Danza Apasionada

I finally found you.”

She found herself unable to pull away from his intense gaze. When she looked into his eyes, she could feel as if everything was crumbling around her.

When Eric looked at her, he noticed her swollen cheek.

Someone had touched her.

Someone had touched what was his.

He could feel the rage building up inside him, and he wanted nothing more than to demand retribution for marring her beautiful skin. He made an attempt to touch her cheek, and as he reached out, Susannah instantly reacted, and made an attempt to pull away from him. Her eyes narrowed, daring him to touch her.

For a second she found herself longing for his touch, and that terrified her.

She reminded him of a caged tiger. Chained in a cage, but willing to swipe it’s claws at anything that got near. Of course she didn’t trust him, she was Fae and he was a Vampire. Their kind didn’t exactly get along. Just like how tigers and other animals didn’t get along either. Tigers tended to be loners, and the way she glared at him, if she wasn’t chained down, then he was sure she’d strike him at any given moment, and that had him aroused enough. This was the woman that killed the last remaining members of the Royal house of Brigant. He was sure she wasn’t one to be messed with.

But for some reason, Eric Northman found himself wanting her even more, and for some reason, he could tell this woman was trustworthy.

He made another attempt to touch her cheek, but she thrashed about attempting to pull away from him. Eric, in a swift movement caught her face in both of his hands, he tried to be gentle enough so he wouldn’t harm her either.

She was melting on his touch, her skin felt like fire when he touched her. She hated being so vulnerable, and she hated how this man, or vampire was making her feel.

He made her feel vulnerable.

She was making him feel things he had never felt before.

Eric looked at her even closely now. She was more beautiful than he had imagined. While her face was somewhat dirty, her cheek swollen, and her hair looked like a hot mess, this woman still looked beautiful. She exceeded his expectations of what he thought she would look like. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in all of his existence, and he was sure she could give the goddesses of his old religion a run for their money.

Nicola Peltz as Sookie Stackhouse


She was a rose with many thorns, but a rose could also be well taken care of and held gently.

“Why did you call for me?”

There was no response from her, and Eric had nearly forgotten she couldn’t speak because of that atrocity covering her mouth. When he took his hands off her face he was going to take the muzzle off, but Susannah jerked her head away, trying to prevent him from touching her again.

“I will never harm you, I just want to remove this, will you allow me to do so?” He asked gently, surprising even himself, at the way he was acting towards her, a prisoner.

After six whole months she was finally going to be able to use her voice again, and perhaps chant a spell or two to allow her to escape. Stupid Vampire. She thought as she watched him remove the dreaded thing from her mouth.

Her mouth was finally free, and she kept her poker face on.

Álíesan.” She barely uttered the word, but her lips moved. The cell was padded with iron all over, but that only prevented her from using her Fae magic. The word, that word was a simple spell that any child could learn, and it was the one that was going to save her. Eric was watching her intently, expecting her to speak.

But once the shackles that bound her released her, she muttered another spell that would immobilize her vampire.

Eric’s fangs clicked out. He most certainly did not like surprises, and he was angry that his little fairy pulled a fast one on him, but of course the fact that she was running from him made his cock twitch in anticipation.

He wanted her.

He needed her.

This Fae woman smelled like a sweet ambrosia, a sweet mixture of honey and sunshine. What he wouldn’t give to wake up to that smell every day of his remaining existence!

It was not Fae magic that she was using, the power that she used belonged to the long forgotten Druids, the peaceful people that still lived in an old world and believed in the old gods, that were long forgotten by today’s society. The iron did not suppress this ability to use magic, but the Fae magic inside her, boosted her Druidic magical reserves making her stronger than most.

Susannah was able to conjure a dagger, it was not made of silver but it would be enough to subdue the Vampire. She didn’t want to kill him, in fact in the deep parts of her mind and heart, there was a teeny tiny voice telling her not to harm him. Susannah was trying to ignore that voice. She walked around Eric, stalking him like a predator, examining him closely.

But Eric wasn’t just standing there with his arms crossed. No, the Vampire closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet aroma that lingered in the air. Surprisingly, her scent wasn’t as intoxicating as the Fae that had requested an audience with Godric the other night. Eric laughed lightly.

“I will not harm you, so release me. ”

She lunged at him, her eyes getting that same glow as before. All the while, Eric remained still. He would not attack her, nor harm her. He was letting her do as she pleased, while at the same time he was studying her.

As soon as Susannah got close enough, Eric had immediately pinned her against the wall, her arms pinned up over her head. Eric’s face was in close proximity to hers, his intense blue eyes were looking back into her own.

“Who are you, little Faery?”

She grunted, trying to squirm away from him. “My name is none of your concern. All you need to know is that I am the assassin that killed the last remaining members of the Royal house of Brigant—let me go Vampire!”

