Chapter 4

??? POV

I sigh, brushing my fingers along the glass coffin that has been with me for the past eight years. The beautiful creature inside of the coffin is what makes my heart ache. I no longer weep for her, but my heart does.



This beautiful woman that has had me captivated from the moment I laid eyes upon her. She looks as if she could wake any moment now. Her sleeping form, and the glass coffin remind me of the fairy tales she would read her child. I often wonder, if I kissed her, would she wake once more, and smile again? Would true love’s kiss work? Was I ever her true love, I wonder.

She has long eye lashes, and a pale complexion, her hair cascades down to her waist. Both of her hands rest across her stomach, and a single red rose between them. A gift from me, I always end up changing the roses, after all she loved roses.

A sleeping vampire that could no longer wake. This was the fate that she was cursed to. Vampires usually woke up from those year long slumbers, but this beautiful woman would not. I have tried searching for ways on how to bring her back, yet I have failed each time.

Not a day went by that I wished it were me that had suffered this fate.

“Selene, this is insanity!”

I knelt down before her, clutching on to her hand tightly, afraid to let go. I looked up to see her face, her beautiful face was tearless. She looked so ethereal, calm, and I could see the two thousand years finally being a heavy weight to her.

“Perhaps two thousand years is enough.” She didn’t push me away, she smiled at me as if attempting to push calm over me.

“I love you.” I said to her.

“I know, and because you love me, you will let me go.”

“There must be another way.”

“The cost of doing this spell is my own life.” She said, placing her hand tenderly along my cheek.

“Then let me do this for you, Selene.I can do the spell for you. You don’t have to throw your life away.” She finally pulled away from me, and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m her mother.” She pleaded. “It’s my duty to protect my children, to ensure they will live a wonderful long life.”

“Selene, please!” I clutched on to her tightly, my voice trembled, and for the first time in two thousand years, I let tears fall. My tears were for this woman. I loved her, and to know that she would no longer laugh, cry or get angry; it made me feel like I would die along with her.

“I leave Aislin in your hands.”

“She’s grown into a beautiful young woman. There is so much of you, that I see in her. She is happy, just like you wanted, but Eric? No, he needs her…just like I need you”

“My beloved Selene, I will find a way to awaken you, this I vow to you.”



“Sookeh, darling what are you doing here?” Susannah stood tall, her head held high, her eyes looked upon Compton with disgust, contempt, and she looked like she wanted to put a bullet through his chest.

Fierce and proud like her parents were, like the true Brigant she was.

“Excuse me, did you follow me here? I told you I had a date tonight.”

“Sweetheart, please. I told you to wait for me, and we could have chosen a better place than this for our date.” I could see her hands twitch, she bit her lip ever so slightly, and she looked up to me, throwing away her pride, her eyes pleaded me for help.

“My date wasn’t with you, so fuck off.” She spat.

“Now, darling…” He looked up at me. “Of course it is, come on Sookeh, we need to get out of here. Your Grandmother is extremely worried about you.”

“Who the hell do you think you’re talking too? I belong to Eric, I always have.”

“Sweetie, he’s glamoured you into believing that you belong with him.”

She sighed, clearly the anger on her face was evident. “Listen here, Bill Compton. I belong to Eric Northman, Pureblood vampire, and Sheriff of Area 5. If you have a damn problem with that, then please take it up with him.”  At the mention of me being a pureblood, I saw Compton flinch and back away slowly from us.

But regardless, he was still here acting as if Susannah was some kind of country bumpkin. When in reality she was way out of his reach.  Her blood was pure, like mine. She was considered royalty among our kind, and Bill couldn’t even dream of touching her, because the second he did, she would end him, and perhaps before he even attempted to do so, I would behead him and Susannah wouldn’t have to dirty her own hands.

But when Susannah mentioned my status, that was my cue, I pulled her towards me, wrapped my arm around her, and buried my nose in her hair, inhaling her sweet intoxicating scent. The scene looked very intimate, and I could tell Compton was seething. Susannah took this opportunity to move her head around, allowing me to rub my nose along her neck. I felt her relax in my arms, and she leaned back, taking my hand and placing a kiss on it.

