Chapter 7

Hello my lovelies! I come to you with an update! I also realized that the previous chapter is not on my wordpress and to all my wordpress people I deeply apologize, I didn’t realize I had done that, but that will be fixed soon, and this chapter will go along with the other one.

Also, like many others I too plan on writing my own fix for the TB ending. Which the only thing that made me happy was Bill finally getting staked, I savored that moment, just like when Sookie staked him in season 6, and I was frustrated because he didn’t turn into goo back then, and I was biting my nails thinking he wouldn’t turn into goo in the end but he did and I cheered and I took a shot in celebration and many more so I could stomach the ending.

Anyways, enjoy this next chapter! There are no E/S interactions this chapter but I will have a treat for you next time!

I do not own SVM/TB and you know etc etc all that stuff.


A part of me ached for him.

Somewhere deep down in the farthest corner of my heart, came my ache for Eric Northman. Any kind of touch, any kind of friction between the two of us gave me warmth and a sense of familiarity. I felt like maybe I knew him, my body recognized him, because whenever he was near all I wanted to do is be with him at all times.

He has been clouding my every thought.

It was so wrong to feel this way towards Eric, I knew it was. Yet at the same time it felt so right. There was just something about him that drew me to him. There was a fiery passion in his eyes every time he spoke with me, and there was love and longing. It made my heart do somersaults.

Even if I was able to be with him, it would end terribly. He was a pureblooded vampire, he was high in the supernatural hierarchy. It would be frowned upon if a hunter and a vampire would be together. We worked together, but we were natural enemies. We were frenemies, if you could call us that.

Usually I wasn’t the type of woman to care about what others thought, but in my case it all came down to duty, and honor. I took a vow when I took on the role of a Hunter, and I couldn’t break it.

This was all so confusing to me. Since meeting Eric, my life has been turned upside down. Every time I look at him I ache for him, every time I hear his voice I want to melt into his embrace.

I’m drawn to Eric, like a moth to a flame. There’s something there, but I can’t figure out exactly what it is. Everything is so familiar to me, as if these things between us had happened before. I just wish I knew. I couldn’t speak to anyone about this, Gran wouldn’t know, neither would Jason. Godric would most likely want me to stay away from Eric.

Even if I did stay away from Eric, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about him.


“Dear, you keep missing that target.”

I heard Gran say, she managed to snap me out of my thoughts. I was doing some target practice today, and I had missed the center, plenty of times. I sighed, and Gran placed her hand on my arm. I didn’t even realize she had come into the training room to check up me.

“You’re distracted, Susannah.” I nodded my head quietly. “Sorry, Gran. Won’t happen again.” Gran shook her head at me. “No dear that’s not it. Something is bothering you, care to tell me about it?” She always seemed to know when something was bothering me. I didn’t want to say that Eric was invading my thoughts these past few days, but what else could I say to her?

“Is it the shifter?” She asked, and I shook my head. “I would have had him neutered a long time ago Gran.” I laughed softly, and Gran laughed along with me. “I know it’s not him, the look in your eyes tells me otherwise.”

I was afraid to speak out, but I needed to let this off my chest.


“Eric?” She smiled knowingly and I was shocked. She knew, she knew something about me and Eric, or whatever was going on with me.

“I wish I could tell you to stay away from him, but that would be unfair. All I ask is for you to be level headed and calm. Don’t let your emotions out rule you. But I can see your attraction to him, just…be careful dear.”

“You’re not angry with me for that?” I was a bit shocked to see Gran be so accepting. She was one of the people who held our code in high regard.

“Why would I be? You can’t help it if you’re attracted to someone. That’s the way of life dear.”

Okay, definitely weird. I was not expecting that kind of reaction from my Gran, but then again we weren’t your typical normal Hunter family. Gran lived by a sort of different code. She always said that we must protect those who needed it, not just humans because humans could be just as deadly and vicious as Supes were, history has shown this time after time again. My family was not prejudice against the different races of Supes out there.

“Gran I don’t think Eric is interested in me.” I sighed, finally I shot the arrow and I managed to have it land a few inches away from the center. Eric Northman interested in me? A Human, a hunter at that! Sure I could sense the obvious sexual tension between us, but Eric loved his Aislin, and like him she was a vampire of pureblood. What could Eric ever benefit from being with me? I nearly scoffed at myself for even thinking of me and Eric together.

“Why not? You’re beautiful, talented and a fierce woman. Any man would be lucky to have you.”

“Gran, the thing is, It’s only a crush and besides Eric and I are business partners you know that. Anyways, ” I said with a wave of my hand. “Eric loves someone else, so I hardly think he has eyes for me.”

For some reason, saying that out loud hurt a little more than I thought it would. I loaded another arrow onto my crossbow and fired it, missing the center again. Gran didn’t say anything else, instead she patted my arm gently and smiled at me.

“One day, you’re going to find what you’ve been missing in your life, and when you do, I promise that you will be quite a force to be dealt with.”

For some reason, the conversation with Gran left me a little depressed. I don’t ever remember showing an interest in the opposite sex, but now that I did, my interests were Eric Northman.

Maybe, perhaps maybe once this stupid Bill Compton job is over I can finally cut ties with Eric, I won’t have to see him anymore and I won’t have to get all these strange feelings anymore. Even so, the thought of not seeing Eric anymore made my heart sink. I wish I was this Aislin he loved so much.


It was past sun down, the club was closed off and it was just me and my progeny here waiting for the witch to arrive. I have lived for a thousand years and waiting for the witch felt like an eternity to me. I wanted her to be here, right now; immediately. I was growing restless, Pam had brought me a bottle of Royalty blend, but the bottle was untouched.

