Chapter 4


A small blond, blue eyed little girl made her way through the woods behind her house.  Exploring is what she did best, and she loved this part of the woods. She was young, she didn’t understand why she felt so warm and safe in this part of the property.

Something was luring her there. She reached out with her mind and found a void and another mind. She tried entering that one, and she seemed to reach a door that was blocking her from entering. It made her even more curious so she had to go and investigate.

“Northman, don’t you think this is enough?” The little girl began to walk quietly towards the voice she had just heard. To a normal human, they wouldn’t be able to hear at such a distance, but this young girl wasn’t human, she was a supernatural creature with super hearing.

“Do not tell me how to protect her.” He growled.

“Viking, do not forget that she is also blood of my blood.”

She didn’t get close enough, and in order to not be spotted, she hid behind a tree.

“The last you saw her she was still crawling on the ground, that child will grow to resent you.”

The small girl stuck her head out from behind the tree and got a good look at the two people speaking. Her eyes widened when she noticed the tall blond man. She knew him, she knew who he was! That tall blond man was her papa! She had seen him in pictures, but never seen him up close; and right next to him was her grandpa Niall. No wonder she felt so much warmth coming to this area.

“Daddy!” She had set her sights on her father, and she had sprinted off towards him. Both males turned their heads once they heart the familiar voice of the tiny person they cared for so much. Before he knew it, Eric had unconsciously leaned towards the little girl running towards him, and he picked her up.

“Hi daddy!” She happily chirped once she was in Eric’s arms. Eric’s gaze had softened once he had his little girl in his arms.  He was no fool, he knew Niall must have told the younger girl who her parents were, and who he was. He was totally fine with it, because he also didn’t want his daughter to grow up without knowing who he was. He didn’t want to take that away from her.

“My dearest child, what on earth are you doing out here by yourself?” Niall said, suddenly the two males had forgotten their ire towards the other.

“I wanted to see you grandpa.” She answered. “And then I saw daddy, and I wanted t’meet ‘im too!” She smiled and wrapped her tiny arms around Eric’s neck.

“Daddy, you smell nice.” She said. “Like the ocean” She said snuggling further into his neck.  Eric had frozen when she had told him that. Not too long ago, Sookie had said the same thing to him.

The last time he had held Eira was when she was a baby, and now here  she was again, in his arms. Eric didn’t want to ever let her go but he knew that was not possible.

“Have you ever been to the ocean?” Eira quietly nodded her head. “Uncle Jase took me. It smells really nice.” She said softly. “Did you know that mama loved the ocean? “

“Your mama was amazing my little one.”

“Daddy, how come you won’t visit?”

Eric was stumped, what did he tell a young child into words that she would be able to comprehend?

“Because, I need to be sure that you are safe.” He replied, hoping that answer would satisfy her. But it hadn’t. “But I am safe! Grandpa, and Uncle Jase protect me.” In that moment, Niall had gently placed his hand over the back of her head, and in an instant little Eira had fallen asleep.

“You’ll understand when you’re older.” Eric whispered into her ear.

“She will remember nothing of this night.” Niall then said. Eric held onto her, trying to relish in the feeling of having his daughter in his arms.

“It is safer this way.”


A few days had passed, and Eira was still deep into her slumber, and Eric had made sure not to leave her side. He’d even taken off from his duties in all of his businesses and called for  at least a month’s worth of vacation. He could do it, he was the boss after all. Though that left a very unhappy Pam, but once Eric had told her he’d pay her back in a shopping spree in Milan, she very happily obliged.

Every now and then Eric would get out of bed walk around the house and work on a few things, because even if staying in the same position didn’t bother him, it did bore him and he was getting antsy. He needed something to do. So while Eira slept he had called different contractors to be able to come in and remodel her room. He had some of her stuff from her old home shipped back to his house.  He had his kitchen stocked with food, and bagged blood. His daughter was not only fae, but she was part vampire as well and he was pretty damned sure she needed to feed on blood. Judging by her appearance, she needed the blood along with Ludwig’s supplements.

“Daddy.” She muttered in her slumber. This was the second time that she had spoken, the first time she had called for Sookie and now she was calling out to him. Eric gently brushed away the strands of hair that fell onto her face. “I’m here, Eira. I’m here.” He said softly, hoping that would get a reaction from her. But the young teen went back to being unresponsive.

“Eira, sweetheart it’s time to wake up sleepy head.” There was that soft familiar voice that was calling out to her. Eira had her eyes closed, and she was bathing in the sunlight, she felt someone gently caressing her face and it was such a nice and warm feeling that she didn’t want to open her eyes, because she feared that if she did the person’s hand and warmth she was feeling would go away.

“Just a few more minutes.”

“Sweetie, this is only a dream and you know it.” The voice said with soft laughter.

“That’s the main reason why I don’t wanna wake up.” She said.

“Don’t worry, when you wake up everything will be just fine.” She felt a kiss to her forehead and Eira smiled. “Thanks…mom.”

It was only then, a few hours later Eira eyes opened.  She was having really nice dreams, and wanted to close her eyes and try to see if she could visit those places in her dreams again.

She took a minute and rubbed her eyes. She felt cool skin underneath her, yet the coolness didn’t bother her. What did bother her is that she wasn’t alone in this bed so she quickly looked up and noticed that she was curled up against, none other than her own father. She sat up rather quickly, feeling confused at her  current situation. She got out of the bed, and when she made an attempt to get to the door, she suddenly felt dizzy and before she could fall to the ground, her father had caught her just in time.

