Sookie found herself surrounded by mostly Vampires. There was only a small minority of two natured.  Their arrival had gathered the attention of all, even Godric.  Sookie  felt  all eyes on her, If she had not been raised in this type of world she would be highly uncomfortable being the center of attention of all. She was used to being scrutinized by others, and being talked about.

She knew that the vampires  have already taken notice that she looked and smelled mostly human, but she also knew that she smelled very delectable to them. Vampires didn’t think much of humans and they probably didn’t think much of her at the moment. Oh, to judge a book by its cover was a mistake that usually cost someone their life. If a vampire approached her with ill intention or to even attempt to humiliate her, then she would show them what the human was capable of.


“Hardly.” Sookie replied.

“So you’re not nervous about the whole room staring at us?” Sookie shook her head, and took a deep sigh.

“I’m used to being under the scrutinizing gaze of others. “

“So it doesn’t bother you?”

“No.” She shook her head again. “I was raised to know that in this world; our world, appearances are everything. Looking weak is not an option for someone of mine, or your status. –But I suppose I am a little uneasy ,but it’s to be expected. I have to suck it up.”

Eric nodded. He understood where Sookie was coming from. Even before he had been made into a vampire, he was a prince to his own people. Many things were expected of him as well.  Taking on the role of King, marrying a suitable woman, and have children; and win battles; making himself and his people stronger; it was all expected of him. Appearances are always everything in the world of nobility. Even here in Godric’s court, he was expected to follow in his maker’s footsteps and someday take control of the Kingdom.

The Supernatural world was all about making yourself look strong. Showing weakness was the biggest mistake ever.

He wouldn’t allow anyone, or himself even to make Sookie look weak. She was a strong capable woman all on her own; but he was going to make sure everyone in here knew that.

“Whatever the case, I will stand by you.” Sookie knew what he meant. Though she wouldn’t show how elated she felt at his words; she simply gave him a nod.

“I trust that you will…”

“Master.” A blond vampire approached them.

“Sookie, I would like for you to meet Pamela, my progeny.” Sookie’s lips curved upward, forming a small polite smile. She politely inclined her head, in respect towards the blond vampire.

“Pamela, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine.” Pam said, leering at Sookie.

“Pam.” Eric growled, usually he didn’t mind sharing his sexual partners with his progeny but Sookie was on an entirely whole different level and he would not share her with anyone, not even his child. Sookie tried to hide her amusement at Eric’s jealousy and possessiveness at his Progeny.

“Maybe another time, Pam” Sookie winked.

“Eric, look at her; she’s extremely wise too. You should indulge her.”

“Pam.” Eric warned.

“Fine, since you denied me my fun, I’ll be enjoying myself in other ways.” When Eric saw Pam smile, he knew what he was in for. His child was going on another shopping spree. How he hadn’t gone broke was beyond him with all of her spending.

“Master, Mistress.” She inclined her head to them both in respect and made her leave.

“She’s a lovely one, Eric. I will enjoy getting to know her.”

“I’m sure you will, careful she might use you as a dress up doll.”

“Those clothes she sent up, where all her picks, were they not? She has good taste, but my tastes and hers are far too different. Maybe every now and then I will indulge her.” Sookie said with a light chuckle.

Though they were putting up appearances, he really loved seeing Sookie smile and laugh. Usually, since she had come to the Palace, she had been so guarded; and he couldn’t blame her. He was not a man of many emotions either. But getting Sookie to smile like she had tonight, was something he looked forward to for the remainder of their time together.

As the night continued, they had greeted many guests together. Many vampires had treated Eric with respect and they had done the same to his beautiful mate. She had everyone wrapped around her little finger. He had come to know certain mannerisms, like the way she pressed her lips together when she was annoyed and when she dug her nails into his arm when she was extremely annoyed and trying to reign in her temper. She was charming with most, and when they tried to throw certain insults at her she stopped them all in their tracks, and shut them all up. She had gained fans instantly with her personality.

She acted like a true Faery. The Fae were vicious and deadly, but they knew how to use their charms, wit and beauty to instantly win people over. When the Fae wanted to deceive others they used their charms, and Sookie seemed to be very skilling in using her Fae charms.