Pam stood at my side, raising her eyebrow at me.

“Eric, you haven’t touched your bottled blood. Do you need a live donor? Blond maybe?” At the mere suggestion of drinking from someone that wasn’t the woman I loved made me growl at Pam. I knew she meant well, and I wasn’t going to deny that I drank from Donors previously in the years that I’ve been apart from Aislin, but never was it anything sexual. I ended up drinking from their wrists and usually glamoured them to believe that I fucked them.

Maybe once I tried to feed around, as Pam would say. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it, every time I tried I felt as if I was betraying her.

Pam rolled her eyes at me. “I was only trying to help, Master. Ever since you’ve found her you have been a mess, as the humans would say. Not that you were not before but I do worry. You are my maker, I’m supposed to worry, and you’re supposed to yell at me for doing stupid things.”

“I don’t yell Pam, I simply punish you by making you wear Walmart clothing, and cutting off your money and forcing you to donate some of your most prized collections.” I smirked.

If Vampires could faint, I could guarantee you that Pam would have at that instant. “You wouldn’t dare.” She said petting her jacket, that I believe was from the Alexander Mcqueen autumn/winter collection.

“Perhaps I would, my dearest Pamela,” Pam glared at me, she knew that I wasn’t lying, I knew she could tell I was speaking the truth from our child-maker bond.

In that moment, in our silly banter our heads turned towards the door, as the middle aged woman walked into my bar. She looked the same as she did seven years ago, Her black hair had streaks of white in it, her skin was dark, a bit wrinkled, but her dark eyes held a twinkle of joy and mischief. Octavia Fant, was always a joyous woman, mischievous when she was younger always pulling pranks on her fellow witches, she had always been wise beyond her years, eventually she became my most trusted witch, or a witch of the family you could say. I could trust her with the life of my family and my own.

“Northman, Miss Ravenscroft.” She bowed her head in respect, and I turned to Pam, giving her the signal to leave, which she did.

“Octavia, we are friends there is no need for formalities.”

“Yes of course.” She said with laughter, while pulling out a seat so she could sit down. “Tell me, Northman is the reason you summoned me because of the young lady Brigant?”

“How did you know?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

Octavia chuckled lightly. “Oh, Northman. Like you I have eyes and ears everywhere. I was told that you’d be calling for my assistance.”

My interest grew, and suddenly I was wary of the world. Did someone know about Aislin’s situation? Was she in danger? I could feel my hands gripping onto the arms of the chair, but I did not notice that I was ready to rip the chair arms off, until Octavia called me out on it.

“Calm down, Viking. I have a very trustworthy source of information, your secrets are safe.”

I calmed somewhat, but that did not make me feel at ease. “So, do you know why you’re here?” Octavia shook her head.

“All I know is that it’s related to her.”

Good, at least not all my information was out there. “Is there a spell to reverse the nature of a supe?”

“Reverse the nature of a Supe? Please, explain yourself.”

“What I mean is, if a Vampire such as myself has their true nature suppressed, making them completely human, is this reversible?” She seemed to catch on.

“You’re telling me that the young princess’ true nature was suppressed?” I nodded.

“Yes, and her memories along with it. For all she knows she’s a normal human being living a normal human life.” Octavia seemed lost in thought, but when she finally laid her eyes on me, she finally let out a sigh.

“I know of this spell, and it has been forbidden among the witches and it is not to be cast. The spell requires a sacrifice of sorts and since it is a very uncommon spell no one knows what the sacrifice really is, but when it’s used it is meant for greater harm than good. Which, I assume is exactly what the Lady Selene did, in order to suppress the princess’ nature.

You want to break the spell, but it’s all in the blood. Only blood of her blood can reverse this. This goes for all supes not just vampires. Godric needs to exchange blood with her, and the process will be like the transition of a human into a Vampire.”

Shit. That’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted good news, I wanted Octavia to tell me she could reverse the spell.

“So there is no other way.” I said, not in question but more or less resigning myself that I might never get her back.

“There is not.” She said. “But, do not lose hope Viking. All in due time.” She smiled. She seemed to know something, she was being cryptic like the old bat, the Pythoness. Oh, I just knew she was somehow in on this. She knew something, and this is how Octavia knew of what I wanted her here for.

“Well then, I see that I am no longer needed here. But, if I find something useful I will relay it to you, Viking.”

“Yes, that would be helpful, thank you Octavia.”

“It is nothing, you are a friend. I will always help friends in need.”

I watched as Octavia left. I’m glad I had her as a friend, at least someone was being helpful with me, unlike a stubborn two thousand year old Vampire that currently resided in Dallas. He had the power to bring her back, now all I needed to do was find a way to convince him to do so.

I know many of you are waiting for ‘Yours, mine, ours’ to be updated. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about that one, it’s one of my babies after all. I might have it up later during the week, and then I’ll switch again.

Quite honestly, my Eric can be ruthless, but will show a much…kinder side to those he deems worthy, there are very few who are worthy, very very few actually. As for Sookie regaining her memories, oh that will be quite the moment as well.

3 responses to “Chapter 7

  1. I hope she regains her memory soon. Intersting that gran was encouraging of Eric. I like that Sookie feel comfortable being near and with Eric.

  2. It would seem that keeping the truth from Susannah/Aislin is putting her at risk if the training session is any indication. How safe is a hunter who fails to hit her target?
    The truth is edging ever closer to being revealed. And good for that.

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