Chapter 6

Those E/S scenes were delish last episode weren’t they? Also, Bill is dying. I’m sure many of you would like to hear that.

I finally got around to writing this chapter, and it usually tends to write itself once I usually get started. I like alternating between this one and the other one. I also do have a finished first chapter of my next E/S and another one is in the works aha.

TB/SVM is not owned by me, but by CH and AB. yada yada same old disclaimer you know the drill.


I was thinking…”


She had her head laid across Eric’s chest with her hair all over the place, and the thousand year old vampire had his eyes closed, while his hands played with her blond locks.

Maybe I should cut my hair.” She said suddenly.


No?” She frowned. Okay, she really didn’t like it when people told her what to do when it came to her own body, but this was Eric and she wasn’t going to yell at him, just yet. She was going to listen to him.

And..why not?”

Because, then I wouldn’t be able to lay like this right after I’ve pleasured your body. I love running my fingers through your hair, I love it when you’re laying on top of me like this.” He murmured into her ear, and Aislin felt her cheeks flush with warmth, and she shuddered at the feeling of his breath on her ear.

Why do you want to cut it anyways?”

Well, I just wanted a different look you know.”

Eric continued playing with her hair. “We have eternity, Aislin.”

You’re right, I suppose….” She paused in thought.” Okay then, I’ll keep my hair as is.” She smiled, raising her head up to look at him. “I’ll grant you this, because it’s you. I’m yours Eric, only you get to touch my hair like this. My hair is yours, Eric Northman.” She said placing a kiss on his chest. She heard his chest rumble, and she heard him purr.

She curled up against him. “Only you, it will always be you.”


A haircut! I had gotten a haircut, and I dyed my hair! I had gotten a nice bob cut, and even dyed my hair into a nice dark color. No more blond jokes thank god. I was also enjoying my short hair. It made me feel bouncy and chirpy. It made me feel sexy and sophisticated. Now I no longer had to worry about my hair when I was out doing my job.

The real reason I was in such a good mood, was because I had gone to see Godric. Just being in his presence always lifted my spirits. He made me feel warm, and loved, I felt safe with him. It was different to what I felt with Eric.

Things with Eric, Eric made me feel alive, he brought out a side of me that I never knew I even had! My thoughts of course diverted away from Eric when I had arrived back to work, into Merlotte’s. Talk about depressing, regardless I wouldn’t let that make my mood all sour, nope. I needed to remember that today, on this day; Gloriana decided to have a concert in Shreveport and all these idiots wouldn’t be getting drunk here. Even Maxine Fortenberry was preparing herself for the ‘big day’. She had her hair done, nails manicured and she added more make up to her face than she usually did.

I found that I enjoyed things like Beyonce, Shakira and classical music, I loved Gloriana, they had beautiful music, I also enjoyed listening to Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Blake Shelton. I guess that’s the only kind of music that I enjoyed. But I hardly found anytime to sit back, listen to some music and relax.

I had the night shift, and usually Fridays were busy, but Gloriana had taken up all of Merlotte’s customers, and the only few that were in here, either weren’t fans or they were Andy Bellefleur.

“Sookie, you look…different.” Sam said to me.

“Yep.” I said popping the ‘p’.

“I really liked your long hair.”

“Change is good Sam.” I could already tell he was trying to make nice before he let out his frustration on me.

“Sookie were you with the Vampires again?” He hissed at me, low enough so only I could hear. I turned around and gave him a glare.

“None of your business.” I said.

“Sookie, is that what you were doing in Dallas?! I don’t give you time off so you can go from state to state hanging around vampires!” I was silently counting in my head, because if I didn’t calm down I was going to neuter him.

“Sam, butt out of my personal life.” I snapped.

“Listen Cher, I’m only looking out for you.”

“That’s why I have a grandmother, Lafayette, and Jason for. I don’t need you to butt into my business, thank you.”

“I’m only worrying about you, because I care!” He half yelled at me. I wasn’t having any of it. “If you cared enough, Sam Merlotte, you would leave me alone. ”

I know Sam was angry, but so was I. I had an advantage against him too, if he pissed me off even further I was going to neuter him.

“Those Fangers are finally changing you. Look at you, you weren’t like this! You probably smell like them too! You used to be such a nice girl, It’s like I don’t even know you even more!”

Did he really just?…

Okay, I needed to calm down, and not even counting in my head was working against him. I was tired of hearing Sam go on and on about how I wasn’t allowed to hang around vampires.

