I stood before the glass coffin that contained Selene inside. I don’t know what I was waiting for, I knew she would never open her eyes, and if she did by some miracle it would be years from now millenia even. My greatest wish was for her to open her eyes, one last time at least. Every few days I would come down here, and change the withered flowers and leave a fresh new one.

Today was no different.

“Still as beautiful as ever.”

When I heard that voice I swiftly turned to face my new visitor, the former head of our line.

“M’lady.” I kneeled before her in respect. She was not only the former family head, but she was a part of the super natural council. The supernatural world knew her as the Ancient Pythoness, the woman was known as an oracle; she had the power of sight and mind control, this was her special gift and it made her revered among the supernatural world. Though to me, she was just my great grandmother.

Jana Kramer as the Ancient Pythoness

“Rise child, we are in the comfort of your home.”

“Great grandmother.” I said raising myself up. “If I had known you would come by for a visit, then I would have made preparations.”

“I do not need them, I came here for a short visit, Godric.” She said, her gaze landing on Selene. “I have not seen her since before the great reveal.” She took her gaze off of Selene and then turned to me and she smiled.

“She tried to have children many times before, but she had miscarriages, many many times. Truly a sad thing for the females of our kind,” My grandmother sighed. “Two thousand years later and she was finally able to conceive a child,”

“Aislin,” I said.

“Yes, young Aislin.”She sighed. “That’s exactly why I’m here today. To talk to you about Aislin. Godric, you do realize that the spell Selene used wasn’t going to last long, right?” No, that I did not know. I had assumed the spell was going to last, until I decided to remove it. Careless on my part, I should have done my research.

“If you don’t lift that seal, then I’m afraid the worst will happen to that child. She needs to be awoken with vampire blood, and not just any type of blood. It must be ours, from our bloodline. Yours to be exact, if she awakens without our blood then the results will be disastrous.”

That’s all the confirmation I needed. It looked like my debate on whether to return Aislin to our side or not, had ended tonight. Thanks to Grandmother.

“You need to go to her as soon as possible, dearest grandchild. You need to lift the seal, otherwise I’m afraid that it won’t bode well for her. ”

“I was hoping you’d say no to that.” I sighed. “I was planning on lifting the seal, but at the same time I felt like I was betraying them, they sacrificed so much, just so Aislin could live a happy life, away from all of this mess. She doesn’t belong in our world.”

“You wanted me to stop you.”It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Selene wanted her child to live away from this mess, a normal human life.”

“She did.” She agreed. “But she also knew that her spell was temporary. They trusted that you would know what to do, Godric. It seems that they were right.”

I didn’t want to betray their trust either. Both my brother and Selene had trusted me with Aislin. Awakening my niece seemed like the right thing to do. No, I knew it was the right thing to do.

“I’ll do it then, I will lift the seal.”

“I’m glad you decided then. Which is good. I have other news for you.” She paused. “When you unseal her memories there will be a time where you must take her away. She needs to readjust herself with this life—you must keep her away from Northman until the time is right. Trust me on this, and do not question me. You will understand soon.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose and gave a very human like sigh. Eric was one of the reasons I was breaking that seal. I forgot that Grandmother never visits without reason. I should have known something was up.

“Eric will be angry with me. He has every right to see her, grandmother.”

“And he will, when the time is right.”

I sighed again. “You wont tell me what’s really going on, will you?”

She smiled and shook her head. “You will also learn when the time is right.”

Of course, she had to be vague like always. Her words didn’t put me at ease, they made me even more worried.

After my grandmother had left, all that I had left to do was arrange my trip to Shreveport. Eric and Pamela would not know I was arriving and neither would Susannah. I was going to tell Adele to let her know of my plans once I had gotten there of course. She was the only other person that knew about Aislin, besides Eric. My brother and his wife had trusted her with their daughter’s human life, just as they had trusted me.

I only hope that Eric would come to understand everything that was going to happen.

Which I had a doubt that he would, I know that he had the urge to kill me, but the only reason that he held back is because he considered me his family. If we weren’t family to Eric I’m pretty sure we would have been killed by now. I know I told Eric to stay away from Susannah, but he won’t listen to me. I know that he’s trying to find ways to bring her back, I had gotten a call from Octavia not too long ago regarding that spell taking hold of Aislin, and I knew it was Eric’s doing.

I also knew that he was Susannah’s date to that gala they went to. I was invited but I chose not to attend. I have not attended any galas in at least two centuries. I detested them.

Now that I was bringing Aislin back, I would have to host one myself to reintroduce her back to our society. That wasn’t the difficult part though. The council would know of her, and that’s what I dreaded most.

Maybe it was too soon to think about that.

I needed to find a place for us for the time being.

