Chapter 6


“Then come with me lover”

My heart was beating fast. My mouth was dry, and I could feel a knot at the pit of my stomach. I wanted to know him, I wanted to know the story behind those lonely blue eyes. When he gave me the invitation, I wanted to go with him.

But I was so scared. I trusted him, but I was afraid. I know I chose to forget, I forgot him and everything I knew about him, and if I did that, then I shouldn’t trust him. What if he made me hurt again?

When he leaned into my touch, I could feel him. I could feel, pain, sorrow, affection, and I felt an immense love coming from him. It was faint, but I could feel him. I was connected to him, and I wondered if in my previous life, he had died. Maybe I was heartbroken and decided to forget the pain?

Was I imagining him? Was my mind, my heart playing tricks on me?

I shut my eyes, and pulled away from him.

Something told me to trust him, yet why was I so hesitant?

“Go with you where?”

“Home, Sookie.”

“Home?” I wondered out loud. I closed my eyes, feeling as he gently caressed my cheek. It was such a comforting feeling. His fingers were cold, but his touch made me feel warm.

“But…” I said, relaxing into his touch once more. “I am home. This is my home.”

He pulled away from me, making me long for his touch, and looked at me with so much sadness in his eyes, that made feel like crying for him.

“No Sookie. We have to get out of here, our home isn’t here. You belong with your family, your friends…and..” He hesitated, and I thought I felt pain coming from his side, and I felt a little bit shocked by it. Did I just feel his emotions? “You belong with us Sookie.”

“Eric, why can I feel your pain?”

I saw his eyes widen, and I too was surprised.

“Eric…is that your name?” He slowly nodded his head, and suddenly I felt a flash of happiness and joy coming from him.

“It’s nice..”I smiled. “If I ever had a son, I would give him a name similar to yours….I think.”

“How did you know my name?” I shrugged at his question. “I don’t know, it just slipped out.” Another flash of emotion came from him, but this time it was pain, and I just needed to ask him because my curiosity was eating away at me.

“Why can I feel your emotions, Eric?”

“You can feel me?” He seemed so surprised at this. Did I suddenly sprout a new power or something? Then it occurred to me. Maybe I could find something out from him, by going into his mind. I lowered my shields a little, and then I got nothing to him. His mind was a void. It was like a big blank..”

“There are so many emotions coming from you.” I said.

“Forgive me.” He said, and suddenly, I felt an emptiness inside me that caused me to shiver. “No..please don’t do that!” I felt myself panic, and suddenly he unblocked me again, and I felt so much better.

“I don’t know if this is a new ability of mine, but I can feel you.”

“You’re partially correct about it being an ability. The reason we can feel each other is because you and I are one. We bound ourselves to each other in blood.”

“So, not an ability of mine, but yours instead? You’re just like me then. We’re both pretty special then.”

I didn’t know why I did, but I pulled him and I pressed my lips against his. I needed to do this, I needed to feel more for him, and Eric responded to my kiss. Our mouths fused together, I felt a tinge of lust from him, but all I could feel was so much love, affection and adoration coming from him. I felt something liquid like in my mouth during our kissing sessions, and I paid no mind to it. It tasted amazing, it was so good that I wanted more of it.

I pulled away trying to breathe in some air, before he brought his lips over to mine once more. I had a need for this man, there was this desire for him , and It wasn’t going to be sated so easily.

I wanted him, all of him. I wanted to cure his lonliness, and his sadness. Oh what I wouldn’t do for this man.

When we finally pulled away from our kiss, a long lost memory finally came to me.

Sookie, my lover, are you sure of this?”

Eric, I want to do this, I want to be fully bonded to you. I want all of you Eric, I want to become one with you”

A blood bond.

I remembered that this was what I had with Eric. I remembered how I felt when we exchanged the third time. The feeling was indescribable. I knew I could feel Eric intensely back then. But now, I didn’t feel him as strongly as before.

“You’re a vampire and we’re blood bonded.” I said, looking into Eric’s eyes. I could see and feel the confusion within him.

“You’re not afraid?”

“Not really.” I smiled.

“How do you know about Blood bonds?”

“I remembered it Eric, I don’t know how I remembered, maybe it was your blood?”


When I kissed Sookie, it made me feel like nothing else mattered. I was so elated to finally taste her sweet lips again. I had missed the small moans of pleasure she made when we kissed like this. I had missed everything about her.

When I told Sookie to come home with me, I really meant it. I didn’t mean back to her friends, or back to anyone else. I had meant me. Sookie was my home, and I knew without a doubt I was hers as well. It was only our current circumstances that had tore us apart. But I knew without a doubt that I would do anything to bring her back. Once she was back, I would do everything in my power to hunt down those who have wronged us. I had a feeling that once Sookie was back, she wouldn’t be so merciless on those that have taken our child from us. Generally, she had a good heart. But if I knew Sookie, she was a lioness when it came to protecting her own. She had demonstrated it many times, and with our child? I was pretty sure she would move heaven and hell to hunt those faeries down.

