Chapter 4


I paced back and forth. I was a wreck, my nerves were on edge, and I had no idea what I was going to tell Eric.

Fangtasia was closed for the night. I swept the entire building for bugs of any sort, didn’t want any nosy Kings in on my conversation with Eric.

Thank god Bill and Jessica decided to high tail it out of here this past year. Felipe had sent the two of them on a mission of some sorts, something about a data base, I heard.

Thank god those two idiots were gone. I didn’t want them in on what was going on here with Sookie. I did not need either of them screwing things up for me.

I had increased security for Sookie these past few days. I had weres guarding her during the day, wards set up on the premises, and I had a witch conceal her scent to other vampires when she was pregnant. Her scent had gotten rather sweet when she was pregnant, and I needed to make sure she was okay.

I also had her take some of my blood for protection.

Desmond Catiliades also kept an eye on her when he could; he also sent some of his own contacts to ensure her safety.

The past couple of months had gone by smoothly, until all this.

If I could make a hole in the ground, from all this pacing, I would have one already.

What do I tell Eric?

Oh yes, by the way congratulations you have a mini me, but the faeries fucked us over.

Or maybe I could try this, give him a bag of diapers and baby stuff and relay the news then shatter whatever good mood he comes into and then have him go on a murderous rampage.

Because whatever I said regarding Sookie and Eric’s mini me, it would be disastrous, and all hell would break loose. I already had my money in a bag, and my car ready to drive myself away from here, should I be the first one Mr. Hulk would love to smash.

I almost smirked in amusement, imagining Eric transform into the Hulk. What a lovely sight that would be.

That thought alone had my mind off of my maker, but that did not mean I was any less worried about what I was going to say to him. I still had no idea what to say, and that was troublesome. I always had something to say, but this time I kept drawing blanks.

I felt him, I felt Eric arrive, and with a gust I heard the door to the office open.

I turned to look at my maker, and I closed the door.

Yes, just as I suspected my favorite Viking already looked like he was about to turn into the big green guy. His anger was more or less directed towards me for keeping him in the dark for these past few days, and he’s going to be in for quite the treat when I let the entire truth out.

“Eric, first off, I still don’t trust speaking in this office. I checked for bugs, but that doesn’t mean that any one can’t come in here trying to snoop around in our business.”

“I don’t care Pamela. Spit it out now.”

Ouch, touchy. I knew that tone in his voice meant someone was going to die. So I began to speak.

“I’ll start from the beginning then, but you might want to sit down for this one.” He glared at me, and gave me that look of warning that if I didn’t speak soon, he’d do more than burn down my Prada filled closet.

“When you and Sookie broke your bond, something happened, or was happening. That night was the last night you were with her, and you guys had good-bye sex. So a week or two later, she was starting to feel ill. We all thought it was from the loss of the bond, so she ignored it. But then she started to feel dizzy, she was throwing up in the mornings, and she even fainted once. So I had Ludwig come in and check up on her.

Surprise surprise, you will never know what was going on with her. It just so happened, that there was no post bonding sickness or whatever happens when you lose a bond with someone. She was pregnant.”

Eric POV

I let out a warning growl towards Pam.

“Do not test me Pam.”

“I am not.”

I could feel Pam’s anger and sorrow rise through our bond. I touched a sore spot.

Since when was she so close with Sookie?

“Eric.” She said with gritted teeth. “The child is yours. Sookie’s only lovers were you and that idiot Compton.” She seethed at me. I could see her digging her nails into her skin.

Since when had she become so overprotective? I must have missed something. Though I did not doubt Sookie either, she would never go behind my back. I even let out a growl at the thought of another man touching her.

I let it sink in though.

Sookie was carrying my child. I was a father to a child, and Sookie was the mother of my child.

And I left her on her own, vulnerable to anything. She was alone, when my job was to protect her and my child. But I felt angry again. Why was I kept in the dark about this? I had every right to know about everything that was going on with Sookie, and this was also my right. As I was the father of the child. I was beyond angry.

“Eric.” Pam said softly. Snapping me out of my thoughts. Obviously, she must have felt my anger. “When Sookie found out she was carrying your mini me. She specifically told me, that we couldn’t let you know of the child’s existence. It would be dangerous, too risky for anyone to know that the child she was carrying was a human/fairy vampire hybrid. So we had to keep you in the dark. She forbade me, and….I agreed with her. Felipe or any other Supe could not know that the child was yours. Only a select few were in on it.”

I understood the importance of keeping Sookie safe. Regardless, I still did not like being kept in the dark about my own child, and the mother of my child. Both were mine, and I still had a right to know, regardless. Right now, I could not let this little bit of knowledge hinder me, or whatever it was Pamela needed to say to me. So I managed to control myself and let her continue talking.

“So, Sookie’s pregnancy went by fast, without any trouble at all. She had the best guards available to her day and night, and I always checked up on her. She had also agreed to take my blood in case she was ever in any danger. I had wards in her home to ensure her safety, and even so, those that know she was pregnant, do not know that the child is yours. I only trust them to a certain degree. To make matters even better, Compton and his child were out of the area for the entirety of the year. Everything was perfect…”

“Too perfect.” She mumbled afterwards. I swelled with Pride at all the safety measures Pamela had taken. Proud of her for the way she handled Sookie’s safety, and that of our child. She did everything I would do, and for this I was proud of her. This I let her know.

Pam nodded at me, not showing any kind of smile, but she knew what I was feeling at the moment, no doubt she was happy about it, but the grim expression she had on her face made me worry even further.

