Across the Stars

Come to me. I need you.”

Vampires didn’t dream, he was sure of this. But somehow every time he succumbed to his day time slumber, he’d see these beautiful blue eyes that matched his own, staring right back at him. The voice was soft and melodic like a siren, and he could also tell the voice belonged to a woman.

Every time slumber took him, she would come to him and call for him. There was a need deep inside him, almost primal like, to go to her. She needed him, and he needed to go to her. He’d always imagined what she could look like. With a voice, and beautiful eyes like the ones he saw in his dreams; then surely her beauty was incomparable.

Perhaps it was Freya herself that would call to him.

But Eric Northman had no idea how to answer to her. She never seemed to hear him when he would respond to her in those dreams.

These dreams started a few months back, and ever since then normal human blood had the same stale taste as True Blood. He no longer found satisfaction in bedding other women, the very thought of it made him cringe.

No one seemed to notice, except for his maker; Godric.

Godric knew there was something wrong with his child, but he would never force an answer out of him. He knew Eric would come to him out of his own free will. Of course he didn’t want Eric to feel obligated to tell him anything, but Godric worried for his child nonetheless.

But worries aside, he had to also worry for his kingdom.

Godric was the King of the Amun Kingdom, like his maker before him was King and one day Eric would be King as well. Their bloodline was a powerful one, and it was revered in the Kingdom, and it was one of the most respected in the neighboring Kingdoms.

Like any other night, different kinds of supernatural creatures made their way to the King to address their worries.

Only tonight was a tiny bit different.

“Greetings your Majesty.” The creature before him bowed in utmost respect to Godric.

“Majesty, my name is Preston Pardloe and I hail from the Aeterna Kingdom, and I request aid in the handling of a Prisoner.”Eric’s bullshit meter was going off at the man before him.

Liam Hemsworth as Preston Pardloe



“Are you so weak that you cannot handle your own prisoner? Consorting with the Vampires, I thought it beneath you.” The man that stood before them was seething with anger, yet he would not show the Vampire that he had indeed gotten through to him. But he needed to get this prisoner away from the Kingdom. Letting the Amun Clan deal with her was enough for them, she would not survive being in the vampires grasp, they’d drain her dry and that’s all they wanted. To finally be rid of her.

“She is too dangerous. She has killed every member of the Royal family, and just a few months ago our beloved Princess was killed the night before her coronation ceremony. Our Kingdom is in distress, and we are trying to find someone with enough Royal blood in them to take over. We cannot have her soiling our plans, or better yet. We cannot risk our Kingdom. If you are able to kill her, then we are forever in your debt.”

Godric nodded. “Yes, the rumors had reached my ears that the Princess had been killed, but none else. My greatest sympathies for your Kingdom, such a tragedy it is. The Brigant King was a dear friend of mine, and it saddens me to hear of his fate and that of his family’s. I owed the King a debt, and I will repay it to him in this manner. ”

“Your Majesty is most gracious. I will have our Prisoner here, as soon as possible.”

“How soon?” To be truthful, Eric was actually curious to see what kind of creature had these people quivering in fear. If the prisoner was Fae, then perhaps he could actually enjoy feeding for once. God knows he hasn’t enjoyed it in months.

“Tomorrow night, if possible. She is Fae, so precautions must be taken.”

“Thank you, Preston. I will see you tomorrow night, you are dismissed.” Godric dismissed him easily, and turned to both Eric and Isabel.

“You have questions, and I will tell you that Niall Brigant was the King of Aeterna once upon a time ago, and he was a good friend of mine. When his son and daughter in law were killed, he retook the throne and raised his granddaughter. I also owe Niall a debt and was never able to repay him, so I am doing this in this manner, Niall would have wished for justice on the death of his family, so I will do it in his stead.”

Yes, Godric knew that his child and Isabel wanted answers, and once he gave them his answer both Eric and Isabel were satisfied and needed no further explanation to Godric’s actions.

