Chapter 5

Eric POV

Pitter patter, pitter patter

The sounds of the rain got stronger. I had not seen sunlight since I had been here. It’s as if the sky was in mourning for my beloved Sookie.

I had spent the entire three days, staying by my beloved’s side. Never once leaving her, only except to drink some True Blood she had in her fridge. Even when I drank from it, I ignored its foul taste. I could drink bagged blood for sustenance, as it would not affect me the way it would, directly from the source; but, it tasted the same as a bottle of true blood did.

Three days had gone by, and those three days had felt like years to me, as I watched Sookie slowly breath in and out. I could tell she was still alive, I could hear the sound of her pulse, the blood running through her veins.

In these three days, her eyes had never opened. But I knew life was still inside her, and I knew she would soon wake up. My lover was a warrior, and I knew she would come back to me.

By now it was near noon time, and the potion Ludwig had given to me, had worked wonders. I owed that little troll all of my thanks, and many more.

During these days, I had drifted off, I had dreamt of Sookie carrying my son in her arms, holding him up to her breast, nurturing him while she hummed to him. Smiling at our child, and filling him with the same love, she would fill me with. But that dream was always short lived, when reality hit me like a stake to the heart. The despair I was feeling now was the same, if not worse than the despair I felt at losing Godric.

I felt like Sookie was my only anchor I had left to my humanity. If she left, then the beast laying dormant inside me would surely break free, and all hell would break loose. I still didn’t want to lose hope, but just in case, I would meet the sun in an instant.

The room was dark, the rain kept pouring down, and Ludwig still hadn’t come by. I was anxious, I needed to know if I could give Sookie my blood. I needed something that would guarantee her life.

I was a vampire, I was supposed to be patient. I had many years that I waited on things, because the years would go by so quickly. But here I was, feeling as if time had ceased, and the day dragged on, making it seem eternal.

With a loud popping noise, the little troll had popped in. I raised my head up, nodding; acknowledging her presence.

“I have news. Good and bad. What do you want first.”

“Whichever one.” I said, my voice sounding so strained, and tired.

“Good news first, your blood will not harm her, it will give her the sustenance she needs, and she can last a little longer.” Thank the gods for that. I hadn’t given Sookie my blood, in fear that it would do something bad to her.

“Now the bad. According to my sources, the magical coma that the princess is in, is normally caused by high amounts of stress, or if the fae has been inflicted with wounds, that could have nearly killed them. Sookie is a special case, I’d say that the pain she experienced was from losing the child.” She then continued. ” This magical coma, takes them into a dream like world, where their reality is their hearts desire. It is a means of escape from life, not because they gave up, but because the pain they feel is far too much. This dream world, actually allows the Fae to heal…but..

The more time they spend in that dream world, they begin to lose their selves. If they go in deep enough, then the chances are, that they will lose their life. Blood will not get her out of that. In order to get her out, you must go into her dream world and pull her out, and according to my calculations, she does not have long enough.”

I couldn’t let her die. I was frightened to say the least, and I had shut down my side of the bond so Pam would not feel it. I closed my eyes, trying to avoid any tears.

“How do I go into her head?”

“That is where your blood comes into effect. There will be a mutual blood exchange between the two of you, creating a small blood bond. There is a spell to do this, and I have contacted the witch, she should be here at any moment. The blood bond and the spell go hand in hand. Since you will be able to feel Sookie once more, then the spell will allow you to dig deep into her dream world. From there, you must work your way out. ”

There was a chance for her to come back to me. There was a chance for her to come back to me, and together we would seek vengeance, on those who took our son from us.

There was another popping sound, and I had my fangs bared, smelling the sweet scent of FAIRY. How I had hoped there would be one for me to drain as revenge against the Prince Brigant, but before I even had a chance to move against her, she deflected me.

“Down fangs. Your intent to drain me is quite endearing, but I am here to preform the spell.” I growled at her, I stood in front of Sookie’s resting area protectively, I still had not retracted my fangs. I didn’t trust her. I didn’t trust anything that was related to the Fae.

“Pipe down fangs.” She snapped. “If you don’t want me to preform the spell than I can leave. I will expect my payment by the end of the night, have Ludwig deliver it…-”

“What do you have to do?”

