Only teardrops

“ I understand that you and I are mates and that you and I belong to each other. There is no way out of this, and I’m resigning myself to this. Now that I’ve found you, I know that I can’t live without you, literally. I know that I will love you with everything that I am—eventually. All my thoughts are centered around you and that really pisses me off. ” She said, suddenly a little irritated. “You piss me off but not because I hate you, because god knows I don’t, but because you are an infuriating man and I know that I will always stand by you.

Eric, I ask that you give me time to adjust to this, don’t expect anything from me, because I’m still adjusting to this. I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that my people and my kingdom were taken from me by enemies of my father, and grandfather. I also know you are trying to adapt to this too. –I will share a bed with you, for sleeping purposes only of course. Give this time, and eventually we will be one, in both your way and mine. Is that fine?”

It was more than fine with him, Eric was ecstatic over this. He knew she was right, this was difficult for the two of them, so taking time to adjust would be really good for the both of them.

“I will not rush this, as you said we both need to adapt.”

She sighed, glad he was on the same page as her. “You’re a vampire, and I will tell you this, I will not act and speak as if I were a human when I am with you. You and I stand on equal grounds,  I may be a hafling, but I am not human.  My mother was a child of the Druidic people,” She started.

Eric was going to protest, but instead when she mentioned what her other nature was, he raised his eyebrow at her. “I thought they were only creatures of legend.” He said.

“I’m pretty real.” She said.

“For all I know you could be the last one of your kind.”

Sookie rolled her eyes at him.

“Your maker Godric, was a child of the Druidic people. The markings he bares on his body is because he was most likely next in line to become a leader of his people.” For a moment, she looked down at her hands before looking back at Eric to continue telling her tale.

“He may be a vampire now, but the training and the magic he knew isn’t lost on him. No matter who or what you become, the knowledge is embedded deep into your very core; I had no one to teach me about my magic, my mother passed away when I was younger and there was no one left to teach me the ways of our people. That’s when Godric came into the picture. My grandfather called on him and when I met Godric, I felt a very special connection to him.” Sookie said closing her eyes. Trying to remember the nice feeling she felt when she met Godric.

There was that inner beast of his gnawing at him, begging him to let loose when she mentioned that she held a special connection to Godric.

“In better terms, Godric is my ancestor. I am descended from his line, and he is my family. Because of my Fae side, I could sense who were kin to me,  even if they were of another race of supernatural creature.”

Before she could continue any further, there was a knock at their bedroom door.

“My lord Eric, on orders of the Lady Pam we have brought you the clothes that was requested.—Oh and his Majesty requires your presence—and that of the Lady Susannah. He said he was holding court.”

For a moment there, she had forgotten that she was wearing Eric’s robes.

She realized that she needed an actual shower. She stared at Eric. “I’m going to take a shower, let the maids bring the clothing in. After they leave, you can also see your way out.”

“Shouldn’t I join you? After all, this is also my bathroom.” There was that stupid grin she hated. She rolled her eyes and glared at him for a brief moment.  “No. Go shower elsewhere, by the time I come out you better be gone.” She said as Eric opened the door and let  two identical maids in as they brought in racks of clothing, and some clean personal hygiene stuff, and a robe especially for her and some extra towels.

Sookie smiled at the two maids whom had slipped in. ”I thank you both for your services.” She noticed that Eric hadn’t left yet, and she couldn’t really blame him.  She knew there was an instinctual part of him that wanted to be as close to her as possible, and that other part of him did not like the idea of leaving her alone in their bedroom with two lowly maids. He knew the maids were trustworthy, but considering Sookie’s recent dealings, he trusted no one but himself and his maker—and Pam of course.

“Twins, huh.” She said, as she examined the clothing that was brought in.

“Yes, m’lady.” One of them politely inclined their head towards her in show of respect, and recognizing her as a figure of authority.

“What are your names?”


“Fauna.” They spoke one after the other.

Tia and Tamara as Flora and Fauna


“The two of you, I thank you for your services, and I am deeply grateful for all this wonderful clothing you have brought to me—  you are now dismissed, I shall call on you when I shall need of your assistance.” She said, commanding the maids as if they were her own back at home. She realized that even if she stripped herself of those fancy titles, being Eric’s mate would require for her to continue being a figure of authority.

The maids had left as soon as she had dismissed them, and Sookie then turned to Eric, aiming another glare at him.

“They’re gone, you can leave now.” She said, grabbing a fresh towel.  She got even more irritated when she found him staring at her with that lustful gaze.

“So annoying.” She muttered.

“Only for Sookie.” He said in response, and right before he left, he vamped up to her gave her a quick peck on the lips and blurred out of the room before she could protest.

“Infuriating man!” She growled.

But by now, she was only speaking to herself. Eric was now gone and she was alone. She suddenly found herself missing Eric’s company. It had been a long time since she had any form of companionship, and though she wouldn’t admit it out loud, she loved the idea of spending time with Eric.

Once Sookie had made it to the shower, she just stood there for a while, letting the warm water caress her skin.

