Chapter 9



I know Tinkerbell doesn’t like me buying her foods from expensive restaurants, but honestly red lobster orders or Olive Garden take out orders are much better than that fast food crap she gets at Burger King or KFC. I know she hates me buying this for her, but this meal from Red lobster is much more nutritional than that garbage.

Sookie looked at the bag in my hand and she sighed. “I hope you brought me those biscuits Pam.” I smirked at her. “Of course my little telepathic friend, they’re all in here. I got you at least two dozen.” I got a smile back from her, and let me tell you how good it was to get that small smile from her.

I could see that Sookie went to her fridge, heading straight for the sweet tea that she loved so much, then I saw her put the main course into the fridge. “Sookie.” Both Eric and I said at the same time.

“Sookie, why don’t  you eat the main course?” Sookie responded with a glare. “Pam, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve eaten these?” She growled while taking a huge bite out of that biscuit. I actually felt my master’s amusement through our Maker-child bond.

“Anyways, I wanted to discuss some things with you, dearest Fairy friend of mine, and of course you master.” I inclined my head in respect towards the two of them.

“Go on.” Eric said.

“Sookie, do you know of a man named Claude Crane?”

“A cousin of mine.” She said. “He’s Claudine’s brother.”

Perfect. A smile was brought to my face.

“Before I go on about Claude;  Sookie, while you were….sleeping, a few days ago your dearest cousin Claudine stopped by for a visit. I almost drained her dry, but I figured that she needed to stay alive…for other purposes.” At the mention of Claudine being in Sookie’s presence while unconscious and defenseless, had Eric with fangs out, and a loud feral growl erupted from his throat. Oh, he was anything but pleased.

“You allowed her to be in here?” If looks could kill, I’d most certainly be dead by now.

“She popped in. I could do nothing against it.”

“Pamela, you trusted a Fairy, out of all beings to be near Sookie?” Well, shit this wasn’t going well.

“Master , I had no other choice. I needed every bit of information to help me keep Sookie alive, and she sort of helped. She prolonged her life until you got here.”

He seemed to calm down somewhat but I was still feeling his anger. Sookie gently rubbed his arm, trying to get him to calm down, and after a moment it seemed to have worked.

Jesus, he really was pussy whipped. Never thought I’d live to see this.

“Claudine was here.” Sookie said. “She was also here, and she let them, she let Niall do this. Claudine was there and she just let Niall do this to me.” There was anger, hurt and betrayal in her eyes as she spoke. For as long as I knew Sookie, she knew how to school her emotions, but there’s one thing I also learned from her is that you can read her emotions well if you look into her eyes. She was just like my master in that aspect.

Then, there was my Master. He had shut down our end of the bond, and I’m pretty sure he did the same to Sookie, because I could see the rage in his eyes but I couldn’t feel anything from my Maker. Eric was controlling his rage, but I knew if he was able to, he would find a way into the Fae realm and have Niall tortured.  I was suddenly feeling giddy at the thought.

And yet here I was feeling at fault for what had transpired. I could have least put up a fight.

“Forgive me my friend, perhaps I should have stayed here during my day rest. I am to blame for this terrible mess we are in.”

“Pamela, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Neither Sookie, or I blame you. “

“And Pam, “ Sookie said. “You’ve been a great help to me, so please don’t place this burden on your shoulders. “ I nodded, I did not smile nor was I about to get sentimental here. I did my fair share of sentiments last week and it was very draining for me. I needed to be strong, just how Eric taught me to be. Being level headed was needed in this situation.

“Anyways, about your cousin Claude, he owns a strip club. He’s there all the time, and I assume he should know of Claudine’s whereabouts, or any other Fae connected to your family, Sookie.”

“Of course he knows where Claudine is, they’re siblings.” Sookie sighed. “Claude is a narcissistic asshole, but I know how to push a few buttons in order to get him to talk.” She grinned.

“Oh see Eric, this is why Sookie and I are such good friends. She knows how to play.” My fangs clicked out. Oh, how I loved playing with new toys. I heard Eric chuckle lightly, which was good I suppose. The mood was somewhat lifted. At least Eric didn’t look like he could turn into the Hulk. But I also knew the rage was still there.

If only he knew I was comparing him to the giant green guy from the Marvel comics. But he wasn’t going to know, this was a joke between me myself and I.

“Pam, come with me to Hooligans tomorrow night.”  And Eric immediately shot her down.

“No you will not go with Pam.”

“Excuse me?” Oh boy, here we go.

“I will go with you instead.  I will not allow you to be near any of those Fairies without me by your side.” I could see that Sookie was growing irritated, oh how she hated when Eric went all alpha male on her. She scoffed, rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Eric, if you come with me then you would kill Claude, you’re already angry and if you go in there demanding answers Claude won’t answer, you’ll get pissed off and kill him. Your patience is wearing thin and anything Fairy related is enough to have you burning down villages. So please, Let Pam and I handle this. I am capable enough to handle this on my own. Besides, if he doesn’t give me what I want then Pam gets to do the talking.”

“I agree, Master. You are in no condition to question any Fairies. I will go instead.”



While I wanted to fight Pam on this, she was right. I was in no condition to question any Fairy, I could massacre an entire group of Fairies, and that still would not be enough to sate my anger, and it would still not be enough to avenge my son, and Sookie. Well, not until I spilled Niall’s blood, would I be satisfied, but until then I would allow Pam and Sookie to go on to the strip club.

“Very well then.” I said.