“What a delicious looking woman you’ve brought tonight, Northman.”

“She smells rather….sweet and delectable.” Sookie could see the woman practically drool at her. It took every ounce of her control to not blast the woman away. She had met a few annoying vampires tonight, but something about this woman pissed her off. She’d start quite the commotion if she did attack the woman.  Instead, Sookie gripped onto Eric’s arm even tighter than before.

If Eric wasn’t a vampire he’d be in a lot of pain right now. Eric knew Sookie was trying to reign in all of her control.

“I don’t share.”

“Pity.—Who would have thought though, that Eric Northman would have a mere human as arm candy at his King’s court.  I am most certain that the only human allowed here are those with leadership status, or donors; and the rest of us are creatures of the supernatural kind. ” Eric growled, but found his anger fade away as he felt Sookie’s nails digging into his skin, he was certain that if she dug any deeper she would be drawing blood soon.

“Listen here, lady.” Sookie snapped. “This human is right here, so when you refer to her, you speak to her directly instead of the large Vampire behind her.  I am not some piece of meat and I am not some dog.”

The woman’s eyes immediately snapped over to Sookie. The female vampire’s eyes narrowed.

“You need to train her well, Eric. I could demand to have her punished for showing me disrespect. But I would be willing to let it pass, for a small payment of course” She leered at Eric.

“And I don’t share either.” Sookie said, feeling the urge to rip the woman’s throat out for looking at Eric like he was a piece of meat. She hadn’t admitted it out loud yet, but Eric was hers, and hers only. She wasn’t  going to share him with anyone, ever.

The woman hissed at Sookie, and she looked like she was ready to attack, but Eric stopped her at once before she attempted anything.

“If you lay a hand on her, Salome; I will rip your throat out.” Eric wasn’t going to allow anyone to disrespect Sookie like that. She was his mate, his future bonded and pledged. She was his equal and disrespect to her meant to disrespect him.

Both vampires’ fangs were out on full display, but Eric; no matter how dangerous he looked still looked so beautiful to her.

“Salome, I believe that is enough from you.” Came a fourth voice that managed to get everyone’s attention.

“Majesty, I meant no disrespect. But surely you can see that the human was being disrespectful?”

“She was not.”

“Before I go into detail, Salome; first I have an announcement.” Godric raised his voice enough to get the attention of his subjects.

“This so called human, that you all have seen with my child; her name is Sookie, and she is the true mate of my child and officially now, she has my protection; you all know when any supernatural creature finds their true mate, one cannot touch a single hair on their head. You all know the punishment is death for an offense such as that. Am I threatening you all? No, I am not. I speak only the truth. If anyone touches Sookie, I will not intervene in what my child will do to any of you, and if any of you harms my child, it is within Sookie’s right to demand retribution. If she is unable to do any of this, then I will do so myself, because Eric is my child. The same goes for Sookie. In Eric’s absence, our bloodline will seek retribution if Sookie’s blood is spilled.

Ultimately, if I find out that anyone plans to harm these two—or anyone that carries our blood, then I will take it upon myself to rip out your fangs, rip your throats out, and any kind of torture I can think of. I will torture until you beg me for the true death.” When Godric spoke, his voice dripped with power.  Godric was powerful. He didn’t need to yell, in order to make his subjects fear and respect him. They saw Godric for the true ancient vampire he was, the true name that he had held centuries ago. It was a reminder to them all that he was still Death.

“ You will treat Sookie, as Eric’s equal because that is what she is. One day she will be a queen and reign alongside Eric.—A  disrespect to them is a disrespect to me, I do not take kindly that. Do I make myself clear?” There was a silence in the courtroom, Sookie held her breath as she watched Godric. Her Grandfather had told tales of the great creature known as Death. A part of her swelled with pride, knowing that she was a part of his bloodline. She was his descendent, and she was proud to be his descendant. Eric stood next to her, also proud of his maker and King. He loved the fear and respect the others held for Godric.

“Salome.” Godric said the vampires name once more. Sookie only hoped that Godric would start now, with the whole torture methods.

