Chapter 9

“I can never get enough of you Aislin. You are the only one who is able to sate my thirst. Your blood is like the sweetest ambrosia that is given to the gods themselves.”

An image flashed into my mind, and I heard Eric’s voice.

I honestly thought my mind was playing tricks on me, so I ignored whatever strange thing just flashed into my mind.

Eric pulled away from my neck, he ran his tongue over the area where he had bitten, and when he looked up at me, there were bits of blood on his lips, and his fangs were still out. When I looked at him, the intensity in his eyes drew me back in. I brought his face down towards mine, and I gently licked the blood off of his lips. The metallic taste of blood did not disgust, in fact, I enjoyed the taste of my blood on his lips. I kissed Eric again, blood and fangs and all.

Vampires usually needed sex after feeding, but somehow this thing between us right now wasn’t anything sexual. In fact, our kisses were needy, we were desperate to feel the taste of each other’s lips, like long lost lovers meeting each other again.

I only pulled away from him because I needed to breath. I pressed my forehead against his, and stared directly into those beautiful eyes of his that reminded me of a stormy sea.

But suddenly, my insecurities started to kick in.

“Eric, this thing between us…you’re a vampire, and I’m a hunter.” I said to him. “I know how your world works, and I know that you’re not just any Vampire. I know that you’ll leave me eventually because it’s going to be expected of you.”

He opened his mouth to protest but I backed away from him, and placed my finger on his lips in order to silence him.

“Eric, see reason. Look at us, we’re locked in this room like a bunch of love stricken teenagers. Let’s look at this realistically. You’re a vampire of pure blood, you’re expected to continue your blood line, I know how sacred children are to your kind, and I can’t do that for you.”

I didn’t know where all of this had come from, but I’m pretty sure this doubt was buried deep down in my heart. No matter how I looked at it, this thing between Eric and I was going to hurt so much and now I wasn’t so confident about this whole thing between us.

“Susannah, the world of vampires no longer cares for what I do, or what the rest of us do. The Authority has put a leash around us, keeping us watched as if we were animals. They fear us, yet they want to control us. But if we wanted we could overthrow them, they have no say in who I give my affection to, nor do they have a say in who I fall in love with.”

Maybe I was being ridiculous, and I knew Eric could do whatever he wanted, but I couldn’t help it, the doubt was still there.

“But what if I fall in love with you; and then you leave me Eric, what then? I am telling you right now that we can try this out, but eventually I will fall for you and I…” I don’t want to lose you  were the words that I stopped myself from saying out loud. I think that I was slowly  falling for Eric.

“And, I’ve never given my trust to anyone else outside my family.”

“Susannah, “ Eric pressed a kiss to my forehead. “There’s a saying that humans have—yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future but today is a gift—that’s why it’s called the present. Susannah, don’t dwell on what tomorrow may bring, live in the moment. I understand your fears, but for now let us enjoy each other and then we will worry when the time truly comes.”

“But—“ I was about to protest but Eric silenced me with another kiss. Not that I was complaining, I was very welcoming with the kiss. To my dismay, Eric pulled back and he stood up; he offered me a hand and pulled me off of the ground as well.

“You’ve wrinkled your dress, Pam won’t be happy.”

“Pam can suck it.” I said sticking my tongue out.

“I’m sure she would be very willing to ‘suck it’.” He said with a glint of mischievousness in his eyes. Of course I knew Pam would twist my words around if I told her that. Eric already did.

“Mind in the gutter.” I said. “Of course she would,  too bad maybe you won’t,” I childishly stuck my tongue back out at him.

“Perhaps I will, I can always issue a nice makers command, and Pam wouldn’t even get close to you.” I could hear the playfulness in his voice, but I could also understand the possessiveness those words came with. I should have been angry at him for saying that about Pam. I liked Pam, but I also understood that he was a vampire. My world and his were different in certain ways—maybe not so much. If my brother broke one of our codes there would be consequences. I may not like the consequences but I would have to deal with it. I was raised in this world, just like Eric was raised in his.

When I really thought about it, we weren’t so different after all. Our worlds—are basically the same. The Hunters lived among the Supernatural world, and many of us came from certain bloodlines that were ‘other’. No matter how diluted the blood was, many hunters were born with gifts. Some weren’t, but regardless chose to enter this world.  Our rights and wrongs were the same as the Supes. We understood blood offences because the blood was sacred to us as well. I suppose we were some strange kind of Supernatural creature when you looked at it. We were feared because, aside from the Council we were the next authority. Our own Elders held seat in the High Council of Supernaturals. Our main goal was simple though; we aimed to establish peace between the races including humans.

