wolf after all.

She ended up twirling her hair around again, and another long sigh came from her, as she saw the car pass the sign ‘You are now Entering Shreveport’.

She had never lived outside of Bon Temps before. All of her life, she was surrounded by her uncle Jason and Aunt Michelle there was also Jessica and Hoyt and Willa and not forgetting her Uncle Lafayette. Then there was her Grandpa Niall. She had left the earthy realm at one point in her life too.

Now on her sixteenth birthday, she was moving away from everything. She was moving in with her father, and she wasn’t sure she liked it. She rarely saw her father, only during Christmas and her Birthdays she would get gifts, and every now and then he’d drop by to leave her, her gift and then he’d leave. He always did it, making sure she wasn’t aware of his presence.

Sometimes she felt like her father only felt obligated to give her these things.

She always looked up to her father, always wondering if she’d make him proud. She strived to get the best grades in school, she was always one of the top students in her school, she joined the School’s debate team, she was head of the Student Council, and she always did her best. Of course her little family was proud of her, but was her father proud? Did he ever notice the things she did? She was always a well behaved girl,  but what good does that do? Her mom died a few weeks after she was born, and she didn’t know what the comfort of a mother’s arms was. At least she didn’t remember what it was like.

She didn’t know what it was like to be held by your dad, or have your dad fuss over you. She didn’t know what being a ‘daddy’s little girl’ meant. Her father was a man of few words, and even then rarely he wrote her letters. Only when something bit him in the ass, did he do so.

“So kid, what’s a girl like you doing with a vampire?” She cringed when she heard that. In truth she was also part Vampire and part Fae. So, the question directed at her maybe offended her a little bit.

Putting on her diplomatic voice she said. “He adopted me.” She said. Really, because he didn’t raise her much, so that’s what it actually felt like.

Grandpa Niall though, insisted that she go with her father. While she was slightly excited that she might finally get a chance to be with her father, she was so scared.

“So, what’s the Notorious Eric Northman doing with a kid? Huh, never thought I’d see that.” She resisted the urge to snort.

“You know kid, you look like someone I once knew. She lived in Bon Temps too, and she was always with him. Come to think of it…” He said eyeing her through the mirror.

“Are you related to any of the Stackhouses?” She stiffened. “Yeah…why?”

“Are you Sookie, or Jason’s kid?”

Well that was unexpected…

“..My mom..” She said in a low whisper. She always felt sad when she thought of her mom. Her family only showed her pictures of her mom, and videos too. There were videos of her mom holding her and putting her to sleep, and in those videos…her father was also included. There were three of them, now she was all alone.

Sometimes she’d play those at night on her smart phone, headphones plugged in, just listening to her mom’s voice would lure her to sleep.

“You’re Sookie’s kid? No wonder, Northman would have killed anyone that would have gone near your mom. He was different with her.”

“Don’t call me kid.” She said softly, trying to not get emotional over her mother.

“Eira, my name is Eira.” She said in a soft voice. The man ceased his questions but he kept looking back at her. He could smell the tears forming in her eyes and he decided to stop. Instead he smiled.

“All right, call me Alcide. You’re gonna be seeing me a lot of me.”Eira laughed. “I know, he left instructions with G.I Jane.” Alcide raised his brow at her. “Pam.” She said, sighing in frustration. She honestly wasn’t so fond of Pam, in fact she envied the woman because Pam was with her father every day, every hour for the last hundred years or so where she never got to spend even one minute with him.

“Here we are.” Alcide said. Eira glanced up at the estate. Frankly the large everything, didn’t seem to phase her. According to her mother, her father was loaded and he demonstrated it every time on her birthday and Christmas. He also went out of his way to send her to the best school, and he also set up a trust fund for her.

She had no idea why he suddenly wanted her to move in. She sighed as she took out the letter Pam had left with her, instructions were on it, and the code to get into the house.  Alcide was behind her, with her luggage and her Norwegian Forest cat, Loki. She took a glimpse of the cat inside the cage and she could tell that he wasn’t happy being manhandled by the wolfman.

Loki was not a fan of dogs. Especially those of the human kind, and she wasn’t fond of them either. They reeked.