“You are getting off with a warning as you did not know my child and Sookie are mates. But the next time I will personally rip your fangs out myself, are we clear?” Salome was seething inside, but even she knew not to trifle with Godric. She bowed her head towards Godric showing him her respect.

“Yes your Majesty.”

After that, and after Godric’s announcement, many vampires and weres alike came to both Eric and Sookie congratulating them. They were bombarded with questions asking if they were bonded, when would they bond, and when would they pledge. Sookie knew those terms very well and she knew that she would have to do it soon for her own protection, but she wasn’t going to do it because everyone wanted to see them bonded and pledged. She would do it on her own time.

“We will retreat for the remainder of the night.” Eric had told Godric and his child. In reality Sookie didn’t want Eric making decisions for her, but for once she relented. She was glad that Eric had excused them, she was tired and she wanted another good night’s rest. After all, she had 6 months’ worth of sleep to catch up on.

Eric left Sookie alone in the bedroom for a moment, and when he had come back, Sookie was already dressed in a knee length, white nightgown and she had divided the bed with a whole bunch of pillows. He stood watching Sookie continue to fix her side of the bed.

“What is this?”

“Dividers. That way, you won’t be using me as a real life stuffed animal.”

Eric wanted to laugh at her, because the one who used him as a pillow was none other than herself, but he held his tongue, lest he incur her wrath.

“Good night, Eric.” She said, snuggling herself underneath the covers. It was already close to dawn, so he peeled his clothes off, and slipped in, beside the pillows of course. But he knew she was going to end up using him as a pillow again. That he was certain of.

The next day, Sookie awoke, completely wrapped around Eric. The same position she had awoken the day before. The pillows were scattered all on the floor, and she growled to herself. She should have known that the pull to Eric wasn’t really going to keep them away from each other. But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to keep using the pillows.

Once She had gotten up, and gotten herself decent looking, she stepped out of the bedroom, and called upon the two maids.

“Flora, Fauna.” She called out.

“Majesty.” The two maids popped out of nowhere, and bowed to her.

“I knew it.” Sookie said. “The two of you once served in the temples. The high priestesses—“ Before the maids could speak, Sookie place her two hands over their mouths.

“I’m going to spell us, so no one—not even the guards can hear us. Afterwards you will tell me what I need to know, are we clear?”

They nodded, and Sookie chanted the spell she needed so no one would hear their conversation. She put her hands down, finally sighing in relief.

“Anything I do might be reported to Godric, anyways. I want to know, how did the two of you survive?”

“When the take over  happened, our temples  and our woods were being burned down, and your cousin, the Lady Claudine came to us just in time, and we escaped. We needed to lay low and we found jobs in the palace.” Sookie’s eyes widened at the revelation.

“My cousin is alive…she is well? Do you know where she is?”

“We can take you there, Majesty. But the King does not know that many of us still survive. It is kept secret, like in the days of old when we all made the supernatural world believe we were nothing but tales and old legends.”

She wanted to cry, but she wouldn’t do it here. She looked at the maids and gave them her thanks.

“Thank you, the two of you have given me hope. When I saw you yesterday my heart fluttered with a shimmer of hope.  I visited the Wooded temples since the day I became of age. The two of you have always been there, and you  are here again, offering me help. Thank you, again. May the Goddess continue to bless the two of you.—I shall ask for another favor, if you will allow me.”

“Anything, Majesty.” The twins said in unison.

“Will you take me to Claudine, do you know where she is?” The maids smiled at each other.  “She is not far from here, come, take our hands and we will teleport you there, will you allow us, Majesty?”

With a shaky breath, Sookie held onto the maids, and in an instant they popped away.

When they arrived at their destination, Sookie’s eyes locked onto a familiar face.

Her brother was here, and so was his mate. She held her breath, not believing her eyes. Then beside Jason was Claudine, then Claudette and Claude.

“Majesty? Are you alright?”

“Sis?” Jason called out to her. Sookie couldn’t respond, she was in shock, suddenly she found herself falling, and soon everything went black.

Sookie’s outfit for the night

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