Chapter 3


I had gone out after Bill Compton and those drainers. Not a good idea since I was unarmed, and they probably were, and if Bill was being drained, then I would be a perfect replenishing snack afterwards.

But I went regardless, not because I pitied the vampire, but because I always felt the need to prove myelf to my family. I always knew that someday I would take on the role of the matriarch when Gran passed away. It’s how the Hunters worked. Women called the shots while men carried out the task. Unlike how society perceived men and women, we hunters treated both men and women as equals, with one objective.

So the first thing I did was head out to my car that was parked right outside Merlotte’s. I pretended to act as if nothing was wrong. I opened the door, took out a small pistol and ran as fast as I could.

The Rattrays weren’t too far off from Merlottes, I saw how they had Bill Compton chained up in silver, up against the tree. They were draining him.

I hid myself, out of view, and fired.

I missed, and ended up scaring off the Rattrays. Shame, it would have been nice if I had shot at least one of them in the leg. Then maybe this vampire wouldn’t look to me as a snack, and he’d drink up a Rattray. I was sure as hell tired of them. No one liked them anyway.

When I got close to Bill Compton, his fangs were out, the blood was on the ground and he looked at me like I was a piece of steak.

“You can take my blood. Vampire blood is actually better than your vitamins.” He said to me, and I raised an eyebrow.

“Or you can sell it.”

“Or you can take your own blood, because I’m not getting involved with the law.” I said, as I moved to unchain him.

“You’re brave, unchaining a vampire that is starving for blood.” I looked at him, and internally I scoffed. Hah! My gun was loaded with silver bullets that carried my own special mistletoe powder, instead of the usual gun powder. My bullets were pretty lethal to a vampire. If I didn’t shoot him in the heart with the silver, then the Mistletoe would poison him, cause him to get sick, hallucinate, get a fever. It would completely paralyze him, and then I’d leave him out to burn in the sun.

My excuse to the Hunters would be that I was defending myself from a vampire that wanted to drain me dry. I put on the ‘crazy sookie’ smile.

“I got a gun, if you attack me, I’ll shoot you.”

“You’re different.” He said. “You smell different too.” He said, as I finished unchaining him.

“I bet, especially since I’m like a piece of steak to you right now.”

“I would like to thank you, Miss Sookie. Would you like to go out for dinner with me tomorrow night?” Was he serious? Was he actually serious, I really had the urge to roll my eyes and laugh at his face, but I restrained myself and I smiled again. It was time to use the Southern Belle charm.

“Well, Mr. Compton. While that may sound nice, you really don’t have to take me out to dinner. Just bein’ a good samaritan and all. Besides, I have a date tomorrow night.” Not entirely true, and not entirely false yet either.

“Then perhaps some other time.” He gave me a very charming smile, and blurred off.

I walked back inside before Sam threw a hissy fit about Vampires again. I swear one more by him and I’d cap his ass.

The next night I had prepared to leave for my ‘date’. I was all dressed up in a sequined deep V cowl neck,  party dress. The mini dress was loose all around, and it then it stuck to my skin and defined hips and butt. I really liked how cute this dress made my butt look. Not to mention, that because it was loose around by body, I was able to wear a special made corset that allowed me to hide my gun. Because the dress was loose, the gun was easily concealed, and easily accessible, thanks to the deep v neck, I could just easily slip my hand inside, which would make it look like I’m reaching for something that would have fallen in between my breasts; reach for my gun and pull out. I was always making sure to wear clothes that would make my weapons accessible.


I looked nothing like the Southern Belle everyone thought I was. This dress made me look sexy, and I felt sexy.

When I headed for my car, a certain Vampire that lived across the cemetary from me, appeared out of thin air. God damn those vampiric abilities.

“Sookeh.” Not how the name was pronounced, and it annoyed me. “I did not know you lived here. I just wanted to stop by to greet my new neighbors.” Hah, yeah and I was born yesterday.

“Oh well, now you know. I live here.” I said opening my car up.

I could feel his eyes on me, no doubt this dress made me look like Vampire bait. Jase had told me that earlier when I was in our basement looking for a gun.

“Sookeh.” Bill said. “You look…extremely beautiful tonight. Are you going somewhere?” Would he just mind his own business?

“I told you yesterday, I had a date. That is where I’m going tonight.” I slipped into my car, started the engine, and drove off to my destination; which was Fangtasia.

Unfortunately, I had to report in to the Sheriff, and let her know that I was going to be hunting in her area, just in case they ended up wondering why a vampire ended up missing.