Once inside, she heard Alcide close the door behind him. He set her things down and he whistled at the sight. The house looked like a dream, there was a large stair case at the entrance of the house that led to the second floor, on the right side there two double doors of some kind and on the left hand side there was a large hallway.

While she was only slightly impressed at the large home, she turned around, and opened Loki’s cage. The cat emerged from his cage with grace, as if he already owned the house and disappeared off to god knows where. She would most likely see him pop out of nowhere and make his nest on her bed.

The cat was worse than a Faery sometimes.

Eira smiled at her cat’s antics, and she looked down at the letter again. More instructions, her room was on the second floor, 3rd door on the right. Eira looked at Alcide.

“You can leave now, I’ll be alright.”

“Can’t leave, but I will be around. I’ll be outside.”

Eira nodded, and watched Alcide close the door behind him. She took her suitcase and her backpack and headed up the stairs to her new bedroom.  It was only a matter of time before her father emerged from his Daytime rest, and if he wasn’t here…well what did it matter she actually wanted to avoid him.

When Eira entered her room, she was actually amazed at how pretty the room looked. Her room was large, and there was a Queen sized, canopy like bed. The furniture matched her walls, they were a pastel purple, and it did look very delicate.

For some reason, it irritated her. Back at her Uncle Jason’s house, she had her own room, which she got to decorate, and Uncle Jase and Aunt Michelle helped her.  They helped her paint her room, they helped her decorate. Her old room held memories in them, it was her mom’s old room which now belonged to her. She had nightmares in that room which Uncle Jase chased away, she had fun decorating that room with her family. She ended up painting Uncle Jase’s face, and she still remembered Uncle Jase getting her back.

When the twins were born, it didn’t feel any less different, but she could see it as those kids grew up. It’s not the same having your Aunt or Uncle tell you bed time stories or sing you to sleep, she watched how they interacted with the Twins, and she lost count of how many times she felt lonely.

She explored her room, and she was feeling lonely again. When she got to the closet, she opened it up, and there it was. The tons of designer clothes, and designer shoes, accessories and jewelry, were in her large walk in closet.

She felt angry.

She began to take the clothes out, off the rack they were on, throwing them out of the closet. She took out shoes, and she slammed them against the wall.

She felt angry because she was tired.

She was tired of it all.

She was tired of her father attempting to buy her love.

She was tired of being abandoned.

She was tired of being an Orphan.

She let out a loud roar of frustration. She used her speed to pick up everything she threw out, she opened the window, and threw each and every article of clothing, shoes and accessories out the window.

When Eira returned to the closet, she noticed another letter.

When she reached out for the letter she felt something inside of it. When she opened the envelope up, there was a locket on the inside.

Eira also opened the letter up, another one from Pam, she wondered what other useful  thing she could read here.

My beautiful baby girl, if you’ve received this letter that means I’m no longer with you. Whatever odd place you may find this letter in, thank your Grandfather for me, I wanted you to read this when the time was right.

Whatever you may be doing, know that I am proud of you.

She was proud of her. Eira teared up, as she sat down on her closet floor.

You’ve probably grown up to be a beautiful young lady, and how I wish I was there guiding you, like a mother should. I hope your Uncle Jason is doing well, don’t mind him too much, he was always a ditz. But mind him enough, he’s still your Uncle.

I hope everyone in Bon Temp is doing well.

Always listen to your grandfather, he loves you and he will spoil you like he did me.

My dearest Eira, I hope you’re eating your vegetables, I hope you’re behaving and being a well-mannered young lady. Don’t be rude to others, always respect your elders. Don’t invade other people’s privacy by dipping into their mind unless you absolutely have to. Be good in school sweetheart, whatever others tell you, always be true to yourself. And always listen to your heart.

And above all, mind your father. He loves you even if he may have a hard time showing it.

Eira snorted at that line.

Baby girl, if I’m gone that means I did my job. I protected the most important treasure in the world, I protected you. You are my most precious treasure, and if I’m gone and you’re alive then I did my job right, even if that meant that I had to give you up. As long as you lived, that’s all that mattered. You may not understand it now, but when you have something or someone you love, you will want to protect them with all that you have.

In this letter, you might have found a locket. Wear it at all times, and always keep it with you. That necklace was made with all my love.