“Also, Eric I would like a thorough explanation, how did DeCastro let you go so easily?” Both Pam and Sookie gave me a questioning look and the two of them had their eyebrows lifted up towards me.

“I had Felipe believe that Pam was attacked by the Fellowship, I had him believe she was poisoned with silver and was being tortured and that I had to go to her. Which reminds me Pam, I spoke with one of my contacts today when I rose, it seems that DeCastro will be sending Victor on over to check up on me.”

“Eric.” Sookie made her way over to me, and sat down on my lap. She buried her nose into my neck, seeking comfort, I could feel  it in our bond, all the love and adoration she had for me and she was happy that I managed to slip away from Felipe to come for her.

“You came for me.” She said. “I remember calling your name so many times, because I wanted to believe you’d be here, and you risked your life to be here for me.” She whispered.

“Always.” I said to her, running my fingers through her hair.

“Ahem.” Pam said, letting us know that she was still there and being ignored. “I am extremely happy that you two are together again and what not, but we have a problem Eric. If that retard comes around, which he will; then we need to make our story believable.  Lucky for you, we’ve been eyeing a few of those Fellowship nuts for the past few months. They did leave  a group of vampires out to burn in the sun, so we can make this even more believable, trust me.”

“What do you have in mind?” I said, allowing her to continue speaking.

“Well.” She grinned. “For starters, Victor Madden will be at Fangtasia looking for you.  When he doesn’t see you, he will be heading here to see if you’ve broken your end of the bargain. I will have Thalia in charge for the remainder of the time he’s here looking for you. You and I, and Sookie will be heading to one of our safe houses, which Felipe and Victor know nothing about. ”

I was extremely proud of how far Pam had come along. In the months that I have been away, my child has grown in an extraordinary way. She’s matured more, her intelligence has no limits, and I know that within a few years my child could even come to surpass me. I could not be more proud, and I opened up my side of the bond to let her know how proud I was.

“Pam..” Sookie said speaking up. “If Victor asks why you recovered so fast from silver poisining, just say that I had Doctor Ludwig take my blood and send it to you, to help with your healing. I’m pretty sure we can call her up and verify this, she has taken my blood samples, and I’m pretty sure she still has them somewhere. But that’s in case he does see you around. But if he spots Eric first, all he needs to know is you are still in recovery and being looked after by Doctor Ludwig. We need to make ourselves as scarce as possible.”

“She is right Pam,  and Sookie that is brilliant. If the two of you go tomorrow night to that Strip Club, chances are Madden or one of his subordinates can find you.”

“Great thinking there, Tink.”  Sookie laughed. “I’ve learned from the very best.” She said placing a kiss on my cheek, while she pulled away from my lap. “I’ll go pack my things so we can leave for your safe house tonight. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” When she did finally pull away from me, I felt myself wanting to pull her down to me and not let her out of my sight. I almost lost her, and I felt that I could easily lose her again if I let her out of my sight.


“Eric, Sookie is my dearest friend, and the only breathing friend I will ever have. I can see why you love her so much Master. I would put my life on the line for her. I promise you, she will be safe.” Pam said as if sensing my despair at not having Sookie in my line of sight.

“Eric, about Felipe, if you leave I don’t think Sookie will be able to survive, and neither will you. You were able to get out of Felipe’s grasp this time, but there will be a time where you will need to go back, and that time approaches soon.”

I hated to admit, but Pam was right. My next separation from Sookie would kill the two of us, we had somehow survived miraculously thanks to our son, whom seemed to be the link we had to each other; but now being away from Sookie would kill us slowly.

I needed to devise a plan to get out of Felipe’s grasp, and that plan obviously meant killing him, even if that meant becoming a King.

“Damn, as soon as the two of you find each other, we have Fairy hunting season, and revolutions to plan. I actually missed the trouble you and Sookie seem to bring.”

I snapped out of my thoughts. “Revolutions?”

“Oh Eric please, the only way to get away from him is to kill him and his retard of a progeny.”

“And how exactly do you know that this is the route we will take?”

Pam scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Eric, that’s the only way and you know it, besides…you could say I’ve been busy these past few months, aside from being with Sookie.”

Now that caught my attention. ”Oh?”

“Of course, did you really think I’d let my maker be a lap dog to some Mafia boss wannabe?”  To be honest, if I was in her shoes I would do anything to save my maker. If I could have killed every single fellowship member in that church to save Godric I would have. I understood all too well the need to save one’s own maker.

While we continued our conversation, Pam continued telling me of her plans. What she had down so far and whom she had as allies. Pam had been in negotiations with the Queen of Florida and the King of New York. Apparently, those two hated Felipe with a passion, and from what I’ve heard they were fair and just rulers. I didn’t see any problem with them taking over Louisiana.

By the time we were done talking, Sookie walked down the stairs, with a suitcase in her hand.  Pam gave me a quick nod. “I will see the two of you tomorrow night.” She blurred out of the house, and I was left alone with Sookie.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked.

“Honestly? I think I need to get out of this house for a while.  Anywhere is fine, as long as you’re there, Eric.” I stood up and pulled her into my arms.

“I won’t ever leave you again.”

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  2. Oooo another great story. Just read all ur work and have signed up for the updates so I don’t miss out on anything. Thank u for sharing. I am loving this and I understand that taking th baby is all part of th bigger plan but the pain poor sookie must have gone through…. I don’t think any mother coul b held responsible for their actions after that. Can’t wait for ur next updates 😉

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