“Isabel, one of our holding cells is made with pure Iron, prepare the cell and have Octavia create wards to prevent an escape from our future prisoner, and Eric call Pamela. She is an expert at getting our prisoners to talk.” Eric flashed Godric a grin, oh he knew his child would be giddy at getting a new play toy, and he was excited at the thought of tasting Fae blood.

“You will not sample her blood either, Eric.” Godric narrowed his eyes at Eric. “As your maker, I command you.” He then added. “And you will command Pamela to do the same.”

Godric really knew how to soil his fun. He bowed his head in respect. “Yes Master, your wish is my command.”

Perhaps Godric commanding him not to drink the Prisoner’s blood wasn’t so bad after all. He was really thirsting for Fae blood, and now he felt a bit on the hungry side, which meant that his appetite could finally be back and perhaps sated. After Godric dismissed the two of them, Eric went to go find a suitable donor. He found a pretty girl by the name of Leslie, whom he had chosen because she had blue eyes.

Eric glamoured the girl into believing he would have sex with her, and then he proceeded to sink his fangs into her neck and began to drink. Once he was done he pulled away and cringed his nose up in disgust.

The blood still tasted horrible to his tongue.

She couldn’t remember how long she’d been there, she’d lost track of time. The only thing she could tell was the time of day it was, because of the sun’s position, which she could see through the small window in her holding cell. Light was her only constant companion in this darkness.

If only she could laugh bitterly at her own situation. Her arms and legs where bound by iron chains which depleted most of her power, she wore a muzzle on her face because her captors feared her other magic. If her mouth was covered then she’d be unable to chant any spells. They had been unable to break her, the Fae had been unable to go into her cell, because they’d surely grow weak from all the iron and she’d overpower them. It was a good thing she was only half Fae, as the rest of her magic came from elsewhere.

Her enemies had a right to fear her. She was just as ruthless and lethal as Neave and Lochlan were, but not as brutal. She didn’t torture, she killed without question. She never toyed with her enemies because despite everything, she didn’t want to be feared by her own people. Above all, she wanted to be loved and respected by them, she wanted to be a righteous and fair ruler yet she also wanted to be known as the type of ruler you shouldn’t trifle with.

But she didn’t even get the chance to be crowned Queen, she was captured and it was then made known that some assassin killed the beloved Princess.

The joke was on them though, because once she was out of this prison, she would be out to avenge her family, and restore power and honor to her family name; then she would take the throne and restore the Kingdom to the beautiful and peaceful place it once was.

Night had fallen, she looked up to see her other companion, the moon. Behind the mask that adorned her mouth, there was a small smile.

Hello old friend, we meet again.

She spoke to the moon telepathically. For some reason, she loved the moon better than the sun. There was something soothing about the moonlight, and the stars that shone at night.

You don’t know how much I need you

She spoke again.

Others would think her crazy for talking to the moon, but she found it soothing. The moon was nothing like the sun. The moon held beauty and grace, and when it illuminated the night sky, it would make the stars shine even brighter. It made her feel less lonely, the moon was her eternal companion. It would never leave her side.

The sound of keys rattling snapped her from her inner musings, and she looked up to see that her captors were opening the cell door. She held back a snicker when she saw that they were armed up to their teeth.

When Preston stepped in, her gaze hardened and her eyes narrowed at him. Oh how she wanted to spill his blood with her hands. Preston was the traitor, he betrayed her and her family and she would see to it that he was the first one to die.

“Oh come now, Princess Susannah. That look is unbecoming of someone of your status.” He mocked her, and she felt rage build up inside her.

“Take her.” He ordered, and the guards grabbed her, and she felt her blood boil. Her eyes glowed and Preston laughed at her. “Save the light tricks for the Vampires, darling. I’m sure they will love their food providing them with entertainment.”