Looking back at Eric’s comment I only rolled my eyes at him. “Highhanded bastard,” I mumbled, and he laughed. “Always,” He said proudly.

“And to answer that question of yours, you are my lover. I am yours, and you are mine.”

His response had caught me off guard. Lovers, that pretty sounded romantic, and I wasn’t really a romantic person. That word could sound weird to another, but hearing him call me that gave me a weird fluttery feeling in my stomach. I loved it, I loved the idea of being his ‘lover’.

Before we left our little private room, both of us had to rearrange ourselves. Eric had fixed his hair, I had to go and touch up and reapply lipstick; and make sure that there was no blood on my dress. To my surprise there was none. Eric had been awfully clean.

Well, guess eating properly applies to vampires as well.

We walked out of the room, with my arm wrapped linked with his. After what had happened in that room earlier, and the altercation with Bill, I was pretty certain Eric was not letting me go any time soon. Vampires were possessive and territorial, and while I may not like this side of Eric I would have to deal with it. It’s how it worked, it’s how it’s always worked.

Our moment of peace was completely shattered when a brunette female vampire appeared before us. The look of disdain she gave me did not go past me either. Her eyes were on me, examining every little thing about me.

“Freyda.”  I had never met her, but if it  weren’t for Eric calling out her name, I wouldn’t have recognized her; and Eric’s friendly personality was gone. He did a complete 180 degree turn, and right next to me stood the powerful vampire I knew he was. The one I knew, that others should definitely fear.


Freyda was another well known vampire. She wasn’t so much pureblooded as Eric was, but her maker was.  Being the child of someone powerful gave a vampire enough status in this world, not as much as their maker, but they were respected enough. The only thing that these progeny would never be able to do is become the next head of their clan or family. That power alone was given to the actual born children of these vampires. But the females were able to marry in to another clan, but it was all political.

I also knew; from my colleagues, that Freyda was a pretty crazy bitch, and many were just waiting for her to slip up so they could put a cap in her ass.  Depending on how things go, I might just join that waiting list.

I considered giving Eric and Freyda some space. Their vampire business was not my own, but Eric wrapped his arm around me and kept me close to him.  I swear I could have seen smoke come out of Freyda’s head when Eric did that. I nearly snorted.

Mila Kunis as Freyda


“Eric, what a fine pleasure to see you—and it’s unheard of to bring your dinner along with you to a special event, it’s in bad form, dearest.”

“She is not dinner, she is my date.”

Freyda began to laugh. “Oh come on now Eric,  a pureblooded vampire on a date with a human? Simply unheard of!” She was getting on my nerves. After she had stopped laughing, she said “Oh, you’re serious? A pet then?” Eric growled when she said that, and now I was officially signed up on that waiting list to be able to put Freyda out of her misery when the time came.

“No, you’re misunderstanding, Freyda.” I said. “I’m his date, Eric is my lover. I am not a pet and I will never be a pet.” She got pretty pissed off.

“Eric control your pet.” She hissed.

Eric pulled me towards him and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. “She is not a pet Freyda, and you would do well to remember that.”

That pissed off the crazy brunette even more. “By law, you know you are to marry someone of equal status as you, not some lowly human.” She sneered.  “How insulting that she is the reason that you’ve been denying my marriage proposals.”

“And you insult me by interrupting our date.” Eric said, seemingly calm but for some reason I got the feeling that he was controlling himself from ripping her head off.

They both were controlling themselves. I had the feeling that Freyda wanted to rip my head off but she wouldn’t do it because this entire place was being watched by Hunters, and the minute anything happened the Hunters would take action against both Eric and Freyda.

“And you insult every single vampire here by choosing a bloodbag over your own kind.”

“Freyda, you would do best to watch your mouth.” Eric growled.

“I speak only the truth and you know it. But no matter, sooner or later you will come to your senses.”



I’m glad that the years have taught me so much control over myself, otherwise Freyda would have been dead and I would have been trapped in a coffin for god knows how many years.

The reason I had disappeared for a long time was because I was growing weary of this world, my world obviously. Before I had met Aislin I had no other purpose to live for other than my progeny. After I had created Pam, a century went by in the blink of an eye, but by then I was finding myself growing tired of this world. That is, until Selene had decided to set me up with her daughter. I had given up hope on restoring my family name, but Selene being the meddlesome woman that she was, came to me with an ultimatum, and I accepted so long as she promised to keep herself safe.

I’ve been declining marriage proposals for as long as I can remember, and Freyda was one of the more persistent ones that wouldn’t leave me alone.  She still won’t stop in her pursuit to get me to agree to a marriage with her.