Ireland seemed like a good place. It was where she was born, our ancestral home. The estate was large and secluded, and away from civilization, which would be a perfect way to hide Aislin until it was time for her to reveal herself. She needed to learn how to be a vampire again and this was perfect.


Aislin, I’m so sorry my little one, but I promise that when you wake up, everything is going to be okay again.”

A dream, like the vision I had the night I gave Eric my blood. I didn’t know what it meant then, and now I was more confused then ever. I was even more confused when I opened my eyes and realized I wasn’t in my bedroom, or my own home.

The last thing I remember is Eric coming to my rescue when Beehl was trying to make me drink his blood. I cringed in disgust at the memory. His blood tasted so metallic, worse than human blood. I heard vampire blood was supposed to taste like heaven but Bill Compton’s blood wasn’t tasty or heaven it was worse than hell itself.

I was going to make a call to my client. I needed permission to put a cap on his ass because, how dare he try and force blood down my throat!

“It seems the princess woke up without a kiss from the prince.” I looked up to see Eric standing in the doorway.

“Then I’ll go back to sleep so Prince Charming can wake me up with true love’s kiss.” I teased back.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, suddenly serious.

“I feel like the energizer bunny, to be quite honest. I feel great. ” Then I frowned realizing that maybe even a tiny smidge of Bill’s blood could have been a factor into making me heal so fast.

“I had Doctor Ludwig take a look at you. No matter how hard you tried to resist drinking Bill’s blood, just a tiny bit could have made it into your system, so just in case, I gave you a tiny bit of mine. It had to be done. I’m sorry, but I realized you would prefer my blood over Bill’s.”

I was totally against taking any kind of blood. Somehow, I felt better knowing Eric’s blood was running through my system. It would hopefully override Bill’s. I also remembered that I wasn’t supposed to take Eric’s blood, but oops. Better him than Bill.

“Highanded bastard.” I teased again, and he grinned at me. But then his face was serious again.

“Are you sure you will be alright? Do you need me to call your grandmother to tell her what happened?” I shook my head. “No, Gran knows that he’s my target. While she will be really worried about me, she’ll make me train extra hard to boost my senses, so something like that won’t ever happen again. If my brother Jason doesn’t marry, I’ll be the next family head, the matriarch of the family. I have to be strong. What happened yesterday was a moment of weakness and it’s shown me that I’ve been slacking lately. It won’t happen again.”

It definitely wouldn’t happen again. I realized that I’ve let my guard down too much in the last few days, and that’s really frowned upon on a hunter like myself.

“You haven’t been slacking, remember you are human. Don’t push yourself so hard, lover.”

“I wish I was a vampire like you. Mortality sucks ass.” A sad look crossed Eric’s face when I said that, and I didn’t understand why he would be sad. Was it because I was human? I knew my relationship with him would never last. He was eternal and I wasn’t. He needed a woman that would continue his blood line and I wasn’t that woman. I would never be that woman.

For a brief moment though, I found myself wishing to be that one woman. I wanted to be the woman that would someday give him a child. I know he was the last remaining member of his bloodline, and I wanted to help him rebuild his family name. The idea of having a family with Eric, made me realize that Eric was the one for me, yet it could never be between us.

I wasn’t going to say anything. I needed just one to live in this fantasy world because I was never going to feel this way about another , the way I felt for Eric.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, obviously sensing my mood since he had my blood once.

I shook my head. “Nothing, just pissed off at myself.” Not a complete lie,

I would only do it if it was Eric the one to offer me the choice. No one else but him, not even Godric.

But I also didn’t want to dwell on those thoughts. I know that if an offer of marriage came to him, he would take it. He would need to take it. Duty first, is what I was taught growing up. One must always hold their duties to their family first, before anything else. The rules applied to pureblooded creatures like Eric, and any supernatural of a high status.

As for me? I was supposed to marry into a well-known hunter’s clan, and Jason was supposed to marry another hunter.

This really sucked for me. I knew that in the future, Eric was going to have to leave me, or vice versa. My heart was going to break, but I didn’t want to stop anything that was going on between us. I wanted to live in the moment.

“Sussanah, You couldn’t have known that your car was going to suddenly stop working in the middle of the road. You realize that it’s no coincidence that it just so happened to break down, and that someone would attack you—and then Bill suddenly appearing like your knight in shining armor? ” He growled out the last part. Guess he was just as pissed as I was. Ah, but that growl did turn me on, and I pulled him down for a kiss. When I pulled away I grinned.

“Prince charming trumps knight in shining armor any time.”

And that kiss also erased any Bill germs I had left on my mouth. It was still gross that his lips were on mine trying to feed me blood. Call me childish for that way of thinking, but Bill? Yuck. I hope that the next time he tried to force blood on me, I would be able to stake his stupid ass.

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