Chapter 2

“We have a situation.”

I cursed when Dr. Ludwig called; I knew that she was bringing me some shitty news. Some shit went down; otherwise I wouldn’t feel all that pain and anguish I was feeling from Eric.

“What?” I answered calmly, no trace of my panic in my voice even though, it was still there.

“I’ll meet you there.”

As soon as she said that, there was a loud pop behind me, and I turned around quickly, fangs bared and the little doctor told me to fuck off and retract my fangs. This, I of course did.

“The child was extremely healthy, but the Fae came in and took the child. With intentions of killing it. I’m pretty sure they already did.”

Something in me felt like it shattered. I was not a sentimental vampire. I loathed emotions, but being around Sookie, something changed in me. She was my favorite breather, and the fact that she could give my maker happiness, was all that mattered to me. I watched her for the past 9 months, as her belly grew, day by day. I even went all out, buying baby supplies for the new addition to the Northman family. I would sit with Sookie, and listen in on her bed time stories.

It vaguely reminded me of my childhood, something I never even thought about, but Sookie made it happen, and before I knew it I had decided to protect the two of them, not for my sake, but for her and my maker.

When Ludwig said that the child was no more, I really did feel like crying. This child was a part of my maker; his blood ran through its veins just as it did in mine. My maker had once said that his blood was one of greatness, and that child would be greatness just like his father. I felt so much inner pain and sorrow, yet my face remained the same on the outside.

“The problem is Sookie. She needs to be monitored. She was spouting nonsense about following her child to the afterlife.”

I thought about it for a second, if it was Eric losing me, I knew it would be unbearable for him. They say that the loss of a child is the most excruciating pain for a maker, and Sookie was technically a maker, just not a vampire. She made a child, so she was a maker in my books, the human way of course.

I had heard stories of Makers meeting the true death, once they lost a child. My eyes widened in shock, at the revelation of Sookie wanting to die.

Just like the stories I’ve heard of Makers meeting the true death when losing a child, Sookie was planning to die, to follow her child into the afterlife. I felt myself panic even more, and I tried to control myself, because I knew Eric would feel it and he would call and find out what was going on.

I looked at Ludwig.

“If we try to keep it from Eric, he’ll find out anyway. He’s my maker, and he could just command me to say it. We’ll try to keep it hidden as much as possible, because if we tell him, he’ll break his 100 year contract with Felipe, and he’ll meet true death in an instant, and Sookie would be in even worse danger. So for now, we keep it from him, but that doesn’t mean we won’t tell him. If we see that Sookie doesn’t get any better then…we must tell him, but we have to plan this out carefully.” I looked at Ludwig, and she agreed with me.

“We call Desmond Cataliades, and you of course Ludwig. I hate to say this, but you two are the only trustworthy ones around, maybe we can get someone Sookie trusts-her brother. But he’s an idiot so I’ll have to glamour him a bit. The shifter might work, but…ah yes…that mutt…what was his name again…oh yes, Herveaux.” Ludwig nodded.

“I’m not doing this for you, but for Sookie. I’ll keep watch on her, so once you contact Cataliades, call me. ”

She popped away. I hate when she does that.

I know Eric wanted me to call him back right after I was done with Ludwig. But, that was not going to happen. I turned my phone off, grabbed the spare one I had, for when I didn’t want Eric bothering me, and I switched over to that one instead.

Eric had no idea that I had a spare number. I could be just as sneaky as he was.

I dialed Desmond Cataliades, and he quickly answered.

“Cataliades speaking.”

“If you’re anywhere near Eric Northman, let me know right now.”

“I’m in Shreveport conducting some business, you can rest easily.”

“This is Pamela speaking; I am need of your services. This is also an emergency.” I was quick to the point, I was vague but I didn’t want to disclose too much over the phone. This was something that had to be discussed in person.

“How about tomorrow after sundown?”

How I wished he could have come here tonight, but he was a lawyer who worked with many supes in the country. I rolled my eyes, and nodded my head. “Good, I’ll be expecting you.”

My next order of business was to visit my favorite breather. Now, I wasn’t one to provide comfort to others, but inside of me, I wanted to make sure she would be okay. I was scared for the fairy. If she died then I didn’t know what I would do, because that would mean Eric would follow after her, and I couldn’t bear to lose either. I didn’t even want to think about it.

I was alone, so I did shed my own tears, and I sobbed quietly to myself in the office. I had no idea what to do, except call for help in other areas. I was in charge during Eric’s absence. My job was to protect Sookie and Eric. I knew he would be severely pissed at me if I didn’t tell him anything, but I really had no other choice.