She was a very good actor, and I was consumed by lust by her mere actions.

“Eric is mine, and I am his. Bill you just moved here, so I’ll let you know that I’ve been with Eric for a very long time now. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“You’ve glamoured my human!” He growled at me, his fangs were out and in turn, I let mine down as well. How the hell was he already claiming her, when he just arrived to this Area? This was ridiculous.

“You will do well to learn your place. She is mine, and none will touch her, not you, and not anyone in this bar. Do you understand? I will rip your fangs out and give them to ‘Sookeh’ to wear as earings.”

I could hear her laugh a little. “You know, those fangs wouldn’t look to bad with that new dress I bought yesterday.” I didn’t want to laugh. I held my laughter and remained with a poker face. Susannah always did make me laugh.

“Anyways, Bill. My Gran and my brother know exactly where I am so you can vamp yourself out of here, please and thank you. Oh, and next time, try a little harder. Glamour doesn’t work on me, it never did and never will.”

Ah, that was some nice information there. She couldn’t be glamoured, which could be a good thing, regarding her status as a hunter. Which also made me wonder, if it was also due to the fact that she was originally a pureblood. This made me wonder if any abilities were retained when she transitioned into a human. This was something I needed to ask her.

Now, on the other hand the fact that he attempted to glamour her, knowing full well that I had just claimed her as mine angered me greatly. That offense alone gave was reason enough to silver him.

“It seems your maker did not teach you to respect those of higher blood status than you. So I will only be slightly, lenient with you. For the entirity of the week, you will spend it chained up in silver. Pamela Ravenscroft will check you in, as protocol. Do not expect her to be lenient either, she loves having new play toys.” I smirked. Bill looked even angrier, and I’m sure that somewhere in his mind he wanted to end me. But since he was the Queen’s toy, I’d doubt he’d ever get around to it. That vampire was nothing but a tool, and tools like him usually were the ones to die first.

“Chow.” I called on over, the asian looking vampire that worked as security in the bar. “Take Mr. William Compton down to the basement, silver him. Pam will deal with him when she gets back.”

“You will regret this Northman.” He hissed at me, and Chow grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him out of our line of sight.

When I turned to look at Susannah, she looked mildly irritated. “Don’t kill him.” She said.

“I know, I know. He was your prey first.” She scoffed.”I wish, I have to bring him in alive.” She sighed. “Even If I do want to put a bullet through him right now.”

“ Fucking stalker” She mumbled in irritation.



That fucking stalker! I can’t believe he actually followed me out to the bar. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last time I would see him.

But for next time, I don’t care what anyone said,  I was going to cap his ass for treating me like some dumb blond bimbo. He was trying to glamour me! What the hell is up with the whole ‘Sookeh’ thing? Why does he think he has any right to come into this bar and pretend like I was crazy?

I wasn’t a southern belle, like everyone expected me to be.  I remember quite well where I was born, and it wasn’t in Louisiana, or any Southern state.

I’m a fucking yankee doodle dandy, and damn proud of it!

After that whole fiasco at the bar, Eric had offered to take me home, while I didn’t want to do it, I still had to put up with the charade that I was his human. So I let him drive me and my car home.

Our ride back to Bon Temp was actually nice. Eric and I talked as if we were old friends, he said he knew my family very well, and apparently, the Brigant family were very close allies of ours. That alone piqued my curiosity.

“Eric, did Selene and Aidan Brigant have a daughter?” There was a dead silence when I asked this. He looked a bit conflicted about something, but I didn’t bother to ask. He would tell me, if he deemed it important. I trusted him, god knows why I trusted this man, but I did.

“I tried looking into them and once I touched the book, it burned. It poofed, as if it was hexed or something.”

“No, as far as I am concerned they did not.” Over the past few years, I’ve learned body language and facial expressions. It came in handy with the job.  Eric was lying to me, I saw his jaw tense, and he kept his eyes straight on the road ahead, not bothering to even spare me a glance.

“Then you don’t find it suspicious that a book suddenly burns up when you’re trying to look into a family tree? Because as far as I know, that only happens when things are meant to be hidden away from the world.”