“First of all, you will do the blood exchange.”

I disliked being ordered around, but for Sookie, I was willing to try anything. I tore at my wrist, and seeing as Sookie was unable to drink anything, I had my own blood in my mouth, and I gave her mouth to mouth, I gently massaged her throat, allowing her to swallow it. When that was done, I could feel her again. Faintly, but I could feel her. How I missed, feeling her, even if it was just a bit.

I took her wrist into my mouth, slowly licked at it, and then I pierced in with my fangs. I only took a small amount. The first blood exchange meant so much. I could feel her a little more clearly, and were she awake, she would feel me as well.

I gave Ludwig, and the witch a nod.

“By the way, my name is Jamie. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Northman, I’d like to let you know, that I have set up wards around the house. Should dawn come, you are safe from the sun. There will be no sunlight coming in through here. My wards will also protect us from intruders. Only those within this room are able to extend invitations to outsiders, and that includes humans as well. This is a very delicate spell, and I don’t know how long it will take, but our priority is Ms. Stackhouse over there. I’m not sure how deep into her dream world she is, but we must get her out.

Do not frighten her, as you will push her further away. Be gentle, and most of all. Beware, she might have forgotten anything about the real world. Good luck.”

Pleased that the witch had placed wards around the house, I laid beside Sookie. Taking her hand into mind, I sought comfort in her warmth. I closed my eyes, trying to relax myself in the sound of her breathing and her slow heartbeat.

The witch had set up candles in the room, and I saw her drawing some magic circles around us. I could hear the chanting, and the flames on the candles, grew brighter. Suddenly the room went dark.

It was pitch dark, and I could no longer feel Sookie’s hand in mine, nor could I hear her any longer. I had extraordinary night vision, but even then my night vision was unable to help me see in this darkness. I was on my own, and I was no longer laying down in a bed. I walked along the darkness until I found a faint light in the long distance, and so I followed the trail, until I got closer, the light was getting larger. Pretty soon, I found myself enveloped in the light.

Sookie POV

I found myself humming a random tune. My toes were dug in the sand, and my hands were occupied with making a forget-me-not flower crown. For the time that I was here, I found myself wanting to be near the ocean, the scent was so soothing.

The boy that was with me had disappeared, and would only appear when I called out to him. But regardless, his presence was always so soothing, and even if he wasn’t here with me; I could still feel him.

Being alone here, hadn’t bothered me at all. In fact, I found it really pleasant. But regardless, I felt this feeling, like it was burning at me; in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t help but think that something was missing. I was missing something.

I felt a shiver go down my spine, and then I felt a longing. I was filled with longing, grief and so much love. But these feelings were not my own. The first thing that came to my mind were those lonely blue eyes that I had thought to have forgotten a while ago. But they were coming back to haunt me. I shut my eyes, inhaling the mixed scents of both winter and the ocean.

“The tides are changing.” The boy appeared again, and he spoke to me, gently caressing my cheek. I leaned into his touch, trying to find comfort in it.

“Do you wish to go?” He spoke to me, and I hesitated for minute there. “Is it him?” I asked.

“Is it the person I can’t remember?” I only got a nod in response. I only thought of the deep blue eyes from my memories, every time those strange feelings came to me. Feelings that were not my own. I wanted to know more, but I was scared. What if I had chosen to forget that person? Was this person the one that caused me all the pain and grief I had chosen to forget?

I don’t know how, but I felt the presence of the one whom I had forgotten. I felt the person getting nearer, and nearer. The distance between us closing.

“I want to meet that person.” I said out loud to the boy.

“Then he will come to you.” As soon as he said that, he disappeared. I felt another shiver go down my spine. I tried my best to ignore it. I had a flower crown to finish after all, couldn’t leave it unfinished.

I tried my best to concentrate, I began to hum another tune.

But no matter what I tried, there was those same eyes staring right back at me. The despair and longing I felt in my heart grew bigger. It became one with the other person’s feelings inside me, and I trembled even more, but I tried to keep my concentration up. I had a flower crown to finish after all.