Once I composed myself, I cleaned my face spotless, no signs of bloody tears anywhere. I looked at my face, applied light makeup and there were no signs of sadness there. I looked delicious as always.

Fangtasia was closed, which allowed me to leave for the night, to visit Sookie.

When I had arrived at Sookie’s home, the first thing I did was vamp myself up the stairs; in order to go check on her. To my relief, she was sound asleep.

The scent of fairies lingered in the air, along with a new scent, which I assumed was the child. I nearly had my fangs come down, but I left the room trying to compose myself.

I headed down to the nursery I had helped Sookie built, I found myself looking around the room, while spotting the new purchases I had brought in yesterday. I had gotten her an Armani baby boys sleeping nest. I had thought it would be quite useful.

I went all out these past few months with Sookie. After finding out she was going to have a boy, I went shopping the next day. Of course she wasn’t happy with my spending, and buying designer clothes, but she always accepted my gifts, which was basically an okay for me to buy more.

I felt a pang of guilt, and then I was sad again. I picked up the bag, which was right next to the baby’s crib, and I hid it so Sookie wouldn’t find it. There would be no child to occupy this room, and there would be no child to wear all the Armani, Versace, or Tommy Hilfiger I had gotten.

There was nothing.

Before I started bleeding from my eyes, I got up and vamped out of the room. I knew Sookie was okay, she was sleeping soundly, so that gave me some assurance, I was able to leave.

I would come back tomorrow, after my meeting with Cataliades.

I could hear the waves crash against the shore, the wind was as calm as ever, and I could feel the sun on my skin. It felt so warm, like the warmth I used to feel when Gran would hug me. I heard childish laughter, and I looked up to see where the laughter was coming from.

The beach was empty, it was just me. I guess I was alone.

Mommy!” I looked up to see a child headed in my direction. Blond hair, fair skin and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He seemed to be about 3 or 4 years old give or take. He ran towards me, giggling and smiling at me. When he finally reached me, he latched onto my leg and hid behind me.

Mommy! Hide me mommy, the big scary monster is gonna eat me!” He laughed again, and I couldn’t help but laugh with him.

Who’s a big scary monster?”

I froze when I heard his voice, and I turned around, I could hear the child’s squeal and delight.

Daddy you caught me!”

My heart soared with happiness when I saw Eric, he was here with me. With our son, and we were in the broad daylight. The night wasn’t separating us; we were here, together as a normal family. I felt like crying with joy, and I was filled with even more warmth, as I watched my two most beloved treasures.

But just as quickly, they began to fade away, and I tried to run after them, I didn’t want them to leave me behind. I don’t want to be left behind. My most precious treasures are the only reason I can go on living.

With a jolt, I woke up on the bed, my eyes were puffy and my head hurt. The sun came in, nearly blinding me, and I had tears in my eyes as well. The first thing I did was touch my stomach, it wasn’t as big as before, but there was a post baby bump there. I recalled last night’s events, and the very first thing I did was check the nursery, with high hopes that it was just all a bad dream. I really did hope it was.

But it wasn’t.

When I had arrived at the nursery, nothing had been touched. Everything was intact. I came up to the crib, still with a pint of hope that maybe my baby was sleeping soundly in there.

But he wasn’t.

Last night’s events were as real as ever. I fell down to my knees, and let myself cry again.

My baby, my son was gone. He was no longer here, and I let him die, I let him be killed. He died alone, without his mother there with him. I was his mother, I was supposed to be there every step of the way, even now, I wanted to die. My baby was gone, and passed on all by himself without me. I couldn’t protect what was mine, I failed my child.

“Eric, I really need you here with me, I can’t do this alone. Not anymore. I need you, Eric. I need you here, but you’re not here at all. I don’t know what to do. I failed to protect our son, our beautiful baby boy, I just…”

Every single fiber of my being mourned the loss of my child, but at the same time, I was filled with a need, a longing to be near Eric. I needed him; I needed Eric to be here with me. I wanted to find a safe haven in his arms.

But I knew that wasn’t possible. My Viking, my powerful Viking warrior, my king, my protector; I needed him here, maybe he wouldn’t be able to bring our child back, but I knew he would move heaven and earth to destroy those that have wrong us. He would do anything to ensure I was okay, to ensure my happiness, but right now…I was doubtful it would work.

