Chapter 6

Calling her grandfather had been a bust, that was for sure. She cried and told him she wanted to go home, but all he told was that she had to endure and have patience. That’s not something she had wanted to hear, so she got angry and hung up on him.

Now here she was  talking to her best friend, Amelia on skype.

Zendaya Coleman as Amelia

Amelia Carmichael was a witch, and like herself she was raised by a grandparent. Amelia also came from a powerful blood line. Her father was a warlock, but he didn’t associate with any covens, and her maternal grandmother was Octavia Fant, and she was well known in the supernatural world. Amelia was her kindred spirit.

“Amelia, I have no idea how I’m going to sneak out for that.” She grumbled, still annoyed by the fact that she was on house arrest.

“Can’t you glamour the dog?” Eira snorted, Amelia wasn’t fond of weres, but then again she was a witch. Witches weren’t so fond of weres, or vampires for that matter. Vampires were unnatural, and weres well they didn’t get involved in any of that.

“I wish. “ Eira groaned. “Vampires can’t glamour the two natured , so I can’t either.”

“Well, you’re technically not a vampire, you’re a hybrid. Rules don’t apply to you darling.”

“Well…I guess you could be right..”

Amelia smiled. “Of course I am! I’m not letting you miss my initiation to the Coven on Halloween, this is big! We’re New Orleans witches, and we throw the best kind of parties on Halloween, which is why you have to come. My best friend needs to be there, Eira.”

“Well I don’t want to miss this either. But even if I do manage to leave, they will find me and drag me back into prison, Amy. My dad can find me and so can Grandpa, actually especially Grandpa and anyone in the Royal family—let’s not forget that Even if they couldn’t detect me with their special abilities, they can easily find a witch to do a locator spell on me, and then the rest is history, Amy.”

Eira sighed. It was true, everything seemed so easy, but her escape was much harder than it seemed. She even forgot to mention the fact that her phone is probably traceable, so she couldn’t even carry that thing with her.

When Eira looked up to the screen, she saw her friend grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“What’s that grin for?”

“You know Mama knows your situation.  Apparently, she was fond of your mom, and she agreed to do a cloaking spell on you once you got here.  I’m pretty sure they’d have the entire Faerie kingdom looking for you, plus all of the vampires of Louisiana, so you’re going to leave your phone at home. When you get here I can give you one of my untraceable phones. I’m pretty sure your dad doesn’t know who I am, which is good. He won’t be able to trace you through me. Piece of cake.”

She had to hand it to her best friend. That girl’s imagination ran wild. But, her idea seemed fool proof. Still, Eira had her doubts.

“You sound so sure that this is going to work Amy,” Eira laughed lightly at her best friend. Amelia seemed very excited about her impending jail break.

“You’re a magical loophole miracle baby. You’re impossible and the impossible will work in your favor. Besides I’m your best friend, I’m supposed to believe in you.”

“Fine, suppose this works, you do know grandfather is going to be furious with me when he finds me.”

Amelia nodded. “You’re more afraid of your grandfather’s anger? What about your dad? He’s a thousand years old and a vampire no less.”

“He’s not the boss of me.” Eira snapped. “He can’t just suddenly reappear in  my life and try to control things. Yes, he’s my father and I respect him that much, but I’m not afraid of him. Anyways, grandfather won’t punish me. I’ll just never hear the end of it. His lectures are torture, Amy.”

“Haha right. So, tomorrow then?”

“Yes of course!” Eira said, suddenly excited at the idea of escape. “Have my costume ready?”

“You bet I do.” Amelia grinned, as she pulled her credit card out and waved it on the screen. “I got you covered. “

Now all Eira had to do, was plan this out carefully tonight.


“Dear Abby says, that you should be more open with teenagers and let them know you can be a friend to them.”

“She’s my daughter not a friend. There are rules she must follow Pam.” Pam rolled her eyes.

“Master, she’s your daughter, not a progeny like I am. She is a teenager and teenagers will have emotions all over the place, especially young girls. Teenagers are rash and quick to act on impulse, granted I’m not sure how your kid will react but she’s Sookie’s daughter as well, do the math. That girl has ‘I will do something stupid to spite my father’ written all over her face.” Pam knew more or less about Eira. She had spoken to the girl several times, and had even visited with him. There was one point when the girl was younger, she would ask for Eric, and sometimes she’d start getting too emotional about Eric. Pam knew Eira had been suffering because of her parents, now she couldn’t blame Sookie, because the Fairy Princess tried her best, but now it was up to Eric, so Eira’s suffering was Eric’s fault, at least that’s how Pam saw it.

Pam thought Eric was being an unfair asshole, but there was only so much she could say to her maker. If only the fool would realize that pushing away both his progeny, and his daughter is bad for his mental and emotional health.

Eric looked up at Pam, and smirked. “Speak from experience Pam?” When Pam was out to spite him, it was usually in shopping with his credit cards.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Pam, stood up a little straighter. “I did some stupid shit when I was at that age, and I’ve seen kids do stupid shit in this generation too. It’s in their nature to do so, and you? Ohh, like I said, she’s Sookie’s daughter. ”

“She’s not naïve, Pam. She was raised in our world, she knows the dangers of our world and how things work. She should know better.”

And Pam really wanted to grab Eric just pull his hair out. She was giving him a warning about his kid and he wouldn’t take it. Pam shrugged. “Fine, have it your way. Just try not to let the green monster out when shit does hit the fan. “

Pam was over exaggerating, at least he thought so. Eric pinched the bridge of his nose, if vampires could get headaches, he would certainly be suffering from one right now.