“Eric, everything went so smoothly.” She said softly. “I went out, bought things for the child, helped Sookie decorate the nursery, I spoiled Sookie and the unborn child. Everything was different. I found a friend in Sookie, something I will never admit to anyone. She…suffered your loss, she yearned for you, but the child kept her mind off of you. The unborn child received all of her love. At night she would read old stories, and she would sing to the child. It was…a lovely sight to behold.” She said trailing off.

How I wish I could have been there. I imagined Sookie, how she would look, her belly swollen with the product of our love. I could see it, I could see her smiling at me, while she finished reading a children’s story to our unborn child. I imagined, placing kisses on her swollen belly. In her state, I would not let her out of my sight, I would provide for her, like my father would to my mother when she carried my sister. Shower her with gifts, worship her body like the goddess she was.

I was saddened by this, and then my sadness was replaced with rage, with anger. I owed it all to Felipe, if it weren’t for him, I would have been able to experience everything with my beloved. I would have been there with her; I would have been there to protect her, to provide for her. To be her everything. But the chance was taken from me.

I begin to feel myself, slowly lose control.

“Pam.” I said through gritted teeth, urging her to continue.

“Just this week…” She said with hesitation.

“She was finally able to give birth….but…she…” She hesitated again.

“…Eric, they took him. They took the child Eric.” She said trying to compose herself, but in an instant, I had her pinned against the wall, my anger getting the best of me. “WHAT?!” I roared with anger, and I felt Pamela, she wasn’t feeling fearful, on the contrary the emotions I was getting from her, was guilt, sorrow and more guilt.

Suddenly, her words came back to me.


Him, my child was a boy, I had a son. Sookie bore me a son. My moment of pride was short lived when I remembered my son was taken.

“Pamela, who took him?!” I said, holding her up against the wall. Baring my fangs at her. “The Faeries. They took him Eric!” She managed to let out.” But, Sookie is dying. If the child is gone, then Sookie wanted to follow him into the afterlife, she said that her little boy didn’t need to go by himself, she said that he needed her, and she would go to him. And here we are, Sookie hanging by a thread because of those damn faeries!” She hissed, baring fangs not at me. But at the thought of those faeries.

When Pam had told me everything, I was seeing red. I wanted to kill; I needed to kill those fucking faeries. For mere moments I experienced the joys, at the thought of being a father, to a son. My son, Sookie had given me a son, and just like that he was pulled away from her. I let out a loud roar in anger, and I began to thrash my office, throwing everything against the walls, destroying my desk and everything in the process.

Until it hit me.

Those dreams I was having of Sookie calling out to me, that pain I had felt from her, it was all real.

Sookie called for me and I didn’t go to her. Those dreams of Sookie dying, they were all real. Everything was real. I can still vividly remember her calling my name out in my dreams. I didn’t know how she did it, but she managed to call me, yet I was unavailable to go to her.

I was wasting time here at Fangtasia. Now that I had all the information I needed, I was going to go see my beloved. I didn’t care if Felipe would have people watching me, I would go to Sookie regardless. If they tried to interfere, then I would kill them.

The only thing that would quell the rage I felt inside of me was to kill everything in sight, and that included the fairies. I considered turning my emotions off, but I couldn’t do that. I needed to feel the pain I was feeling now; I needed to feel everything, to make my revenge more pleasurable.

“Pam, where is Sookie currently?”

“In her home, she is being looked after by Ludwig.”

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow night then.”

Before my child could even protest, I was out of there. I still had time left before dawn, so I would spend the night in my beloved’s home.

Upon my arrival, I vamped myself into her house, and up to the stairs to her bedroom. The one in which I had spent countless nights making love to her.

“You’re late Northman.” I ignored the old woman, and went straight to Sookie. I knelt down, watching her peaceful face. I could hear her breathing; I could also hear her heart beat. It was a low thrum sound, that wasn’t normal for a human, or any living creature for that matter. I caressed her face, pulling away stray strands of her beautiful blond hair.

“I am here now, my lover. You need to wake up.” I said, hoping that my voice would somehow reach her. I had no reaction from her. I frowned in disappointment, and attempted to call out to her once more.

“Lover, you must wake up now.” Again, nothing. Ludwig must have felt some sort of pity because she then said. “She won’t wake up so easily. We’ve tried everything. I am almost afraid of giving her your blood, but it’s the only thing that might work. Her condition has been somewhat stable, but her condition is something I have never seen before.”

“What if I give her my blood?” I said, my eyes never leaving Sookie. I held her hand in mine, her warmth calming me somewhat.

“We don’t know what the reaction will be. You will have to wait until I return. Give me three days; I need to run to an old colleague of mine. She might have the answers we need.” Ludwig sighed.

“You can’t stay there all day. Dawn is approaching. I’ve prepared a potion for you that you must take every six hours. I’m gonna lay it out for you, it tastes like shit. But it will allow you daylight hours, until I return with answers.”

“I will take anything, so long that it ensures me to stay by her side.”

“Good. I leave her in your care.” She said handing me the potion. “Don’t do anything stupid.” She said before popping away. I was in no mood to deal with her snark today, so I said nothing to her as she left.

With Ludwig out of the way, it was just me and my lover. I kissed her hand, focusing on the slow steady beat of her heart, and her breathing.

The thought of her dying frightened me. I was afraid for her, and for myself. If I died, I wouldn’t be able to live long. I would follow right after her. Because, a world without Sookie had no meaning to it. I wouldn’t be able to see her smile, laugh, cry or get angry at me. I would no longer be able to feel her touch, her kisses, and her warmth. That thought alone is what made me afraid, and if I lost that, then I would meet my true death. But, not without draining a few faeries first.

I would kill every last one of them, even if that meant starting a war.

No. The war had already started. They had declared war against me, the minute they laid their hands on my son. This was a war I intended to win.


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