I could continue writing an entire book if I could, but I can’t.

Goodbye doesn’t mean goodbye forever, so goodbye for now my darling. I love you so much, and never forget that I will always be with you.

Eira wiped away the tears in her eyes, and she put the locket on around her neck. When she touched the locket, there was a comforting warmth inside, and she felt like someone was sending her feelings of love and warmth.

She opened the locket up, and inside there was a family picture of both her Mother and Father. Eira took the locket and tucked it away inside her shirt. No one needed to know the things she kept close to her heart.

Eira took the letter, folded it up neatly, and placed it under her pillow, when she looked at the time on her cellphone, there was only one hour left until sunset. Her father would be awake at any minute. She honestly doubted he was even here, because according to Willa, her father sometimes took up his dayrest in Fangtasia.

Going back to her bed, she rummaged through her belongings, she found a manila folder and decided to take her chances and head out to Fangtasia to see him.

Eric was usually up an hour or two before sunset. He could smell the sweet honey like smell that came from his daughter.  His child smelled of honey and winter mixed in with some sunshine.  He actually rested in his home today.

Sometimes he hated her scent, because she reminded him of her, and it always brought out the painful reminder that his beloved was no longer with him.

When was the last time he actually spoke to his daughter face to face? He was always sending her gifts, maybe a few times he went out to see her, but he made sure she was sound asleep before  standing out her bedroom window and watching her sleep.

He didn’t want to get close to her. After the death of Sookie, Eric didn’t want to get close to anything or anyone, when Sookie died he commanded Pam to stay away from him, he left his daughter in another’s care because he didn’t want to love anything, because if he loved anything or anyone ever again they would get ripped away from him just like Godric, Nora and now Sookie.

He wouldn’t be able to bear another loss. So he stayed away.

Why was Eira coming to live with him after all this time?

Because his child was getting to an age where she would be noticed by others in the Supernatural community and he needed to make sure everyone knew she was his. No one needed to know what she truly was. For all they knew, Eric Northman had created another progeny.

He leaned back on his office chair, staring at the picture of Sookie on his desk. Knowing where Eira was, Eric called out to her.

“Eira, come.” He commanded.

When Eira descended the stairs, she froze when she heard her father’s voice. It’s not that she’d never heard it before, but she never heard him say her name, he’s never actually spoken with her either. She looked down at the folder in her hand, and she felt her stomach drop.

How was she going to talk to him? She’s never spoken to him before!

When Eira entered her father’s office, she lowered her gaze afraid to look at him. Eric felt a little surprised. He had never really seen his daughter up close like this.

She looked like her mother. She was becoming a very beautiful young lady, Eira was beautiful just like her mother.  She had a petite, slender figure. Her eyes were as blue as his own, she was neither too tall, or too short. If he’d had to take a guess, she was going to be around her mother’s height, finally his eyes landed on her hair, which was a combination of his own blond locks and her mother’s.


He wondered if she was just as spitfire like Sookie was.

He nearly frowned when he realized what his thoughts were leading him too.

“…Um…dad?” He didn’t want to be called that, because he was afraid that it would make him get closer to her, and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want to get closer to her, because if he did he would lose her and this loss he wouldn’t be able to withstand.

“Just Eric, is fine.”

This wasn’t what she was expecting. He should at least grant her the wish of calling him ‘dad’. Now she didn’t have a father at all, so she was truly an orphan now. Eira felt stupid for wishing that he at least wanted to get to know her, she felt stupid for wanting to build a relationship with her dad. Dad? No, Eric Northman, wasn’t her dad apparently.

“Eric.” She gritted out. “Why am I living here now?”

“Because you are now sixteen years old, and to the supernatural world everyone will come to notice what you are. In that case, I extend my protection to you. You will live as my progeny, and you will address me as your maker.” He said. “I assume Niall taught you proper etiquette in our world, but in my area you are to behave accordingly. When I ask something of you I either expect you to obey me or I’d expect a quick answer. Pam will be there to help at all times.

Pam. She nearly scoffed, of course he’d have Pam. Eira clenched her fists trying to control herself, she threw the manila folder on his desk.

“What is this?” Eric asked.