She was still trying to process the events that had happened from when she came back home to the Palace, and from the attack on her and her family—and then ending up in a prison; and now here with her mate.

She never properly grieved her grandfather either. At the time, she knew those traitors were watching her inside her prison and she refused to shed any tears in front of them. She wasn’t about to show them her weaknesses.

She had only returned just two days ago, and upon her return she was informed of her grandfather’s death. Part of her knew death was inevitable, but there was that other part of her that refused to acknowledge it.

She stood at the front of the row dressed in a dark dress, and wearing a dark veil that covered her head, but not her face. She listened as the High priest was giving his speech. She had done hers earlier, and then had given the priest the stage. She honestly had no idea how she even managed to give a speech today, she was far too overwhelmed by the turn of events.

Her grandfather was dead, and she was the only one left. All who looked at her felt pity for her.  She hated that feeling of helplessness she was feeling now.

She felt numb.

Many people offered their condolences regarding her loss, and theirs as they lost their King. She didn’t even bother to read any minds, she was exhausted.

Then minutes passed and soon she found herself alone, there was only the presence of the palace guards. Sookie walked towards the coffin, where her grandfather rested and she knelt down and lowered her head, her hands clasped together; she finally offered a prayer.

“If I would have come back earlier, grandfather would still be alive.” She said softly, still refusing to shed tears.

 “I know he will be okay in the summer lands, but what I’m asking for is guidance to be able to lead our Kingdom. I was prepared for this moment, but I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

“I Susannah Brigant, will stay true to my oath. I will be your holy sword and shield. Do with me as you please. All I ask is that you give me guidance and strength in exchange.”


“I am yours to command.” She whispered out loud, continuing to let the water fall on her and she finally shed a few tears.

“Guidance and strength, please grant them to me, oh divine one.”

Knowing she had to be punctual to see Godric, Sookie finished her shower, and made sure to shave all that hair that had grown on her legs and other areas. Her hair finally shined and it finally looked healthy.

She took the time to paint her nails and toenails, before finally picking out a dress from her new wardrobe and some heels to go along with them. She blow dried her hair, and decided to have her hair look natural today. She used some simple makeup, foundation and lipstick only.

When she was done with her look, she finally stepped out of the bedroom and before she could call a servant to help her locate the palace court, Eric was already out waiting for her.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“I will always wait for you, Sookie.”  While he was an infuriating man, right now Eric was very endearing to her.  “What will be expected of me?” She asked. “Your customs are far different than mine, and you are vampires—you operate on different levels.” She added.

“Vampires don’t think highly of humans.” Eric said as he offered Sookie his arm, and the two proceeded to walk together with their arms linked. “ But in this Kingdom, the law is equal to all creatures that dwell within these lands and that includes the humans. –Because you look human, the vampires will think you’re my pet.”

“I will not degrade myself.” Sookie snapped.

“I know, and I won’t allow them to degrade you either. “ He wouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect her, if anyone insulted his woman then there would be hell to pay. “Your fairy scent isn’t intoxicating and others will want you, but the minute Godric allows us too, I will claim you as my mate and you will do the same.  But because they will think you human then you will be expected to be quiet and obedient. Don’t pay attention to them, act as you normally would.”

Obedience, she loathed the word yet a part of her knew that Eric was sort of right. People thought that just because one was of Royal blood that they could do as they pleased, but the reality was something else. Being a princess, Sookie had to learn to look like a wallflower and be obedient, and then she finally snapped and secretly trained, until her father had found out; and instead of punishing her, he made sure she would excel at being a fighter, even if everyone else disapproved.

“Obedience is for dogs, and I am not a dog, Eric. I was raised in a palace to become the next ruler of my kingdom, where I would have thousands of soldiers to command at my disposal. I would have had that power to end and create wars if so I pleased. I know how to deal with others who want to disrespect me, and mine.”

Before entering through the doors that led to the court room, Eric stopped and pressed a kiss to her forehead, and she didn’t stop him.  She welcomed his affections.

“I never said for you to be obedient, and I’m glad that you are quite the force to be dealt with.” There was a small smile on Eric’s face. “I forgot to tell you, you look absolutely magnificent. I cannot wait to present you as mine to everyone in there.” He said leaning in to whisper in her ear, which made her shiver slightly.

“Are you ready?” He said, eager to get inside.

“Just open the doors already, Eric.” She said with an eyeroll. If there was one thing she hated was meet and greets between those of higher power and status.  She usually always had an excuse to avoid that, but not today. Here went another long and boring night.

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  2. Me puse a pensar en un documental cuando vi los nombres: Flora y Fauna.
    Sí, es necesario que pasen un periodo conociéndose y ajustándose el uno al otro. Eso hará que su unión sea irrompible.

  3. Glad she is admitting to herself that she enjoys Eric’s company and Eric lets her know he doesn’t expect her to change.

  4. I’m glad they’re taking their time getting to know each other. I like that Eric is cheeky but respectful. She’s been through a lot. This is great! Excited for more. 🙂

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