I let myself cry even more, until I felt a sharp pain go through my body. I felt so suffocated, and my body felt like it was burning up. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to control my breathing. Suddenly, I found myself reliving the moments in which Eric and I broke our bond, images flashed through my mind and I felt like I was dying, but it didn’t stop there. I was reliving every moment of last night, the memories playing like a broken record.

“Please stop, just stop! No more stop please!” I screamed for help, and I didn’t ask for just anyone, I asked for Eric once more.

But he wouldn’t come, I was certain of that. So I let the pain take my body, no matter how many screams, I knew this was a losing battle, I could feel everything go dark around me, and that little light that I saw, I didn’t want to grasp it, so I just let the darkness take me over.

Was I dying? If so, then that was alright. I would see my gran, my parents and I would see my little Alrik, I would get to hold him in my arms this time.

Dying hurt, but it wasn’t all that bad.

Eric! Eric please, come to me I need you!

I heard Sookie’s cry of pain, and I felt it, I felt her pain and it pulled me from my day rest. I sat up on my bed, feeling Sookie once more. I was feeling her; I was feeling her anguish, all of it. I felt her call for me, and it took every fiber of my being not to go to her. It was day time, I could not go out.

I was filled with longing, a need to be near Sookie. I needed to take in her scent, to make sweet love to her, I needed to go to her, and make her feel cherished, to make all that pain go away.

She was calling to me, and that call was as strong as that of a child-maker call. It was so hard resisting this call, and the more I resisted, the more pain I received. Whomever had harmed her, would surely meet great death by my hands, and perhaps death is even too good to the person whom did my Sookie harm. I would make them pay; I would make sure of that.

I felt a sudden pain inside my chest, and suddenly images of my past ran through my mind; and they weren’t just any images, they were memories; memories of my time spent with my powerful Valkyrie, my lover, my beloved Sookie. With each memory, the pain intensified, until I passed out again.

I was faced with an dream of Sookie.

She stood there smiling at me, holding a small boy by the hand. I looked closer at the boy, was this Hunter, her other telepathic nephew? What had happened with her life in my absence? Sookie knelt down to the boy, and kissed his forehead gently. “I’m sorry Eric, but I need to leave.” She turned her gaze back at me. “He needs me; he’s too small to be all by himself. Please, I hope you understand, he’s all I have left.

My eyes widened and I reached a hand towards her, I had a premonition of what was going on in my own nightmare. Sookie was saying goodbye to me, she was leaving me. I tried to speak to her but no words came out of my mouth, I felt tears stream down my cheek, and when I wiped them off, they weren’t bloody. They were real salty tears.

Again I tried to speak to her, to reach out to her, but I couldn’t find my voice. So I tried to search through our bond, but it wasn’t there. It was void, empty, I felt so helpless, just like when my maker met his true death, but this felt so much worse.

When I had finally been able to speak, I spoke her name, yelled it as loud as I could. “Sookie! Come to me lover, please don’t do this!”

I’m sorry Eric, but I must go, goodbye.”

She disappeared, and that was when I finally opened my eyes. I sat up in my bed once more, taking in my surroundings. It had all been a dream, a nightmare. It wasn’t real.

But what was real, was the pain I had felt earlier, I remembered being in pain, I remember feeling Sookie’s pain but after that I don’t know what had happened to me. I attempted to call my progeny, but she wasn’t answering, it went straight to voicemail. I growled at this, she was ignoring my calls on purpose. This only intensified my suspicions, that something was truly wrong with Sookie.

There was a knock on the door; already I could smell the human scent, a donor. A donor was sent to me, and I opened the door, letting her in. She was a beautiful red head, but she would never compare to my Sookie. I didn’t want to feed, but I had no other choice. I had gone a month without feeding on anything but true blood.

I sunk my fangs into the woman’s wrist, taking in small amounts of her blood. I cringed at its taste, even true blood tasted far better than this.

When I was done feeding, the strangest thing happened.

I started to throw up the blood I had ingested. I coughed up all the blood I had taken from this woman; my body was rejecting her blood. The woman screamed, horrified at my new bloody appearance, and I flashed a fang at her, and glamoured her into forgetting what had just happened.

My body rejected this woman’s blood.

I cleaned myself up, and called in several donors, each with different blood types.

Everyone I had fed from, I ended throwing up the blood I had ingested. There was something going on with me, and I was not about to sit back and wait on it, I was not going to let anyone find out about it either.

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  1. I’m going to misquote Ben Stiller in Dodgeball: Nobody makes me cry my own tears! You made me cry in a good angst-y way. I trust you to make it all better later on. It’s a great story so far.

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