“I’m fine.” She mumbled, as Eric had set her back onto the bed.

Suddenly, his wrist was suddenly in front of her mouth.

“Drink.” He commanded.

“I said I was fine.” She snapped, trying to push his wrist away, but Eric didn’t budge.

“No, you are not. When was the last time you fed, Eira?” Good question, when was the last time she had fed? As far as she could remember, she had last fed right before she moved in with her father. Which according to her calculations, it was around two weeks ago; and really dangerous for a vampire, even a hybrid like herself.

“I know how to take care of myself, so if I say I’m fine then I’m fine!”

“You may not be a full blooded vampire, but a part of you is vampire nonetheless. Vampires need blood to sustain themselves, and you need it as well. Take my blood, it will replenish your strength and heal you. Afterwards, you will feed on some bagged donor blood, I have some down here.” He saw the look of protest in her eyes. “I am not asking you to do this Eira. This is an order.”

Eira glared at him, and did as she was told. Her fangs clicked down and she sunk her fangs into his wrist, drawing blood from him.

Her father’s blood was wonderful to her taste buds.  She felt her energy come back to her, and that migraine she had finally disappeared. When Eira was done drinking, she pulled away from her father, and then licked any remaining blood left on his wrist.

“Thank you.”

“My blood has replenished a great part of your strength, but it cannot sate your hunger. ” She quietly nodded her head, and then gladly accepted the bagged blood Eric had gotten for her.

“So…no Newblood or whatever crap it is you’re selling ?”

“Newblood is nothing but synthetic blood. A vampire cannot live off of synthetic blood. It’s just a—“ She cut him off and continued  for him. “Just a ruse to keep the humans happy, I know.”

“Appearances are everything in our world. You should know that better than anyone.” There was one thing she hated being reminded of. It was also something her grandfather would always repeat to her. She hated how superficial and two faced the supernatural community could be. Though she couldn’t say humans were any different.

Eira sunk her fangs into the warm bag of blood, and relished in the taste of it. AB Negative, rare and her favorite; and considering who her father was, she was pretty sure he had the highest quality blood available on hand. No complaints from her there. She loved all types of food, but blood was essential to her, and she loved the taste of blood just as any other vampire. Though unlike other vampires, she did not like the idea of biting anyone, unless it was absolutely necessary and there was no blood on hand like there was now.

Eira continued on to the next bag of blood, this type it was O Neg, the quality was a notch below the AB blood she had just had. But she couldn’t complain, she needed to sate her hunger.

“You didn’t answer my question beforehand, how long has it been since you’ve fed?” Eira was all about admitting her wrongs, but not in front of her father. She  didn’t want him to know that she had gone at least two or three weeks without feeding on any kind of blood.

“The last time I fed was at least a few days before I moved here.” She reluctantly admitted to him.

“Don’t let it happen again. You saw how weak you were just now, and if there were any humans nearby you could lose control of yourself.”

“I’m not a newborn baby vamp, dad. I know how to take care of myself, I’ve been doing it for a long time now and I’ve been doing it without your help. I can control myself just fine, I’m not one of those pathetic vampires that can’t even control themselves at even the smell of a human. “

“Even a thousand year old vampire could lose control, Eira. Do not be overconfident.”

A part of her was angry that he was telling her how to do things, when he hadn’t been in her life since as long as she could remember.

“You don’t know my strengths or my weaknesses, like I do.” For a moment, Eric was rendered speechless and unsure of what to say next. She was right, he wasn’t around for anything in her life, so what right had he to tell her anything?

She couldn’t take the awkward silence anymore so she then asked. “So why and how did I get here?”

“You exhausted yourself and you fainted. Doctor Ludwig came to look at you and you were knocked out for a few days. Which is why I asked you when you last fed, you were ill. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not supposed to get ill. Faeries, nor Vampires get ill. That supernatural side of yours stumps that very little percentage of human in you. So if you fall sick, then something is going on.”

“Oh…so that’s why grandpa said I shouldn’t teleport so much..” She thought out loud.

“Niall told you this?”

“Yeah…but it was just so much fun popping around that I didn’t think much of it.” Eric let out a human like sigh, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Of course, just what he needed. She had inherited her mother’s ability to not listen to others.  It was a damn shame that he couldn’t command her like he would a progeny. Now he would have to keep a closer eye on the teenager.

“So I guess…Fae teleportation is out of the question then?” While Eric knew the real reason to why she had collapsed, he also knew that teleporting while going through this change in her body was pretty bad as well.

Upon seeing the look that her father had given her after that silly question, she knew that teleporting was completely out of the question. He may not have been around in her life, but he was still a thousand year old vampire sheriff, and she was still living under his roof. He was also still her father, and now that she was living here, she was going to try and make it work with him.

14 responses to “Chapter 4

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  2. Awww…..I do hope that somehow, some way they’ll make a happy little family of three again —is that possible in the world you’ve created??? At least Eric and his daughter aren’t at each other’s throats right now so I guess that is some forward progress 🙂

  3. Curioser and curioser. Why was Eric not in her life? Why were he and Sookie not together?
    My guess…they decided that being apart would be better since it would make both Sookie and Eira targets, or bigger targets.
    The bigger question: Where the heck is Sookie and why did her daughter live with Jason and Michele &/or Niall?

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