Godric was here, that meant she was in his Kingdom!

A sense of relief had washed over her, familiarity is something she hadn’t had in a long time. Godric was like family and she needed an ally in this time of great need.

“Yes young one. It’s me.”

Eric was shocked at learning that she was in fact the Princess Brigant. What had shocked him even more was that Godric had known her.

But of course he would, Godric had been friends with the Brigant family for a long time.

As for Susannah, he knew she was Fae, but hadn’t expected her to be the princess herself. The wheels began to turn in his head, and he realized that this Preston had been a liar, and that Susannah was sent here to her death. A growl came out from him when he realized that the Faeries were intending on killing his mate.

For a moment Susannah was feeling so overwhelmed, that she backed up enough and found herself unconsciously leaned up against Eric. There was a sense of comfort that came from him and she relished in it. Eric stood still as he watched his newly found mate leaned up against him.

The raging beast inside him roared in victory at the fact that his mate was seeking comfort from him, and he took pride in that he could provide her with comfort. But his frustration grew when he realized he was still under his maker’s command and could not move to touch her like he had wanted to, and oh did he want so much more from her.

Finally Susannah took a deep breath and suddenly she pulled away from Eric, lowering her head down in respect at Godric, and most of all in respect of his station.

“Your Majesty.” Susannah spoke politely.

“Child, there is no need for formalities.” He spoke in a warm and welcoming tone, it reminded Susannah of her grandfather. How she missed her family.

” Yes Godric.”

Susannah came upon the realization that maybe this was her fate. Being brought to the Amun clan was actually a good thing! Godric would be able to aid her in reclaiming her Kingdom and her Throne. She knew this wouldn’t be something you do overnight, this kind of thing needed a lot of planning and she was willing to wait it out. She needed to find allies and call in favors from many and Godric was the first one placed in her path and she would make great use of this grand gesture that she considered a gift from the Goddess herself.

“Godric…can you release him from his command?” She said softly. If the fates were truly playing a hand in her life, then that meant she could never escape Eric. Her heart and soul sung to him and she could feel it deep within her bones that she couldn’t part from him.

It frustrated her. It really did.

Once Eric was released he zipped over to her side, to check to see if she was alright.

Susannah on the other hand took a good look at Godric and mouthed the words ‘help’ out to him. Perhaps it was a bad idea to release Eric from his makers command. Godric shook his head and smiled at the two. As much as he wanted to take Susannah in his arms and give her a warm embrace, he knew Eric was in a state of mind right now that would enable him to attack him. He wasn’t afraid of Eric, but he knew Eric would never forgive himself for attacking his own maker and Godric didn’t like to see his child in any kind of pain.

Exhaustion was finally beginning to take a toll on her body. She was feeling the effects of the iron in the room and before she knew, her knees gave in and she collapsed. Luckily Eric was there to catch her just in time.

“Get me out of here.” She said weakly. “I need to get out of here.”

And just as she requested the two Vampires vamped out of the cell; and as was his right as her mate, Eric had decided to take her into his sleeping quarters and Godric retreated to his own bedroom for the remainder of the night.

Eric’s bedroom


Eric looked down at his mate, noticing that the bruise on her cheek was still there, he wanted to heal her giving her his blood but he knew the trouble and the rift that would cause between him and Susannah, so instead he bit into his thumb and spread his blood around her bruised cheek. The results were instantaneous. Her cheek was fully healed, and a part of him still wanted to give her blood, but this method would suffice and for a while she would smell sort of like him.

She was beautiful, there was nothing and no one out there that could compare to the beauty that was his mate. Her skin was dirty, her clothes were torn and no longer suited for a woman of her high status, yet he could tell her clothing was quality material, even if it no longer had any good value. But despite all of that, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

He stripped her of her clothes, knowing well that the next day she would have a fit with him.

When she was fully naked and bare, he didn’t feel anything sexual towards her at the moment. Instead, his eyes fell onto the scars that were on some parts of her abdomen, and he couldn’t help but growl. He’d be damned if she would ever get hurt like this ever again. He would kill anyone who would dare touch her.

She was still out cold, and he wanted her to get a good rest so he blurred out of the room and came back with some warm water and a clean cloth. He began to gently wipe off all the dirt off of her skin.

He gently lifted her up to clean up her back, he washed her legs, her feet, he went around her breasts and was extremely gentle with them. There was no sexual thought that crossed his mind when he did this to her, for him it was his job to take care of his mate and make sure she was okay.

When Eric was done, he set the cloth and bowl full of water aside on a desk in his room, he had no clothes for Susannah yet, as it was already a little past dawn and Pam had already gone into her day rest, but he did send his child a text message that she would rise to, later that night. Eric stripped his clothes off and slipped in beside her.

He wanted to hold her close but he knew she would rip his head off for it so he resisted the urge and instead closed his eyes, and went to his day rest.

Eric woke two hours before sunset. When Eric looked towards Susannah, he found her sprawled across his chest, and her face buried into the crook of his neck and her naked body was pressed against his own.

“My little Fae, you’re going to be really pissed off when you wake up.” He chuckled, as he gently ran his fingers through some loose locks of hair. As if she had heard him, Susannah began to stir, she felt like she was on something cool and hard, yet it somehow gave her a sense of warmth and comfort. Her eyes slowly opened, and she took a deep sigh, as she inhaled the nice scent of her strange new pillow.

Now fully awake, she realized that her pillow was actually a body, a man’s chest. She pulled away, quickly when she remembered the incident of the night before.

She realized that she was naked, and she was sleeping against a naked man, and it wasn’t just anyone, it was the man that was her supposed mate.