My trip to fangtasia had taken me around 40 minutes or so. When I arrived I was greeted by the bouncer. She was a strange woman, skinny, blonde. Her brain was like swiss cheese. All that glamour must be frying her brain. Poor thing, not my problem though.

When I got in, I looked around, noticing how everyone dressed. This bar was a step down from the one in the French quarter. At least the one in the French quarter was classier than this place.

Another thing that caught my attention was the throne up on the dais. Really, these vampires were something else.

“Well, if it isn’t G.I Jane.” I heard a very familiar voice drawl. It was Pamela Ravenscroft, the Sheriff of Area 5, and also the Vampire I had met a few months ago, back in NOLA. She was dressed very differently from the last time I saw her.

“Miss, Pamela.”

“My, my. You look just as delicious as the other night.”

“Miss Pamela, I’m here conducting an investigation.” Not entirely true. I just didn’t want to say what I was really here for. After all, I considered some vampires were untrustworthy, especially if it came to saving their own skin. Maybe someone in here was loyal to Bill Compton, or maybe he had glamoured them into telling them anything that went on in this area. One always needed to be careful.

“Ah, is that so.” She grinned. “I’ll be right back darling.”

And so, I sat up at the bar, drinking a Gin and Tonic. I was waiting for Pamela to come back, so we could speak, and hopefully speak in a more private area.  For some reason, I had a bad feeling about this whole situation. The look on Pamela’s face looked so mischievous. In my years of dealing with vampires, when one looked mischievous it was never a good thing.

“Susannah Hale.” Said a hot velvety voice, that made my panties wet.  Oh, Please no, don’t let it be him, don’t let it be him! Don’t look at him Susannah!

But I did the exact opposite. I looked at him, I looked at the man who’s been haunting my dreams since I last saw him. He was the reason that I spent half my time in the library, trying to find out who Aislin was. He was so damn hot.

“Mr. Northman, what brings you here? I’m here on business so I can’t…distract myself.” I said nonchalantly, taking another sip out of my Gin and Tonic.

“But I can.” He leered at me. “You look very…exquisite tonight, Miss Hale. Or is it…Miss Stackhouse?” How did he find that out?

“Hale.” I mumbled. “And let me guess, I look like Vampire bait.” He grinned at me. “No, you look like Eric bait.” He answered, and I really did not know how to answer that one. I coughed clearing my throat instead.

“Anyways, if you’re the Sheriff, then I need to speak with you privately. It’s an urgent matter.”

“Miss Hale, are you trying to seduce me?” He said, leading me out of the bar, and into the back area. Where it seemed as if I had stepped into a different portal because it seemed so normal, compared to the bar.

“If I wanted to seduce you, I could have done that a long time ago, Mr. Northman.” I said as we entered the office, closing the door behind us.

Wait what? What the hell did I just say?! God damn it Susannah! When I looked back at Eric, he was leering at me again.

“You are playing with fire, Are you sure you’ll be able to seduce me? ” He purred in my ear. I hardly noticed when he got so close to me. I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“We can test that theory out right now, Susannah.” He purred in my ear again, and I literally felt like melting into a puddle of goo. My legs felt like jelly, and it was a miracle I was still standing. I was sure he could smell how aroused I was. I really hated myself for getting so worked up like this, I hated myself because his voice, and the feel of his body against mine had felt so familiar to me. I quickly pulled away from him, and I took a deep breath, before I did something I regretted.

“I’m not here for this. I’m here for Area business. I’m here as a hunter.” I could see his demeanor change; he looked just like he did that night, months ago. Like I had just slapped him in the face, what did Eric want from me? I wasn’t his Aislin, and I can’t change that.

Though right now, I wish I was. She must have been a real lucky woman, to have a man like Eric, to love her as he did.




When I saw her sitting up at that bar, I was elated. She looked beautiful in that white dress. White always did suit her. It matched her innocence, and her purity. But I was sure that as beautiful as she looked, she was also deadly. Somewhere on her persona there must have been a concealed weapon of sorts. A Gun, a knife, maybe even a stake. She was a hunter, and everywhere a hunter went, they always were well prepared, even if it was just a trip to the grocery store.

They were just like vampires, only they didn’t come with fangs.

But even as she looked beautiful, she looked sexy. The way that dress hugged her hips made me think of ways of stripping her out of it. She had a beautiful body, and there was no doubt in my mind, that everyone in here had their eyes on her. She was dressed so differently from everyone else, that she did attract the attention. I really wanted to snap everyone’s neck for looking at her the wrong way.