“If I smell like Vampires, then even better. It’ll keep the dogs away.” The word dog made Sam cringe. He looked almost ashamed even, and I knew why; it was his favorite animal to shift into. I have never seen him shift, but according to our records it’s his favorite animal. Thanks to Sam, I’m not so fond of dogs.

Sam sighed, he took my hand into his, and I immediately pulled away. “Cher, I’m sorry, but I really care about you and I don’t want to see you dead.”

“Sam, I’m a grown ass woman I think I’ve survived long enough to know right from wrong. Thank you for the concern, but please just don’t.”

“God I can’t believe you’re so fucking stupid! You’re turning into a fangbanger!”

God help him, because I’ve just about had it with this stupid mutt. I was going to kill him, damn the consequences. He would never stop putting his damn nose in my business. Oh I was ready to jump on him to beat the shit out of him, but before I even took a step further, I was pulled back into a very familiar body.

“Lover, I can tell you’re ready to kill him, but remember the dog isn’t worth it. You have much bigger prey to catch.” I hated it, but he was right. Damn him too.

The bar was empty, and the only drunk left in here was Andy, and by the time he woke up tomorrow he wouldn’t remember anything that went on tonight, which was a good thing. There was Lafayette, but Lala was also a hunter like me, so there was no use hiding the Supe business from him. I took a deep sigh, and I leaned back into Eric, relishing in the silence his mind brought me.

“You’re right. Sorry I stepped out of line.” I said low enough so that only he could hear.

“Northman.” Sam gritted out. I reached out with my mind to see what he was thinking, and he definitely wasn’t pleased that I was in the arms of a Pureblooded Vampire right now.


I rose that night thinking of Aislin. My beloved Aislin, how could I not think of her? She was everything to me. I had lived a thousand years, and never once had I felt like how Aislin made me feel. When I was with her, I could forget the fact that we were Vampires. In our private life, she stripped me of my masks and she would make me realize I was not just a Vampire, I was a man. I was a man with carnal desires, a man that wanted nothing more than to be buried in his woman every night.

Years ago, I’d never imagined that I would sit here in the back of a Vampire bar, spending my time.

“Eric, the Queen wants to know why her little mole hasn’t been back yet.”

“Did you let her know, that her little pet attempted to take what was mine?” Sophia Anne was a spoiled child, and she had an eye for exotic blood types. Meaning, Susannah was right about Bill Compton, he wanted her.

I’ll be damned if they take her. She’s mine, she has always been mine, and she will always continue to be mine.

“I’ve explained this to her, and she wants him out by the end of the week.” Fucking great. If he came anywhere near her, I would end him. I would have every right to, and Sophie Anne could kiss my ass, she was not my queen.

“Did you get a hold of Octavia?”

“Of course. She’ll be arriving in two days, she’ll be here Thursday night at sundown.”

Now this was good news, the sooner I could find something to bring Aislin back, the better.

“Excellent. I’ll see you before Sunrise Pam.”

I had a trip to make to Bon Temp, and I decided to take flight instead of driving down there.

I was sure Susannah would be back from Dallas by now, I also knew she was visiting Godric, which only angered me because all she knows of him is a lie, everything he tells her are words of deceit, meant to throw her off, so she continues to live this lie.

Godric, as much as I respected him; I was very pissed off at him for doing this. Hopefully with the help of a powerful witch, I could give my beloved her life back, our life back.

Instead of arriving at the family home, I ended up at the shifter’s bar. I had a feeling she would be here and I followed my instinct.

Now I couldn’t decide which was worse, Fangtasia or this place. They both reeked of filth, but it was empty and quite frankly I was pleased with this. I did not want to be near any humans tonight, I’d dealt with them enough at Fangtasia, I did not want to deal with them here as well.

Before I even opened the doors, I could hear the argument go on between Susannah and the Shifter, I paused waiting to see what the argument was about, but when he called her a fangbanger, I was more than ready to rip his throat out. I tried to reel in my killing urges and make my presence known to them.

When I stepped inside, I was taken back by her new appearance. Her beautiful hair had been cut and dyed. It was another painful reminder that she no longer knew me.

But I knew her, and from the looks of it, she was ready to kill the shifter, so I decided to surprise her by wrapping my arms around her from behind, pulling her away from the shifter.