“What the hell!?” She yelled at him, causing him to chuckle which only infuriated her more. She rarely ever lost her cool, but this had to be an exception. She found Eric annoying, why did her mate have to be so annoying? Susannah wasn’t embarrassed by the fact that they were both naked, she was raised in the Supernatural world, being naked was not a problem.

But being naked in bed with this guy was.

Losing her cool wasn’t going to help her out here, so she took a deep breath and calmed herself.

“What happened?” She asked, hoping to divert the topic elsewhere because she was going to blast him across the room if he kept grinning at her like the Cheshire cat.

“You asked us to take you out of the cell. Godric and I weren’t going to risk your life, so I took you here to my room where I removed the rags you had on and washed you. I have called my progeny to bring you in some clean clothing, by the way.”

She wanted to kill him for touching her, but no matter what she said it would be futile. She realized that she couldn’t deny him much because he was her mate, and unless he was under a maker’s command he wouldn’t leave her alone, and she did have Godric lift the maker’s command.

“Where is Godric?”

“He will not come unless I call him, do you wish for him to be here?”

Before she had any chance to reply to him, Eric stood up, picked up his robe that was laying on the ground and he threw it at her. “Wear this, it seems that my maker is already here.”

By the time Eric had let Godric in, she already had Eric’s robe wrapped around her. She looked up, her cheeks turned slightly red from embarrassment, she respected Godric too much and having him see her like this? She would much rather be down in the dungeons chained to the walls.

As for Eric, there was nothing more pleasant than watching this beautiful woman wear his clothing. Having Susannah wear his robe would leave his scent on her, and it was a shame that he couldn’t completely claim her, but this was enough. He knew he had nothing to fear from Godric, but this stroked his ego as her mate, to let others know she was his, even his maker.

“I was worried for you. You collapsed last night, and Eric had to rush you out of that cell. Could you explain what was happening to you?”

“It was the iron. Usually iron shouldn’t affect me, but I was shackled in iron for six months, I was in an iron cell for six months, eventually the iron began to take a toll on my body. My other genes were trying to fight the effects of the iron, but nothing is eternal as it seems.” She shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

“Sookie, come here.” Godric used her other name, the one only reserved for close friends and family. He extended his arms out to her, and there was no hesitation on her part as she rushed past Eric and jumped into Godric’s arms. Godric wrapped his arms around her, and he held her close to him. It had felt like an eternity since she had gotten any type of familial comfort and Godric was like family to her. Her entire family, had been entirely wiped from existence and she was the only left, except for her brother, but she hadn’t seen him in so long. She had been alone for six months, and it was beginning to take a toll on her.

Eric bit back a growl that threatened to come out. Seeing his mate rush past him to jump into his maker’s waiting arms made him jealous. Since he had met Susannah, she held nothing but hostility towards him, but yet here she was holding nothing but adoration for his maker.

He knew it was stupid, it was his maker. He would die for Godric, and he knew he could trust Godric with her life. But still, he felt jealous that she wouldn’t seek comfort from him.

“Sookie?” Eric repeated the name, and said person pulled away from Godric and glared at Eric.

“You may not use that name.” She snapped.

“Sookie, Eric is my child and your mate; and as your mate he holds more importance than me. You two share something that not many have, and that many long for, allow him at least this simple privilege; after all he did look after you last night.” He was right, and she hated that he was right. Sookie gave Eric another glare. Eric was really amused.

“Godric’s right, I’m stuck with you so might as well.” She sighed.

“Thank you, Sookie.” At least that was a start. Perhaps she would warm up to him eventually.

“Sookie,” Godric interrupted the two. ” Will you explain to me what happened to you? What happened to your Kingdom?”

“Well…” She started. “Let’s say I was in special training with someone really important. The special training was in another realm. I was gone for two months, and in this realm time is endless. Time is really strange in that realm, meaning that two months here, was fifty years in that realm. When I came back, all I came back to was to attend Grandfather’s funeral. He had been killed in battle—at least that was what I was led to believe….

So, upon my Grandfather’s death the only one left to be the next ruler was me. I was supposed to be crowned a week after my grandfather’s death. The day before my coronation, I was ambushed in my own bedroom. I was captured and brought to the dungeons to be imprisoned. The people were led to believe that an assassin had killed their future queen and as for Preston Pardloe, he was one of the traitors. He was also my betrothed, and….I grew fond of him. I trusted him with my life and he betrayed me, and here I am. Make no mistake though, I will take back my Kingdom and I will take my throne. I won’t allow my family’s legacy be thrown away like trash.”

Eric only listened to her story. Internally, he was angry. He wished there was a way back then, in which he would be able to reach her through his dreams; in which she had called out to him. He wanted to help her reclaim her throne, and he wanted revenge. He really wanted to kill Preston even more now.

“You may remain here for as long as you like. You will be treated like royalty, therefore our servants, are your servants as well.” Godric said afterwards.

“Godric, forgive me but I’m no longer a princess, nor am I a Queen. I have been stripped of my titles so therefore I’m just Sookie, a normal Fae hybrid. I don’t want that kind of authority over your servants” She sighed.

“Even if you’ve been stripped of your titles, you are my mate and that alone makes us equals in every way. This meaning that others will know of that particular title and will treat you as they would me or Godric.”

She wanted nothing to do with power at the moment. The less people knew of her, the better. Sookie was safe in Godric’s home for the time being.

After their entire conversation was over, Sookie had dismissed Godric from Eric’s bedroom. Eric would never dare do that to his maker, but Sookie was different. She was on equal grounds with Godric due to their Royal titles, despite was Sookie said. Her Royal blood mattered the most.

“Now that Godric had left the room, you and I need to have a conversation about our relationship to each other.”

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  1. This Eric and Sookie will be so much fun to get to know! Love when Sookie has a spine and stands up for herself but will be interesting to see how she handles her reactions to Eric and how much she fights them and him.

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