She was so frustrated her magic didn’t work on him. Her magic always worked, and it frightened her that it backfired on her. She had used her magic on vampires before and this was something new all together.

“Why won’t my magic work on you! Let go of me, I swear by gods that I will-!” He shut her up by smashing his lips against her own, enveloping her in a passionate, hungry kiss. She tried to push him away at first, but she relented and kissed him back with the same hunger.

For the two of them, this felt so right. They ached for one another, and they felt that they needed each other. For Eric, he realized that he couldn’t let her go. The ache he felt in his undead heart was far too great, and only being near her, would it calm down.

For Susannah, it was the same.

Susannah pulled away, trying to catch her breath now. Eric still held her in place, and he never tore his eyes away from her.

“Tell me, how long ago were you imprisoned?”

“Around six months ago….how is that any of your concern?”

Eric smirked. “Because, six months ago you began haunting my dreams, little Faery.”

Susannah glared at him. “How on earth would I haunt your dreams, how do you even know it’s me!?”

“Because anyone could recognize their mate, or are you going to deny this as well?”

Mate. The word was not foreign to her. It all clicked in her head, the comfort she felt when she was speaking to the moon, was she actually entering his dreams and speaking to him as well? Anyone could think it was absurd. But in this world, very few found their true mates, but she never thought it could happen to her out of all people. She was to marry Preston Pardloe, and although it was a political marriage she had resigned herself to, she did love him once a time ago, but he betrayed her.

But the emotions she was feeling for this Vampire, were stronger than what she had felt for Preston. It was like a flame had been lit inside her, waiting to burst out.

She couldn’t deny that the attraction, the pull, the ache and the need to be with this man was anything normal. She felt safe and secure with him no matter how hard she tried to deny it, and the kiss was amazing to boot!

“How…” She said, still trying to connect the pieces together. She still didn’t want to believe that there was maybe someone out there that was meant for her, that meant that they would never hurt or betray her. It seemed too good to be true.

“Aside from the kiss, the pull I felt to you, and the dreams, I believe the last piece of the puzzle was that you tried to spell me with your magic and it did not work. According to my knowledge, Mates cannot harm each other. ” He said, taking the dagger from her hand, while he would never harm her on purpose, he decided to try out the experiment. He tried to stab her arm with the dagger, but it deflected and it fell out of his hands.

“See? I cannot harm you, my love.” It felt so right calling her by that. He had proven to her that they couldn’t harm each other, no they were one and the same, two halves that belonged together to form one whole entity.

“It can’t be. No, you can’t be.” She said to herself, trying to deny it. It wasn’t in her plans to be tied to anyone, in any way at all! She had plans to escape, she needed to go and regroup with others in order to take back her Kingdom. She needed to get herself stronger. This was never in her plans!

“Will you tell me your name now, my mate?” She shook her head.

“I belong to no one, but myself. I am not your mate.” She seriously never thought it would come down to this. Her brother, Jason was lucky enough to find his mate. Her only living brother had found a mate in a Daemon, by the name of Michelle; she was of the Fire clan. Secretly, Susannah wished to be as lucky as her brother. She had loved Preston, she thought they were good for each other.

“You may deny it all you want, but you are mine as I am yours.”

“Can you stop it with all that? Do you know what kind of life you must live if you are with me? I’m an assassin, I committed treason and I killed everyone in the Royal family, including the Princess herself. I can kill your King and leave this Kingdom in utter chaos.”

Eric nearly growled at the thought of losing Godric. But he looked at her, and he knew she wouldn’t go through with what she just said. He leaned in again, inhaling her rich scent.

“No one is a saint in this world, my lover. Everyone has their own Pandora’s box, and I’m sure you have yours, just as I have mine. I will love you, like you are meant to be loved. If you decide to destroy the world, then I will be there to stop you, and if I can’t I will gladly watch the world burn away as I stand at your side. If you die, then I cannot go on my little Fae.” He said caressing her swollen cheek, which he noticed had begun to slowly heal.

“Let me go, and forget about me.” She said once again. “I can make you forget about me, and this doesn’t have to happen between us.”

“Negative. I will not allow you to leave my side.”

“Let me go.” She said as she struggled to get free out of his grasp.


“Eric, I command you to let her go.” Came in a third voice, the command which Eric could not disobey, no matter how hard he wanted to fight it. The fact that his Maker had commanded him away from his mate made his fangs click down. He was feeling threatened, even if this was his own Maker. Godric had heard the conversation between the two. The revelation that these two were mates had surprised Godric, but it did explain Eric’s strange behavior these past few months.

He looked at the Fae woman that was standing defensively against him as well.

“Princess Susannah, it seems the rumors of your death were false”

She never thought she would ever see a famliar face.


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    • So much for her trying to keep Eric out of her business, huh? I laughed a little when I wrote that. She tried so hard to be so defiant towards Eric and Godric comes out of nowhere and it backfires on her lol

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