I heard Susannah breathe a sigh of relief once Freyda was gone.

“Crazy bitch.” I heard her say, and I laughed lightly at her reaction.

She truly was a crazy bitch, as Susannah had said.

“I apologize for that and I promise you I have no intentions to marry her.”

“You don’t have to apologize for that, her head is like a bag full of cats, it’s full of crazy.” She smiled. “And Eric, I trust you. We already spoke about this, and I’m just going to enjoy my time with you and I’m not letting that lunatic ruin it for me.”

“Thank you,” I said pressing a kiss to her forehead.

I loved Susannah’s optimism. But I wasn’t going to allow Freyda to ruin my night. Even if this party was directed at the wealthy and powerful, I still refused to let others ruin my time with Susannah for me. She came here as my date, and I wasn’t going to let Bill nor Freyda get to me.

Remembering my conversation with Susannah earlier, I also realized that I wasn’t going to let some shitty council dictate my life, and whom I fell in love with. If I wanted to marry a human, then that would be my own problem, besides Susannah was more than worthy. She was my betrothed and the daughter of the Brigants.

It was I who should be unworthy of her, but here she was; choosing me again like she had years ago.

Her mind may no longer know me, but her heart body and soul did. If I couldn’t get her memories back, then I would most certainly have her fall in love with me all over again, and there would be no one to take her from me then.

Tonight just proved to me that I needed to fight for her, I needed to keep her at my side. Having Freyda appear reminded me of the conversation Susannah and I had earlier. Her biggest fear was that I would leave her for another, not because I would want to; but because it would be out of duty and obligation to my family name and it would be forced upon me by the Authority.

If Freyda did go running her mouth at them, I would be expecting a summons to reprimand my behavior, and then they would begin their search for a bride. Freyda would be on the top of that list. I have no doubt in my mind that they would try and choose Freyda for me.

None of us liked the Authority. But to ease their fears of being dominated by more powerful beings we gave them power.  They feared us, so they thought that controlling us was better. They liked keeping us like caged lions. We were beautiful to look at, they wanted to be us; they wanted to be powerful and deadly just like us, but because of that very same fear we were also shackled to their laws.

The current Aislin, or Susannah is from a family of powerful Hunters.  The Hunters and the Authority would be very against this blossoming relationship of ours, and they would try to do everything in their power to keep us apart because of who we were. The supposed child of the Hale clan, and then there was me, the thousand year old pureblooded vampire.

But if we managed to get her memories back, she would be herself again; and therefore a Brigant. With her name and power restored there would be no one to deny her as mine, as the woman who will spend eternity with me; and if fate would allow it, perhaps the mother of my children as well.

“Eric,” She said softly, snapping me out of my own thoughts.

“Yes, Susannah?”

“I think it’s time I went home for the night. I think you exhausted me earlier.”  She said with a smirk.

“Oh, you’re playing with fire.” I whispered in her ear. “When I truly exhaust you, you will be completely immobile, and glistening with—“ She covered my mouth.

“Alright that’s enough fun for one night.” There was a cute blush on her face, yet she played her embarrassment off with light laughter.

“Anyways,” She ceased her laughter. “The clock has struck 12, that means the magic is over, and this Princess needs to go home.”

“I assume Cinderella is your favorite princess?” That certainly did surprise her. “How did you know?” I shrugged and said. “Lucky guess, I suppose.” Which in truth, this was Aislin’s favorite fairytale.

“The only difference from Cinderella is that I had an awesome make out session with my prince charming tonight.”

“Yes and the other difference is that Prince Charming is going to seduce Cinderella the next time they meet.”

“We’ll see who seduces who, cowboy.”

Before she turned to leave, I growled and got a hold of her; giving her one last kiss of the night.

“All that aside, allow me to escort you,” But before she could protest, I said “I don’t trust Freyda, and Bill might come around again. For all we know they could be together, slim chance but a possibility, and you are undercover. We cannot risk that—I promised to protect you.”

She took a deep breath, and she hesitated; but she nodded her head.

“Usually Cinderella runs away, but fuck the tradition.” She laughed lightly, and I was relieved that she would allow me the honor of escorting her home.

I hoped our relationship would continue to blossom, I realized that even without her memories, she was still the same, and I didn’t love her any less.  I hoped that one day she would come to love me as she once did, once upon a time.

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  1. I love how you have integrated the characters from canon with your own wonderfully original ideas in this story. Susannah and Eric together are just lovely and you have captured the true natures of Beehl and Freyda perfectly. I look forward to those two buffoons meeting a painful and lingering end.

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