It was only a gut feeling I had.

Animals that came into the role of motherhood attacked, and killed when they felt their young was being threatened.

I remember my own mother from my human days, she didn’t seem like it, but in her youth she had been a shield maiden, and when it came to protecting her children, I had seen her kill many.

I often compared Sookie to my own mother, because she was like her in every way

My dearest son, I hope one day you marry a woman just like your mother. Fierce and loyal, but with a strong heart full of love.”

My father had gotten his wish. I had found Sookie, and she was fierce and loyal, and her heart was strong and full of love. So full of love.

Even now as she spoke with me, I could still feel some affection for me through our weak bond.

I’ll admit I could feel her a bit strongly now because I did something highhanded. I bit my tongue when we kissed, and in turn she ended up taking in some of my blood.

But the fact that a fragment of her memory had returned to her after taking my blood, I realized that perhaps I should attempt it again.

Sookie had also realized I gave her my blood, yet she wasn’t angry. This was a first.

“Yes, we’re blood bonded…but due to some circumstances…we cannot feel each other as strongly.” I could not tell her what had happened. Even I could not think back on it.

“Why can’t we feel other strongly then? Do we need to exchange blood again?” I evaded her first question. This was something she needed to remember. I was afraid of what would happen if I told her why we couldn’t feel each other as much.

“How did you know I gave you my blood?”

“I remembered the taste of your blood, after we made out, I remembered us completing a third exchange.” It took every ounce of control in my body to not pin her down and make love to her. I had been controlling myself ever since I got here. I don’t know how I controlled myself when I kissed Sookie, but I did. I haven’t had her in my arms, in nearly a year. I haven’t felt her warm body against mine in such a long time. I haven’t fed from another since Sookie either. I didn’t know how much longer I could take this.

“I assume you remember our activities of the night then?” A mischievous smile found its way onto my lips.

I saw her cheeks flush red. My Sookie was still the same as ever. Still shy and modest, even without her memories she was like this. But I knew differently. She was a wild tiger in our bedroom.

Our third exchange, was something I will never forget. I made sweet love to her that night, and then when it was time for our third blood exchange, I let my primal instincts take over, and I claimed her as mine. I made sure that my scent was all over her. We went at it all night, until sunrise, until the pull of the sun forced me away from her. But as soon as the sun went down, we had a few more rounds after that. One of the best nights of my life, but really, my lover in my arms every night is something I will never tire of.

“That’s not what I meant!” She was still embarrassed. “I meant that…maybe…if you give me your blood again…I might remember more?”

Before I even got the chance to respond to her; she spoke up saying “If I am to go home with you Eric, I need to remember everything. Not just our third exchange night. Everything, from the first time that I met you, the first time I did anything with you. The only memory I have of us is that night. Please…” She pleaded, and how can I say no to her? This woman always knew how to make feel so…vulnerable. Not a bad thing, because she was the only one that ever saw this side of me.

Sookie raised her wrist up towards my mouth, I really wanted to say no to her, but I could never deny her this. I knew I shouldn’t take her blood, but both she and I knew it was necessary.

“Sookie…why do you want to remember? You’re here because you want to forget, so why do you want to remember?”

“Eric, every since I came here, the only thing that would haunt me, were your eyes. Beautiful, blue and deep, like the ocean itself. Every time I would try to remember, I could only see how lonely they were. The pain, the need they had in them. It made my heart ache. I was longing to know whom I ached for, and when you came here, and I looked into your eyes, they were the same as the ones whom made my heart ache.

Eric, you’re the one I want to remember. I’ve longed for you even if I didn’t remember you, so please…I want to know all of you. I want to meet you Eric.”

I licked her wrist when she pleaded with me. My precious Sookie, deep within her subconscious mind, she yearned for me. She needed me, and that was all the more reason I needed my woman back in my arms.

I sunk my fangs into her wrist, making sure to make this as painless as possible. Once I had enough of her blood, I pricked my finger on my fang, and healed her with my blood.

I bit into my wrist, allowing the blood to flow, and then I offered it to her. To which she happily latched on, sucking out what rightfully belonged to her. Yes, my blood belonged to her, my body belonged to her, everything belonged to Sookie. I was not afraid to admit this.

When Sookie was done, she pulled away. She licked her lips and looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Eric…I can feel you more now…I can…” She paused.

“Are you real? You’re not a figment of my imagination, are you? Because that’s really fucked up if it is.”

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