Chapter 5

Two weeks.

Two weeks had gone by and she hadn’t left the house yet.  Eric wouldn’t allow it.

Eric also had made sure she would take high quality blood every day to aid her in a speedy recovery.  She didn’t spend those two weeks doing absolutely nothing either. Most of the days, her school work and homework was delivered to her so she could keep her grades up. She had no complaints about that. Just because she was sick didn’t mean she was going to allow her grades to fall. She wanted to always be on top. Besides, she had already permitted her grades to drop, and she needed to bring them back up to normal

But she was so desperate to leave. She needed to go out and see the world again. Staying indoors, and on property at all time, with nothing but Alcide to watch over her was exhausting. Talking to her best friend on the phone, or face timing wasn’t much either. It’s not like she could see her best friend face to face. She needed human contact. Well not human, she needed physical contact with someone.

Her grandfather was no help in this situation. He refused to talk to her father about letting her leave.  She couldn’t get her fairy cousins to come visit because, hello this was the home of a vampire and they didn’t trust Eric. They were too afraid to come near.

Of course wise choice on their behalf. Vampires and Fairies never got along, the only exception was her parents, and that was only because her mother was half fae, and then—some weird loophole in magic or whatever made it possible for her to be born.

Eric said she couldn’t teleport, but who could stop her from doing it during the day? It’s not like the wolf was going to notice anyways.

“Alcide?” She said, pressing a button on the speakers. Different parts of the house had them.  They were very nifty to use. “I’m going to take a nap, I’m sleepy.” She said faking a yawn.

“Alright Kiddo.” He replied back.

Eira grinned to herself.

“So long sucker.” She said to herself, and attempted to teleport,  she glowed and then nothing happened.

Why couldn’t she teleport?!

Eira tried it again, and nothing happened. She flopped back down on her bed. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate really hard. She imagined the trees behind her old home where the energy was strongest. Maybe she needed to recharge herself? She was still part-fae after all, she needed to replenish herself, or be out in the sun or something.

Nope. She was still here.

With a big sigh, she decided to call her cousin.

She wasn’t going to call her grandfather, because he would probably snitch on her. He was very supportive of her house arrest after all; and he specifically told her not to teleport after her little incident a while back.

“Eira? It’s been a while, how are you dearest cousin?” She smiled upon hearing her cousin’s voice.

“Fine, I guess… —Ready to rip something to shreds—anyways that’s not why I’m calling.” She sighed.

“Claudia, do you happen to know why I can’t teleport?”

“You can teleport!?” Oops, she forgot to tell the rest of the family that. “Since when?!”

“Since a few months ago—Claudia, you’re getting off track here. I used to be able to teleport, and now I can’t!” Eira growled in frustration.

Nina Dobrev as Claudia

“Right, sorry. I think your father had some wards placed in the house, against all kinds of supernatural including Fairies, if I’m not mistaken. That means Fae magic is out of the question. It happened when you were knocked out for a few days. The only one who can teleport in and out of the place is Doctor Ludwig. –Grandfather was the one who suggested it. Your father thought it would hurt you and he was against it, but Grandfather told the Viking that he needed to Eira-proof the home.

Sorry, dearest. I can’t imagine what that’s like being under house arrest. But look on the bright side,  You’ll be out of there in no time.” Claudia said very merrily. Eira rolled her eyes, she wanted to throw the phone against the wall. Eira-Proof the home? What was she, an animal?

“Well tell Grandfather that if he finds a drained and crispy wolf out in our pool, then he’s at fault.” She snapped,  and Claudia chuckled at Eira’s threat.

“You’ll figure it out dear.” With that, the call ended. Eira laid back down on her bed, watching as the hours went by.

“You’ll figure it out dear.” She mocked, imitating Claudia’s voice.

“Why is the whole world against me? “ She grumbled to herself.

“Loki,” She said to the large feline making itself comfortable on her bed. “You have such an easy life.” She sighed, picking the feline up, and holding him against her chest. “You may not know your family, but you really live the life. No one bothers you, you get free food, free cuddles, and you get to do whatever you want, no one gets to tell you what to do.”

The cat didn’t pay much attention to her of course. She set him down, and off he ran again to god knows where. Since moving into her father’s home, she rarely saw that cat anymore.

“And you have no complaints about being under house arrest. Lucky cat.” She said outloud.

Eira got up, and looked out her window. Of course, there were Weres outside guarding the property.  Bummer she couldn’t glamour them into obeying her every whim.


And then Alcide’s voice came in through the speakers. “Hey kid, something wrong in there?”  Of course, thanks to that supernatural type of hearing, he heard her scream in frustration.

She pressed the button and said, “Turn into a wolf, and let me put you in a kennel, see if you like it!” She half yelled into the speaker. She realized it was disrespectful to yell at an adult, but oops too late now. She would apologize later.

And while Eira wanted nothing more than to make her relationship to her father work, she really needed to get out. She needed to go back to school, she needed to go shopping , she needed to interact with her best friend. She needed contact with the outside world.

When he rose, the first thing he saw staring back at him were eyes that were a mirror of his own.  If it were anyone else he would have attacked, but he knew by scent, that it was Eira sitting on his bed, staring right back at him. She didn’t seem too happy.

“We have a problem, Eric.”

Immediately , Eric was on alert. Did something happen while he was in his dayrest?

“This house arrest, it’s not working out for me.” She said suddenly ,easing his fear. But, the wording she used for her situation amused him.

House arrest? It probably was, but he wasn’t going to admit that to her.

“It’s for your own good. You need to recover.”

