Chapter 1

She took deep long breaths, she tried to control her breathing patterns, she tried to calm herself down, but she was in pain, the contractions were getting worse. She held her stomach, and she yelled out. All she felt was someone holding her hand, and only slightly did it make her feel better.

“Breath Sook, I’ve got ya.” It was Jason, he was the one holding her hand. But she didn’t want him here. She wanted Eric. She wanted Eric to hold her hand, and tell her to calm down. She wanted Eric to kiss her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

She had not seen him in over eight months.

Eight months.

That’s how long she had endured without him. Her beloved Viking, her warrior, her protector. Her mate.

She knew that Eric was hers the day she had laid eyes on him. Forget Bill, forget any other lover she has ever had in the past. Eric was the one, and he made her feel whole. He loved every part of her, and always cherished her. He never once stopped showing her how much he loved her.

These past few months have been so unbearable for her. Eric had left her, and Sookie was understanding in his choices. He even shut down the bond between them, otherwise they’d both die. Neither of them wanted to die, so this was the next choice. Pretending the other didn’t exist by shutting down the bond, and erradicating it thanks to Jesus and Lafayette. But it only made things worse.

But as much as she tried, Sookie failed sometimes to pretend Eric never existed.

Not when she found out she was carrying his child.

The day she had found out she was carrying Eric’s child, was both heartbreaking, and joyful at the same time. On one hand she was carrying her beloved’s child. His. This child was the fruit of their love, yet he wouldn’t be there to help her raise their child. Eric wouldn’t be there for anything.

Just like now, he wasn’t here with her, watching the birth of their child. Together, that’s what she wanted.

But Sookie couldn’t let him know that, because it would jeopardize her child, and Eric’s life. So Eric had no idea that he was able to give her a child.

Although she should cry, she was filled with some kind of inner rage.

“This is Eric’s fault!” She gasped, in between breaths, as she tried to push the baby out of her. Oh she wanted nothing more than to stake him right now, he’s the reason she was experiencing all of this pain. The baby was hard to push out, stubborn just like its father. Which only miffed her more.

“That stupid!-” she gasped “arrogant, high handed self centered jerk!” She managed to complete the sentence before letting out another agonizing scream. “When I get my hands on him!-”

If Eric hadn’t jumped at her every time he got the chance, she wouldn’t be in this situation. So of course in her moment of labor pain, she was placing all the blame on him.

“It’s his damn fault! If he wasn’t jumping me and tearing out my clothes every time he got the chance, I wouldn’t be here right now!”

“I’m going to fucking stake him!” She cried out, giving out one last push, as she squeezed her brother’s hand tightly. She could hear the wails, and cries of her child. Her baby, their baby.

At long last her baby was brought into the world, and Sookie laid her head back, she smiled. Her son was finally here, little Alrik was finally here, and she smiled to herself. She had a reason to go on living, and to smile once more.

She felt Jason press a kiss to her sweaty forehead. “Ya did good Sook. I have to get going now, but I promise I’ll be back, yeah?” She nodded, content.

“I want to hold my baby.” She said, raising her head up.

“You will do no such thing.”

Sookie jolted up, startled by the fact that it wasn’t Dr. Ludwig she was hearing, instead what she had heard was her grandfather’s voice.

“That’s my baby! My child, he is mine!”

“I will not tolerate such an abomination to walk freely! He will be the end of us all, and I will not chance an entire race of people, human and fae, because of a child! A child you decided to bear, instead of do away with!”

“No! Please! Please, don’t take him away from me, please! He’s all I have left, he’s the only reason I can keep on living, please don’t take him away please!” Sookie raised her hand up, with the intention of blasting her grandfather away, but she was restrained by Claude, and some other Fairy. She pulled and tugged away, she tried to get free.

“I’m sorry my dearest, but this is for your own good.”

She watched as Niall handed her child over to Claudine, and Sookie shook her head, she begged them, implored them not to take her child away from her. She did her best to fight her restraints, but to no avail. When she looked into Claudine’s eyes, she could see the sincere sorrow in them.

“No! Please, please, at least let me hold him! Let me see him just once! I want to see him, don’t do this please!” She was already in a weakened state, She had been exhausted from childbirth. The baby, being what it was, took so much energy from her, it was a wonder Sookie was able to fight, but she only had so much left, that at any given moment, she would collapse from exhaustion.

“Eric! Eric, where are you Eric I need you!” She sobbed, crying over and over again. She had lost so much, she had lost her parents, her beloved gran and she was able to pull through the pain. She had lost Eric, and she was only coping because she still had hope left. Her only hope was her son, and now that they were taking him from her, there would be nothing left to live for.

The agonizing screams were torture to Claudine. She was going to be a mother herself, and she wouldn’t bear it if someone took her newborn away from her, without even getting the chance to hold it. She looked at Sookie one last time. “I’m sorry dearest Cousin, I truly am.” She popped away with her child, and Sookie let out one more blood curling scream.


The moment she was gone, they all popped away, leaving Sookie, crying in agony.

For the first time in months, she tried searching for a bond that wasn’t there. She cried out Eric’s name, as if he would come in and save her like he always would. She needed him, and he was nowhere.