This woman was mine. I would not let anyone touch her, or look at her.

When she suggested going to a private area to talk, I was more than thrilled, because it meant she would no longer be in the watchful eyes of the vermin in this bar. That included the vampires as well. I’ll wear their fangs as trophies if they ever laid their filthy hands on Susannah.

When I walked her back into the office, I was literally trying to control myself. Seduce me, she said. I have no doubt she could, but I could already picture it in my mind, that it would end up with me on top of her.

This woman didn’t know what she was doing to me. My control actually slipped, when I was up against her, purring in her ear like a god damn cat. I could feel my cock twitch in anticipation, but the woman pulled away quickly, and stated her reasons for being here.

“I’m here as a hunter.” My demeanor completely changed, and I had to remind myself that this was no longer Aislin. But the more I said it to myself, the more I lied to myself.

This was Aislin, I was sure of it. Her mannerisms, her personality, they haven’t changed one bit. This woman was still a spitfire, she was still one not to be messed with. The only thing that was missing were her memories.

“You want to do some hunting in the area, I assume?” I knew what the protocol was for these guys. Frankly, I honestly thought that they shouldn’t have to report their selves to the Area Sheriffs.

She hesitated before answering me. “Yes, I require permission to hunt in the Area, and….I know shouldn’t tell you this, but…I will be trailing after William Compton. He has taken up residence near my home, and last night I had to save his ass from being drained from a couple of drainers.” She said, handing me a piece of paper with an address on it.

“William Compton works for Queen Sophie Anne, that woman will be furious if she finds out her vampire toy was taken from her.” She shrugged. “Not my problem, so I don’t care.”

“You should, she’s a Queen, and she can be dangerous.” Susannah smiled. “I don’t play by Vampire rules. All we do is let you guys know we’re hunting in your area.” She said, leaning in forward, towards me. The way she said that made it sound so fucking sexy. This woman was going to be the death of me! To distract myself from her, I looked down at the piece of paper she had handed over to me.

“And this address is for what, exactly?”

“The drainers. You guys deal with that, I don’t trust human authorities because they could care less about vampires, and they’ll just let these people go easily. I also don’t deal with humans.”

“Also, I really find it suspicious that Compton has moved near my home, and he’s been stalking me. I know he’s the queen’s procurer.” She looked very uneasy.

“No one in Bon Temps, knows who we really are. Not even the shifter that owns the bar. So, I am going to ask you this. I will ask on the behalf of normal human waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, for your full protection from this idiot, until the situation has been dealt with. I agree to be claimed as yours in front of the other vampires of this bar if it came down to it. You also don’t need to worry about protecting my home, our house is heavily warded with magic against those with ill intent.” She leaned back on the chair and sighed.

“I really don’t know why I’m saying all of this.” She mumbled, but I heard her. Though I decided not to say anything. Part of me was thrilled that she wanted me to claim her. But I wanted to do more than just that. I wanted to claim her body, and rub myself all over her, and do many more to her. The beast in me roared with victory when she asked me this. I was more than happy to oblige.

“Of course, Miss….Stackhouse. You can trust me with your life, I will not fail you. But why would you want such a thing from me? You are a hunter, I’m pretty sure you can handle yourself from that vampire.”

“Like I said, no one knows who we are. The Hale clan is quite famous amongst the Supe Community, and its best we keep ourselves hidden. Though, if I must really do so, and it comes to it; I will kill Compton myself.” There was a glint of determination in her eyes as she said this. I had no doubt she would not kill Compton, but if it came to it, then I would kill him myself.

“I will keep your secrets, Miss Hale. On my Honor, I swear to you.”

She smiled at me, and god her smile was so beautiful. “I don’t know why, but I believe you, and I trust you Mr. Northman.” My heart soared at her words. Deep down, somewhere inside her, she knew me. Her heart knew me.

“You can call me Eric, if we’re going to be Vampire and Companion, Sookie.” She laughed lightly. “Right, anyways. Thank you Eric.” She stood up to make her leave, but before she even opened that door up, I blurred right over to her.

“I’ll escort you.” I said to her.

When we left the office area, and we were back out on the bar, the infamous William Compton was hanging around like an annoying fly. I saw Susannah stiffen, her eyebrows furrowed a bit, and her lip was slightly puckered up.

I knew that look all too well. Susannah was angry, and I knew this because I had been on that receiving end of her temper tantrums one too many times. Compton looked angry, but he was no match for my beloved.

This was going to be good.

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