“Paperwork I need you to read and fill out for me. I had Uncle Desmond draw them up for me.” Hearing the Demon lawyers name, had Eric stiffen. When he opened the folder up, there was plenty of paperwork alright. The paperwork was for emancipation. The word made him freeze, he was taken by surprise and he hated surprises of this kind.

“Emancipation.” He said. The word felt disgusting to even utter it.

“You sign those papers, and you give me freedom. I will no longer be your responsibility, and I will be able to be recognized as an adult. When you sign this and I hand this back to Uncle Desmond, he’ll put this through the council and the American court. Well, not really an Emancipation. You’re just signing your rights over to Grandfather Niall.”

He didn’t understand why, but there was a sudden rage that flowed through him. He hated surprises, and he hated the fact that these papers seem to imply that he was incapable of taking care of his own.

“Did your grandfather put you up to this?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“No.” She said. “I just don’t want to live with you, Eric.” She said.

For some reason, those words stung him.

“Unfortunately for you, you’re not getting these papers anytime soon.” He said putting them through the paper shredder, which made all hopes of living with her grandfather run down the drain.

“Rules of living with me,” He said. “You will have a body guard with you at all times. You are expected home before sundown, there will be no detours to a friend’s house or whatever it is that you do. You will go shopping with Pam only. I know the schedule you live by, so I will know whatever goes on, so if you’re not home by a designated time, I will be forced to carry out a punishment. I don’t tolerate disobedience.”

In that moment, Loki hopped onto her father’s desk. The large cat meowed, and right now Eira was feeling trapped, she needed something to hold onto and Loki had perfect timing.


“ Skogatt.” Eric said under his breath. This was the breed of cat that his people would often keep as domesticated pets. He remembered owning one himself when he was a child, but that was all too long ago, and he no longer dwelled back on his human life.

“I dislike pets.” Eric said.

“Loki isn’t a pet.” Eira said grabbing the rather large cat and holding him close to her. She needed to feel some sort of comfort, something to hold onto and concentrate on so she wouldn’t release the tears she’d been holding back.

“He’s my family.” She said softly.  And all I have left..She thought to herself.

“You keep a cat as a family member?” Eira looked back at him with anger in her eyes.

“Mom had Tina, so why can’t I have Loki?” She snapped.

At that statement Eric decided to let the topic go. He wanted to say something back the teenager that stood before him for mentioning Sookie at all, but he couldn’t. Eira had every right to speak of her mother, every child had that right, and Sookie was as much hers as she was his. He let the conversation go, and he dismissed Eira from his office


12 responses to “Chapter 1

  1. I know why you cried and let me tell you if I wasn’t crying I wanted to stab Eric in the face for making his daughter feel like an orphan. I understand his pain, but he’s not the only one hurting and he’s causing a majority of that pain. Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. That was a sad beginning. I don’t like that Eric is treating his and Sookie’s daughter like this and making her feel like an orphan. Sookie would be saddened to know Eric has no type of relationship with Eria.

  3. I can understand that Eric is raw about loosing Sookie but he just was an ass and did not have anything much to do with his daughter and that is so sad for both of them. I just wanted to take something and knock some sense into him. I did love how she threw all of the “clothes and such” out. I hope she has Sookie spirit and that Eric gets his head out of his ass and appreciates what he still has. I hope that Pam is not a total bitch like she is in TB. Looking forward to more 🙂

  4. Sounds like the necklace is a lot like the CD –maybe there will be a HEA with Sookie and Eric like you said. Wonder if Naill knows about it.
    Men…..when they hurt, are scared, are mourning –it all comes out as anger. He wants his daughter with him to protect her, but he doesn’t want to get too close or he would be hurt again…….sigh….he needs to share that with her……
    Can’t wait to see where this is going!

  5. We have a still grieving Eric. A rebellious narcissistic teenager (really what teenager isn’t?). The makings of an exciting new story. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  6. Dang! He’s really lost any of the humanity that Sookie gave him. His poor daughter! He’s talking about punishments and being obeyed and he barely even knows her. I can understand the urge to stab him.
    In my GIO story, I gave Eric’s daughter Eira as a middle name. Too funny!

  7. Just found this. Always intrigued with the child concept. You did a nice job. Eric with a teenage daughter… So many possibilities!

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