Chapter 8

Claudine POV

I placed my hand on my stomach, and whispered loving words to my child. I picked up something I had found in Sookie’s home and looked down on at the sleeping, miniature Northman. He was a small child, whom beared so much resemblance to his father. When he opened his eyes to look up at me, I could feel as if the Viking himself was staring me down. The babe began to scrunch his nose up, he was ready to cry.

I know I was told I wasn’t to hold him, but I could not bear it. I was going to be a mother, and if my child was separated from me, I would want my child to be held and loved.

So I did just that. I picked up the little Northman and held him in my arms, providing him warmth and comfort, which caused him to settle down. If it was any other, they would not be able to do this, we are Fae, and when our kin are feeling turmoil we provide them comfort, and this child is part Fae, just like his mother.

He was going to be so much more when he was older, the fates had already foretold this, which is why we had to get the child away from my charge. The Vampire known as Warlow would hunt this child down and destroy this family, we took the child to protect him, as was advised by the ancient one herself.

The artifact I had held in my hand was the Cluviel Dor, I could feel the love used to create it, and love was powerful magic, and this Cluviel Dor had strong magic embedded within.

This is the only gift I can give to Sookie, and hopefully she will know what to do with it once she sees it, because I am certain she will not want to see me. I have wronged her, and I know she has a right to kill me, as does the Viking.

Some Angel in training I was.

What kind of Angel causes pain and suffering to the one’s they are told to protect? What kind of person am I, if I can’t protect her heart? I’m supposed to be her family, first and foremost, but I kidnapped her child in order to protect them. She had the right to know, Sookie and Eric Northman deserved the right to know of the impending dangers.

I felt baby Northman stir, and I went over to him, sending him pleasant feelings, by just gently caressing his cherub cheeks. He was still so tiny, but I had no doubt in my mind that he would carry on his father’s honor and bravery, and his mother’s love.

“All will be well little one, you will soon be with your parents again, I vow this to you. They want to meet you, I’m sure.” I sighed. “Forgive me, I cannot hold you and give you the warmth your own mother would give to you, but soon…soon you’ll see her again young prince.” I kissed his forehead.

“And should you ever want to return here, you’re always welcome. This is your home, and we will never deny you that.”

The child looked up at me with those deep blue eyes of his, and I could feel as if he was understanding everything I was saying. Undoubtedly, he was most likely a telepath like his mother, I could tell, the look on his face said it all.

“Little one, if you can read my mind, then surely you must know I mean you no harm.” At least he knew that I wanted to protect him, and just in case, I project my thoughts towards him, mainly images of his parents, so he would know whom he truly belonged too.

Sookie POV

It was past noon, when I awoke, being safely wrapped up in Eric’s arms. I turned around to look at him. He was dead for the day, but he didn’t seem to be. He looked like he was sleeping. I brushed my fingers along his face gently, tracing his features. I closed my eyes, imagining what our son may have looked like.

I knew for certain, that he may have had his father’s beautiful eyes, and perhaps his lips too. Maybe my nose, and my chubby cheeks I remember having as a child. There was no doubt he would be a boy that was tall for his age, but I imagine Eric wasn’t normal for his age when he was a child either.

I would never replace my firstborn. But I would make sure my child’s memory was never forgotten, because that little miracle that grew inside me, is something I will never forget.

Would I ever have more children? I was even afraid of the answer to that question. I wanted children at one point of my life, but when I realized they might inherit my gifts, I was so against it.

When Vampires became involved in my life, I completely discarded that idea. Then, Eric came into the picture. He made this possible, and with him anything was possible. No, with us anything was possible, because I wasn’t a normal waitress either. I was a friggin fairy princess with a spark that you would usually find in a normal full blooded fae.

I also knew that my child wasn’t going to be normal, he was going to carry vampire, and Fae blood, and the human blood that ran in his veins was going to be very little. I was aware of all of that, I knew that my child would need protection, so I had asked Pam for help. We warded my house, we glamoured the residents of Bon Temps into forgetting that I was pregnant, all except Jason and Sam, and Lafayette. I had Weres during the day, Thalia and Bubba patrolled the night, and Pam stayed with me when she could take time off from Fangtasia.

I leaned back against Eric’s chest, and dozed off again, only to wake up an hour before sunset, because I needed to tend to my human needs.

While I wanted to go back into bed and curl up next to Eric, I found myself wandering over what would have been Alrik’s nursery.

I found myself smiling at the small decorations. Pam had insisted that she wanted a girl, so she could decorate the room with light pastel colors, and pink of course. She had gone off saying that she couldn’t wait to have some specially made clothes for her.

I rained in on her parade when I told her I was having a boy, but that didn’t stop her from shopping. She got everything from Armani, to Gucci and she snuck in some Louis Vuitton. Pam had said that baby Alrik was going to be better than that “Prince George kid” and I didn’t doubt that she would make sure of it.

Of course I didn’t let her have all the fun. I had to put my foot down on several things when I saw her going into Baby’s R Us to buy out an entire section. I also had to put my foot down when it came to decorating this room. I had a right to deny anything she wanted to incorporate. There was a lot of disagreements, but we did come to a compromise towards the end, and the nursery was beautiful.