At one point I could have sworn I felt this person standing behind me, making me feel even more anxious. I was frustrated, I threw the flower crown on the sand, and I stood up. Only to find that this person wasn’t there yet.

I was beginning to grow frustrated with myself.


Behind me.

He was behind me.

I turned around, and I found myself staring at those beautiful blue eyes from my memories.

“Who are you?” I said, brushing off the strands of hair that fell unto his face. He didn’t pull away from me, he was relishing in my touch. I could see the love and adoration in his eyes. It made my heart ache for him.

“Lover, it’s me.” His voice was so soothing, it was alluring. It frightened me, the sound of his voice felt like a gentle touch; a familiar one that left me with longing. Frightened I retracted my hands away from his face, and I pulled away.

“I’m sorry. ” I stumbled on my own words, and apologized to him. I looked down, trying to escape his eyes. I felt like they were burning into me, seeing everything. I felt so vulnerable, so bare and naked against him.

“Who are you?” I said, my voice barely audible.

“You don’t remember me?”

Eric POV

Once I had made it out into the open, I could smell the sea mixed in with my lover’s scent. What a marvelous scent it was. I just had to get near, so I vamped over to where her scent was coming from.

And there she was.

Sitting on the sand, humming a tune. She looked so ethereal, like a true goddess. So perfect, so beautiful, my beloved, my love, my Sookie.

I watched her stand up, as I walked towards her, she finally turned around to face me.

“Sookie.” I finally said to her, and she looked at me with curiosity in her eyes. My heart rejoiced when I looked into her eyes, the ache in my heart was no longer there. She was here, she was here with me.

“Who are you?” There it went, my undead heart felt like it was beginning to break into pieces. I wanted to scream and destroy everything in my path. My lover did not recognize me. She had forgotten me, she really did forget.

Her delicate fingers touched my face, and how I missed feeling that warmth on my skin. Even if this was some dream world, I still felt it, the warmth of her skin.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized. “Who are you?”

“You don’t remember me?” I asked her, gently touching her face. She shook her head at me.

“Your eyes are so familiar to me.” She said softly. “So lonely, and full of longing, yet there is so much love and adoration in them. I remember those eyes. They’re so blue and deep like the ocean itself. I could get lost in them.”

“My Sookie.” I said, as hope was beginning to light up for me again. “You know me, yet the only thing I know of you is your eyes.” She said pulled away from me again. “I forgot because I wanted to forget. But why did I want to forget you? Who are you to me?”

“Sookie, you are my lover. My beloved. You are mine, as I am yours. That will never change, even if you…forget.” I said to her, as she stepped away from me, turning her attention towards a patch of flowers.

“Alrik said I forgot because I chose to forget.” She said kneeling down beside the flowers. “If you know me then, why did I forget? If I forgot, then did you cause me any pain? Because Alrik said I chose to leave behind all the pain I felt.”

“Alrik? Who is Alrik?” I watched her pick up a flower crown she had been working on. Her delicate fingers, wrapping the flowers around the crown. I felt myself fall in love with her more, even without her memories, she was still and always will be special to me.

“The boy who I met here.”

“A boy?” I moved and sat beside her. She laughed lightly. “Yes, a boy silly.” She looked back into my eyes. “Come to think of it.” She said, looking at me again. “He looks…somewhat like you. I had never noticed it until now but…he resembles you. He has your eyes.” She sighed. “Its what I’ve found comfort in, his eyes were just like yours. So deep, just like the ocean.” She sighed in content when I touched her cheek. I found myself wondering what this Alrik looked like. In her dream like state, she must have imagined him, seeking comfort in him. I wondered if that boy was a version of me. I could quickly dismiss the thought, but Sookie always surprised me. Like the time when she took in my scent.

The ocean in winter, she had said. When I looked around, I did notice there was a beach, and snow. It made my heart soar, knowing that even though she forgot me, her heart and her body did not. My beloved was one of a kind.

“I want to meet you.” She said softly, leaning in to my touch. “But you’ve already met me.” She shook her head. “No, I want to meet you, the man I probably loved. I want to know more about you, I want to know the man behind the lonely blue eyes.”

“Then come with me, lover. Come with me, and I will show you everything there is to know about me.”

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