“I’m already recovered!” She said throwing her hands up in the air in pure frustration. “You make me drink a bag of blood every day when you rise, the house is surrounded by wereguards, and Alcide literally has to know every single damn thing I do! I feel like he’s my probation officer or something, this is ridiculous—oh and that’s not the best part—You’ve even added fairy wards to the house, preventing me from teleporting!”

At the mention of the word ‘teleporting’ Eric narrowed his eyes at Eira. “You tried teleporting?” Oops, in her ranting, she let it slip that she might have tried just that. “No, I do have contacts you know. I was told exactly what you did, to prevent a fairy from getting in or out of this house.” She lied. It wasn’t a complete lie either. Claudia did tell her what the wards were for. So it was a half truth, and a little lie. Eric wouldn’t find out, ever.

“Niall told you.” He had bought her little lie.

“No, and that’s not the point!” She groaned. “You need to let me out, or you might just find that I turned Alcide into a fur blanket.”

“That’s enough Eira. Your grandfather and I discussed this, and we both agreed that this was best. We told you to be patient. Don’t be so dramatic.”

Eira growled. “I’m not being dramatic, Eric.” She was stubborn. He had to give her credit for not backing down.  She was just like her mother in that aspect, and while Eric loved it when Sookie challenged him, he didn’t like it so much now, when his own daughter wouldn’t back down.

Even Pam knew there were limits.

“How would you like it if you were locked in a coffin, chained by silver for a month?”

“Eira.” Eric growled in warning.  “I said, that’s enough.”

“You can at least tell me when I can finally leave and integrate myself into civilization again.” It was frustrating that her father wouldn’t even listen to her.

The truth was, it was safer for her not to go out, at least for a few more days. It wasn’t his intention to keep her locked up,but it was for her health. Because she was part Vampire, she was much more sensitive. Her emotions were heightened, so with this whole Fae puberty that she had just started, it was better to keep her here, at least until the worst was over. This also meant that her emotions would be like that ofa newborn baby vamp. She was also a teenager, that mixture was really bad in her current state, and it was best to keep her away from society for the time being. Which according to Niall and Ludwig, it wouldn’t be until a few more days.  Then hopefully, she wouldn’t have anymore meltdowns like the one she had two weeks ago.

He also knew she attempted to teleport. She wasn’t a very good liar, and he had been alive—or undead for a thousand years now, he could detect a lie very easily. If Eira was anything like Sookie, he knew that if the wards were not in place, then she would have already used her fae ability to leave their home.

“Doctor Ludwig will let us know when you can go back to your normal life.”Eira huffed, and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Now I hope this topic finally ends here. “ Her father said to her, and while she wouldn’t bring it up with her father, she could go rant to her grandfather and her cousin Claudia. Someone had to listen to her.

“Honestly,  you are not human, Eira. The percentage of human in you, is very little. You drink blood like a vampire, you can read minds and use magic like the fae— you can be viscious like both Vampire and Fae alike—and you are a Princess by birthright. You must learn to control your emotions—and you must especially learn how to be patient. We are supernatural creatures, if we do not learn control then we will not last long in this world. You, Eira must learn to control yourself better.”

“Two weeks stuck in here with your moody ass? She deserves an A+Eric.” Came in a third voice. The third voice was none other than Pam, whom stood at the doorway, with a small smirk on her face.

“My child.” Eric said with great affection, it was the most emotion Eira had ever heard from her father. Eric stood up, and pulled Pam into an embrace. He had not seen his child since he had sent her away. They’d only ever communicated through emails, text messages and phone conversations, they hadn’t truly seen each other in sixteen years. Of course, he knew that once Eira had come live with him, he had called Pam back, and he ordered her to make this home available to Eira. But even so, he still hadn’t seen Pam because he was busy with other things.

There was great love and affection between the two of them. Eric was her maker, and Pam was his progeny. Her father was a different man right now, he was showing Pam a side he hadn’t ever shown her in the time that she had spent with him so far.

She envied Pam.  She always envied Pam. She craved that same love and affection, she wanted it too. Why couldn’t she have that with her father?  Eira felt her eyes fill with tears, and she tried to hold back, but it felt impossible.

“Hey, mini me.  Are you leaking?” She looked down, trying to avoid any eye contact with the two of them.

“Sorry, I think I have something in my eyes.” Eira quickly replied rubbing at her eyes.

“Aww, you missed me too? Come here, come to Auntie Pam.” Eira scoffed. “No thanks, anyways. I have homework to do, if you’ll excuse me.” She quickly vamped out of her father’s resting chambers.

There was no where to escape to, and her room was the only place she could go to. She took a big sigh, and then vamped up to her room too. Thank god for her vampire speed. It provided the best escape after all, since she couldn’t teleport.

After locking the door behind her, Eira took her cellphone out to make another call. She needed to cry, but she didn’t want to cry here.

“My sweetest granddaughter, how are you? Are you well?” She loved hearing her grandfather’s voice. She thought she knew what she was going to say to him, but upon opening her mouth her voice began to tremble.

“Grandpa, I want to go home.” She said, and the tears that she had been holding back, finally fell.

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  2. Eric needs to learn to show his emotions to his daughter! They need to actually spend some time together getting to know each other.

    • Yeah they do. Eira needs to do what her mom used to do and confront him. He doesn’t pull that on Pan because she’ll call him out on his bullshit lol. Eira needs to do the same.

  3. Poor girl! It’s hard enough being a teenager under the most normal of circumstances, but to do it in her situation and with a father who is beyond clueless about what she needs…Niall needs to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Eric. It isn’t fair that Eira is burdened with his emotional issues.

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