The mobile that hung over the crib was beautiful. They were wood carvings of owls, stars, moon and clouds. All of these representing the night sky, the beautiful night that his own father was a part of. I ended up pressing play on the mobile, and it began moving around, playing that soft melodic version of “twinkle twinkle little star”.

I wanted to cry again, but no tears came out; no, not anymore. I was beyond that. At this point, I knew that the loss of my child was a pain I would never overcome, even if I did have any others later on. I would never forget this, ever.

I felt startled, when two strong arms wrapped their selves around me, wrapping me up in a cocoon that gave me a sense of safety and warmth.

“Beautiful room.” He said to me. I leaned back into him. “If you only knew the struggle I went through trying to stop Pam from turning our son’s wardrobe into an exclusive Armani closet, she was planning on glamouring some higher ups of her favorite brands into creating baby clothes.” I heard Eric laugh softly in my ear, which instantly brightened my somber mood.

“I missed you, you weren’t there beside me when I rose.”

“I’m sorry Eric, I was planning on curling back into your arms again, but my feet had a mind of their own, and before I knew it, I was in here.” I said as I picked up a stuffed bear up from inside the crib.

He remained silent for a while, and I couldn’t even tell what he was feeling. I felt a little exasperated at not feeling him again. So I turned around to face him, allowing myself to sink into him.

“Eric, don’t close yourself off to me, I need to feel you. Please.” I know he was hesitant about this, but he opened up his side of the bond to me.

I felt it all, his pain and sorrow, his guilt.

“Strange how with just one blood exchange, we can feel each other again.” He muttered into my neck.

“Well, we only suppressed the bond, apparently. According to the witches, a bond can’t be broken, only concealed. In order to restore it, only one blood exchange would be needed.” I sighed.

“I don’t care how it happened, all I know is that I can feel you again, and I don’t want to lose this.”

“Neither do I, these past few months not being able to feel you made me wish for the True Death, but I didn’t because I clung on to the hope that I would see you again.”

“I never stopped believing.” I said. Nope, I never did. I somehow managed to cling onto that hope that I would see Eric again.

Now onto the bigger things, why was Eric here?

“Eric, how did you manage to come down here? Did DeCastro allow you this?”

“I would have killed him if he had denied me to come here. I was already very close to murdering everyone in his palace when I found out the state you were in.” I lowered my head, feeling ashamed of myself for falling so low.

“Sookie…” He said bringing my face up towards his.

“I know Eric, and I’m not going to dwell back on it. What’s done is done, and I’m going to put it behind me as if it never happened. I’m alive, and you’re here with me, and we’re going to find Claudine.” I heard his growl, and I also felt his anger.

“We’re not going to kill Claudine Eric. No not her, no matter how much I hate her, I don’t want you to kill her, please.” I said trying to send him some calm through our bond. He seemed to have relented just a little bit, but I know the anger was still there. I knew Eric, and once you messed with what was his, he would stop at nothing until he’s avenged his loved ones.

I buried myself deeper into him, and I inhaled his scent. “Let’s go downstairs, I’m really hungry.” I laughed softly, I could feel Eric’s concern for me, and I saw him furrow his eyebrows. He didn’t seem so pleased that I was up here instead of downstairs making myself something to eat. I can’t really blame him for it, I haven’t really eaten anything in almost two weeks since my childbirth. I was feeling the hunger come on at full force right now.

“Sookie.” He said as I made an attempt to leave the nursery, but was blocked off by Eric.

“Let me carry you downstairs.”

“Eric, I’ve slept for two weeks straight, I think I’m well rested enough to walk on my own.”

He didn’t want to relent.

“No, you were in a coma for two weeks, and as far as I know, humans need to be careful when they walk around after such incidents.”

“Eric.” I said. “I’m not really human, did you forget that?” I smiled. “Did you also forget that your blood replenished any lost energy I had?” I tilted my head up, placing a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for worrying, but I’m okay, I promise.”

Eric didn’t seem so convinced at first, but he somehow agreed and let me walk down the stairs on my own.

I think if I let him have his way , he’d lock me up, never letting anyone get near me, or touch me.

“Oh, Tink!” There was a blur, and before I knew it Pam had her arms around me. I heard Eric growl, and once she heard Eric growl, she quickly pulled away.

“Forgive me, Master .” She lowered her head, but the look in her eyes was a look of pure joy. Before Eric had any chance to respond, I returned the hug. I felt Pam stiffen, and my bond with Eric told me he was completely content.

“There is nothing to forgive, Pamela. But remember, Sookie is still in a fragile state, you mustn’t be so rough with her.” He chastised her, like a father would a child. I placed my hand on Eric’s arm.

“Eric, it’s fine. I told you I’m fine.”

“No, he’s right Tinkerbelle. I stepped out of line.” I sighed, I wasn’t gonna change their minds any time soon, because they were both stubborn.

“I’ve brought you dinner, and I’m here to discuss a few things with the two of you, if you would let me.”


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  1. hmm Warlow huh. hmm the AP involved? Wonder what Eric is going to do when he finds out about all these people involved in this. If what claudine said was true, then they should have told Sookie. She would probably have agreed to let them take the child for saffekeeping.

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