“Forgive me…Sookie.” Dr. Ludwig walked over to her bedside, and wrapped Sookie up in her arms. “I should have…” But Sookie cut her off. “No…he would have found us anyways.” She said with a trembling voice. “There was nothing to be done.” Her voice cracked once more, and she buried her face into the crook of Dr. Ludwig’s neck.

The smaller doctor had no way of relieving the pain Sookie was feeling, if she could give her medicine for this type of pain, she would have given it to her long ago. But it was futile. There is no greater pain than losing a child, and it is something that doesn’t heal so easily.

“He had his eyes.” She said softly to the Sookie. “Little tuft of blond hair that belonged to the two of you. He had strong lungs, and he was stubborn to get out into the world. Very attached to you, it seems. Just like a certain viking.”

That seemed to have stopped her crying, and Sookie looked up to Dr. Ludwig. “He was so tiny, so so tiny. I never even go to hold him, or to take a good look at him.” She said in between sobs. “Did he have all of his fingers? Was every body part in place? How big was he? Would he be just like Eric?” She shook her head.

“He was too tiny to go off on his own. All on his own without his mother, I need to go with him. He needs me wherever he is. I need to go to him”

“No, Sookie listen to me. You can’t think like that. You still have your older brother. What would he say?”

Of course not, she wasn’t thinking. But she had the right idea. She wanted to die, and follow her son into the afterlife. Her precious baby boy was far too tiny to be alone.

You need to rest Sookie.” Dr. Ludwig pulled away from her muttering a few words under her breath, and Sookie felt her eyes get heavy, she laid back on her pillow, closing her eyes. She drifted off into a deep sleep.

Dr. Ludwig picked up the phone.

“We have a situation.”

The past couple of months had been nothing but torture to him. He tried feeding from others, but he was repulsed by their taste. He tried bedding others, but even the thought of bedding other women repulsed him. Eric Northman didn’t know how long he could last without his beloved.

How long before he met the true death?

Felipe would surely bask in his blood, knowing that he was gone.

He’d always dream of her, and he’d hold her in his dream, right after they’d make love to each other. He’d hold her close to him, feeling the warmth of her beautiful body.

Eric missed, feeling her lips on him, the way she moaned his name while underneath him. He missed sleeping next to her, his blood called out to her, despite the fact the bond was gone. Sometimes, he’d even search for it, hoping that maybe it was still there. But it was not.

It was just another rest in which he would dream of her, but suddenly, he could hear her, and feel her. He felt her pain, and sorrow. He felt her agony, and he’d heard her crying for him. His beloved cried out his name in agony, she called for him to come to her aid, and he instantly woke up from his day rest.

He had just had a nightmare, the last time he had a nightmare was exactly 1000 years ago before he was turned.

His longing for his lover, was beginning to take a toll on him, and this nightmare was one way of making him leave everything, despite any consequence to go to her. The mind was a foul thing.

But Eric heard it again.

Eric! Please I need you, please.

No, don’t let them take him away from me, please let me hold him just once!

Eric please!

He heard her, and he was feeling her. Eric was hearing Sookie call for him for help, and there was no way to go to her. He felt her, there was a sudden rush of emotions that came to him, and he felt like he was being slapped by them. He felt sorrow, anger, so much pain that it was nearly suffocating him. He then finally, felt resolve, and the emotion that came after that was too much.

I have nothing else to live for. So let me follow him into the afterlife, I can’t live like this.

Panic overflowed him, and he had never felt so afraid in his life before. Sookie, his Sookie. His strong, fierce Valkyrie was giving up on life, and she was willing to die. He wouldn’t be able to live if she left this world, leaving him behind. He would meet the true death as soon as she did that.

Eric had never felt so helpless in his life.

What was he to do? He couldn’t think straight, he had no means to go to her from where he was. He couldn’t break his contract with Felipe De Castro. He couldn’t think, he had no idea what to do! Eric Northman finally felt an emotion he hadn’t felt in a millenia.


He felt so much fear, not for his life, but for Sookie.

Had Pam, not been watching her clearly? What had happened to the weres protecting her? What was happening in his absence that even his most trusted people were not able to protect what was his? Why hadn’t Pam called him?

Questions, and more questions surged in his mind, and it was frightening.

His phone rung, snapping him out of his thoughts, and he immediately answered.

“Master, are you well?” It was Pam, and she was worried for him. Obviously, he had not closed his bond with his child, so she felt everything he was feeling, in large doses, and of course, she had every reason to be scared and panic for him.

“Pam, where is Sookie?”


“Are you sure?”

“Of course, Dr. Ludwig is over there with her right now.” And then, Pam had opened her mouth, and said something she shouldn’t have said.

“What?” Pam bit her lip, unsure on how to answer. “She was feeling ill, that’s all.”

“And that’s Dr. Ludwig, she’s calling to report Sookie’s health, I’ll get back to you, later Eric.”

The line went dead, and Eric had every urge to throw his phone against the wall, but that wouldn’t solve anything.

For now, he would wait another hour or so, until Pam had gotten every bit of information out of Ludwig. He could always use the maker’s command on Pam to ensure his Sookie’s safety if it ever came to it.

Never had waiting an hour, felt like an eternity for him.

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