“Northman.” He gritted. I looked over at him, acknowledging his presence. I told Susannah that she had no need to kill him, that she had other priorities, and I could feel as she took a deep breath. She apologized for stepping out of line, but she had nothing to apologize for.

“Sam.” She continued to glare at him. “Consider this my two weeks notice. I quit.” She didn’t allow him a chance to respond to her. She pulled away from me, taking my hand into hers; which I’m sure she did unconsciously, and she led me out of the bar.

“Sorry you had to see that.” She mumbled.

“You have quite the temper.” I chuckled.

“Yeah well, he’s unbearable. If they put a price on his head, I’ll be the first one to sign up.” She sighed. “Come on get in, we can’t talk here.” I gave her a leer. “Why, Miss Hale. Are you planning to seduce me?” I said as she gave the engine a start.

“If I wanted to fuck you, I would have done it already, cowboy.” She drawled in a fake southern accent, which made me hard. God damn it, she really knew how to push my buttons. Thankfully, it was dark out, and we were in her car, and she could not see what was going on down below because she was driving.

“I’ll take you up on that challenge.”

“No thanks.”

She was still a spitfire, and if she had been her usual normal self, I would have ripped the shifter’s throat out for disrespecting her. I wouldn’t even give her a chance to do it herself.

“It turns out, that Compton was sent by Sophie Anne.” The car made a stop, and I hadn’t noticed that we had arrived at the farmhouse.

“So I was right.”

“Yes, she seems to be after humans with exotic blood.”

“Meaning me.”

We both got out of the car, and I led her up to the porch, the lights were still on inside her house, and her brother’s truck was out here, meaning he was home.

I looked at Susannah, slowly nodding my head. “I won’t let him near you.” Susannah crossed her arms over her chest, and quirked her brow up at me. “Eric, need I remind you that I can cut his dick off? I have plenty of tools down in my basement for that.”

I let out a laugh.”Are you sure you’re allowed to do that?” She shrugged her shoulders. “All I was told was to bring him in alive. I’m only just following orders.”

Pam would love to compare notes with her, I was sure of it.

“Eric.” She said quietly. “I…learned more about Aislin, I didn’t know she was Godric’s niece.”

No wonder Godric was throwing threats at me. She was never supposed to know that name in this lifetime. Let’s just say that it made me more determined to break away that lock on her memories.

“The two of you loved her.” She said quietly. I brushed my fingers along her cheek.

“No, I still love her Susannah. I’ll never stop loving her.”

“She’s a lucky woman then, to have someone that loves her as much as you do.” Aislin would always be loved, Susannah is Aislin, and I would love her until the day I die.

“No, Susannah. I’m the lucky one, to have her love. It could have been anyone, but she chose me.” I was lucky indeed, to receive her unconditional love, to be loved by her. I looked at Susannah, and I wondered, does she feel any familiarity when she was with me?

“You’ve cut your hair.”


“Not that I don’t find this look beautiful, but I’m going to miss your beautiful blond hair.” Even if her hair was cut short, I wanted to run my fingers through it like I used to.

“It was time for a change, it’s really tedious having long hair sometimes, besides it’ll grow back eventually. I just wanted to experiment, maybe look a little more sophisticated…instead of looking like Eric bait.” She teased.

“You still look like Eric bait even without the blond hair, lover.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She laughed.

“But, you know, sometimes change is good. A caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly, and then it flaps its wings, off to see the world. Perhaps for you, this change will be to your benefit.”

I decided to part on those words. I placed a kiss on her cheek, and I took off for the night.

Change, change is good. I had a feeling that things would begin to unfold. I looked forward to my meeting with the witch.

I ended up listening to Gloriana while writing this chapter. Lol, it just wrote itself afterwards. Eric seems really determined to restore her memories, the only reason he won’t rip Godric a new one is because of the respect and love he has for him.

4 responses to “Chapter 6

  1. Ah…hopefully Octavia will hold the key to unlocking this charm/curse. And…can we have more Compton punishment please? Let Sookie/Susanna and Pam “love on him” a bit in the Fangtasia basement! Pat

  2. The memory of Eric and her hair was fun. I’m glad he was nice about it. I wonder if Susanna was jealous of the way he talked about Aisline, I wonder him to yell it’s you.

  3. You write these interactions between Susannah and Eric so beautifully. Nice change re the hair too. One less thing to worry about when hunting Supes.

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