“The house is warded against fairy magic. She can’t even teleport. She can’t leave because I have guards surrounding the property during the day, and at night.”

Pam really wanted Eira to do something to get Eric all worked up.

It frustrated Pam when her maker got all stubborn like this.  Yet she couldn’t overstep too many boundries either.

Whatever you got planned little Northman Princess, better start acting on it Pam thought to herself, and finally smiled, because she had faith that her little ‘sister’ would probably do something drastic, she was after all, a child of Eric and Sookie. She wouldn’t give up.


The next morning, Eira woke up all bright and happy.

Why? Because, she was confident that her plan was going to work. She got out of bed, brushed her teeth,got in the shower and after that she got dressed.

Eira vamped herself down the stairs, obviously the house was always empty since the guards never really were inside, so she went outside to look for her victim, Alcide.

“Alcide?” Eira called out, she wasn’t sure if the wolf even was around, for all she knew he was patrolling the area on all four legs.

There were more guards, she was well aware, but they were probably patrolling other areas of the property as well. It somewhat worked in her favor.

“Hey kid.” Alcide appeared behind her, buttoning up his shirt.

“Sorry, I was uh….”

“You were patrolling on all fours.” She answered for him.

“Yeah…”Alcide awkwardly replied, he wasn’t sure what to say to the kid at this point. She had completely caught him off guard the other day when she yelled at him. She had been very rude with him, and thought that maybe she was hanging around vampires too much.

“Listen,” Eira spoke up, obviously listening in to his thoughts. “I know what you are, and I’m here to apologize for my rude behavior. I’m sorry for my rudeness. Will you forgive me?” Her apology was completely insincere. She didn’t mean it. She was tired of being unable to go anywhere and Alcide was the only person she could lash out on.

She was only partially kidding when she said there would be a burnt wolf out in the pool.

It was rare for a kid to own up to their mistakes, and Alcide was taken back by her behavior.

“Nah, it’s all good kid. I was your age once too.” Alcide said with a warm chuckle.

Eira smiled, not because Alcide was being forgiving, but because she was using her telepathy to unblock the part of Alcide’s mind that made him immune to glamour. Fairies could entice many supernatural creatures, but she was still unable to use most of her fairy magic. Lucky for her, she could use her telepathy to advantage because it wasn’t affected by the wards in place.

When Eira was finally done, she looked up at Alcide and she smiled so innocently, yet you could see the mischievous glint in her eyes.

“No, but my family wouldn’t be happy to hear that I was disrespectful to an adult.”

Before Alcide could make any sort of response to her, she had locked in. She felt like the snake from the Disney movie, the Jungle book; controlling with just a gaze.

“Alcide, you will take me to the Shreveport Airport. You will drive me there, no questions asked. When you leave me there, you won’t look back. When you come back to this property you will continue your job as a guard here. You won’t tell my father I left because he will find out on his own. When he asks you where I am, you tell him that I glamoured you and that he won’t find me unless I want to be found. You won’t tell him where you took me.”

Eira literally crossed her fingers as she did this. She had never glamoured a were wolf. She had only ever glamoured humans because it was so easy, and it was easier with her fairy charming powers. Eira never had to rely on her telepathy and vampire glamour before.

When Alcide turned and began walking around the house to the parking area and to his car, Eira smiled with glee.  Her plan had worked!

She quickly vamped herself over to Alcide’s truck and got into the passenger seat, and waited as Alcide revved up the engine.

20 minutes later and Eira was already at the Shreveport airport.  Alcide had done everything as she had asked and she couldn’t be more happier.

Once Alcide had left, Eira hurried along to the bathroom, and got into one of the stalls. She locked herself in, took a few deep breaths, and counted in her head.

She was no longer under anti fairy magic wards.

She could freely teleport.

But first, Eira took her phone out of her pocket and threw it to the trashcan. She couldn’t have anyone tracking her. Like she told Alcide, if she wanted to be found, they would find her. Now all she had to do was get Amelia’s grandma to do a cloaking spell on her to avoid being found by anyone, including her fairy kin.

Once again Eira took another deep breath and imagined Amelia’s room, which it had been so long since she had been there; and she finally was able to teleport to her best friend’s room.

The loud popping noise had startled her best friend which caused her to fall of her own bed with a loud thud.

“Ohh I hate it when you do that Eira!”

Eira staggered a little, still trying to get used to the whole fairy teleportation thing. She laughed when she saw her best friend on the ground, and she went over and tackle her as she tried to get up. Eira wrapped her arms around Amelia’s neck, and laughed.

“I missed you so much!” She said, lifting herself off of Amelia.

“I know, I know I missed you too, but come on. Gramma is down stairs ready to make that cloaking spell work,  by the way.”

“Do you think your Grams would really go for this? I mean, she’s a very good friend and ally to my family after all…”

Amelia snorted. “She won’t rat you out, I promise. Gramma has a good reason for helping you. Though she wouldn’t say why…”

“I’m guessing she’s going to be very cryptic when I ask her, isn’t she?”  Well, so long as there was cooperation on behalf of the elder witch. Eira planned on enjoying her weekend out, and having things go awry was not what she wanted.


7 responses to “Chapter 6

  1. Boy, Eira is setting herself up for some trouble sneaking out like this. Eric is setting himself up to because he refuses to acknowledge his daughter. That’s all Eira wants, to be acknowledged and to be loved. By her father.

  2. I just hope she doesn’t get into any real trouble on this little excursion…I don’t think she wants to witness Eric in full on Viking mode!

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