He didn’t respond to me, and he looked really uncomfortable, so I changed the topic to something different.

“Eric, who is Aislin?”

“Miss Hale, we have arrived to your home.” Damn it, I knew he heard me, but how convenient that we had arrived to my house just when I was maybe, getting an answer out of it. I huffed, mildly annoyed by this. Eric opened the car door for me, and escorted me to my front porch.

“Thank you, Eric.” I smiled, trying to ease up the mood. He still seemed so tense, but when I thanked him, he smiled.

Did I mention I loved his smile? It was beautiful, and I could tell he was a man that didn’t smile too much. His smile warmed my heart up, and it made my stomach do flips.

“Anytime, Susannah.” He brought my hand up to his lips, his kiss sent a shiver down my spine. In return, I kissed his cheek, said my goodbyes, and shut the door behind me. I had the goofiest smile on my face by then.

I don’t know why, but being with Eric felt so normal to me, his touch was so familiar, that once I was inside the house, I was yearning for him again.

I really didn’t want to admit this, but I think I wanted to see Eric again, not just as mutual associates, but…something more. I wanted him, and this really went against my own code.

Well, fuck my life.



I watched as Susannah made her way inside, I made sure she was safe tonight.  I kept around on her lands, making sure there was no danger. I managed to detect that lowlife’s scent around here. Especially around the area where her room was located at.

I could also detect magic. Strong magic, not just any kind of magic, but the kind used by powerful creatures. I suspected Godric was behind this, especially if Susannah was under his protection, I was pretty sure he would give his life to ensure that she was safe from harm.

When she asked me about Aislin, I was so glad that we had arrived at her home. I honestly did not want answer that question. Who was Aislin? She was a Brigant, and I wasn’t surprised when Susannah told me the book with the entire family tree of the Brigants; burned to ashes. Selene obviously made sure her daughter went undetected. Not that they would find her anyways.

No one knew that Aislin and I had started a blood bond the day before her entire family was killed. The day she disappeared made me want to meet the sun.  I could no longer feel her that day, my blood searched for hers, and to suddenly find it gone was what made me wish I died along with her. The only thing that kept me from dying, was that I would not rest until I avenged her death. I would find her killer and I would slowly torture them, and break them, just as they might have broken her.

But, to my surprise, she wasn’t dead, and the one who had ‘killed her’ was her own mother. I don’t understand Selene’s logic in turning Aislin into a human, but knowing that woman, she must have had a reason other than keeping her safe.

 “Eric, are you listening?” I was lost in her. She was talking about our wedding, and ordering the staff at the Manor. She had someone bring in some colors, and I wasn’t paying attention. I was only observing her. She was so graceful in her movements, she was confident in her decision making. I was admiring everything about her.

“Hmm, what was it lover?” She glared at me, clearly not pleased that I wasn’t paying attention.

“Eric, I was asking for your opinion. Don’t be an airhead.” She lightly scolded. “Goodness. “ She turned her back towards me, picking up two sheets of color. “I hope our children don’t take after you, if we ever have any.”

Suddenly, the idea that she wanted children with me made my heart soar. I grabbed her from behind, and picked her up bridal style. I swung her around with delight.

“We can start practicing now, if you want.” I nipped at her ear, and she let out a loud squeak. “Eric!” Oh yes, I had forgotten that she was very sensitive in certain areas, her ears being one of them.

I could feel her happiness, and her arousal. She grabbed my face, and pulled me in, kissing me. “As lovely as that sounds, you and I have to get this done and over with, and stop spacing out and pay attention Eric. Otherwise you won’t get anything tonight.”

I smiled fondly at the memory before taking off into the night sky.


2 responses to “Chapter 4

  1. I liked reading Eric’s memories. I was so hoping he would tell her about her past. Maybe if she exchange blood or form a bond she will remember? I like that she tooks Eric’s claim in front of Bill.

  2. Bill Compton always an asshole. Some things never change. LOL !
    Eric and his memories and Susannah knowing instinctively that she can trust him.
    I like the way that you are weaving this particular tale. 🙂

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