Her eyes glowed brighter, and yet her power was still bound by the iron. Susannah struggled against her captors yet they held onto her firmly. Tears were forming in her eyes, but not at the sorrow of being transported to a place of vampires, her tears were part of her rage. She felt destructive, and she knew if she was suddenly free, then no one would be safe from her wrath.

Preston Pardloe, when I finally get free, I guarantee you that there will be no place for you to hide. I will hunt you down and drain you of your blood for the Vampires to feed on.

Surprise was etched on Preston’s face, upon hearing her voice in his head. Her eyes held triumph in them. Surprise Bitch. She thought to herself

“You Bitch!” His hand collided with her cheek., and she closed her eyes, trying to take her mind off the pain.

“Hmm no matter. You’ll be dead soon anyways.” Preston sneered, and he turned his back to her. She gave him a deadly glare, and Preston ignored her. He ordered her guards to take her away and deliver her to her death.

Isabel awaited the arrival of the prisoner. The guards she had ready for the newest addition to the dungeons were Weres. She figured it would much safer to use them then a vampire. Already she was having trouble with the Faery that popped in the night before, she had to go out and feed around in order to sate her hunger.

Susannah continued to be bound by her chains. She walked behind one of her newest guards, eyeing him carefully. She dipped into his mind, and instantly she knew he was of the two natured. She had no way to speak to him, and in order to get inside his mind he’d have to be severely weakened. That was how she was able to get to Preston.

“For a Faery to send you here, you must be something.” She rolled her eyes. She couldn’t respond to him anyways. They halted, and she looked up to see a vampire, a woman.

“Take her to her cell. I’ll inform Godric of her arrival.”

That didn’t sound too good. At least the others back home couldn’t even touch her because of the iron that surrounded her. Vampires weren’t weakened by iron, but they were weakened by silver. This wouldn’t help her situation at all because there was none to be found, unfortunately.

The people that worked in the palace stopped to stare at the strange prisoner. She looked fearsome, and they dare not ask who she was. The donors thought she must have pissed off the wrong Vampire, otherwise she wouldn’t be receiving such a treatment.

Susannah didn’t need to know what was going on through their heads either, so she stayed out. Even if it might provide her some intel as to whom was in the Palace, she highly doubted she would get much information. Although, her new guards might have everything she needed to know. These guards were more human like then the Fae guards back home, so surely when the allowed her to eat, then she might convince one or the other. She was part Fae, the Fae gift of persuasion did not skip the gene on her.

But like the brutes they were, they threw her into the cell and chained her to the wall and the finally let her be. The Princess took in her surroundings, noticing that these cells were light proof, she realized that her companions the sun and moon would no longer be with her. Suddenly, she was feeling very alone again.

I need you.

She said, as if the moon would respond to her. For the first time in forever, she finally felt lonely.

Eric felt a compulsion to go down to the dungeon. He knew it wasn’t because he was curious to see what kind of prisoner the Fae had been so afraid of, but it was something else altogether. It was instinctual like. He knew Pam was already, most likely down there tending to the prisoner, trying to make her spill any useful information, and as much as he likes to indulge his progeny. Eric didn’t want Pam anywhere near the dungeons.

Thankfully, Pam hadn’t arrived yet so he dismissed the two Were guards standing at the door.

She heard a Vampire outside her cell door. There was a warm jittery feeling in her stomach when he spoke and dismissed the guards at her door. She was suddenly feeling anxious, and maybe a bit scared. When her cell door opened, she lifted her gaze up to the Adonis that stood before her.

Eric’s eyes widened in shock when he stared directly into those very familiar blue eyes that had been haunting his dreams, anger filled him upon seeing the woman tied up like she was. He stepped closer to her, and her gaze never left him. The two stared at each other long enough until a voice interrupted them.

“Well, doesn’t she look delicious.” She snapped her head towards the door and looked at a blond female vampire, eyeing her like she was a piece of meat. She didn’t like the woman’s gaze on her, and neither did he. Eric’s primal instincts were beginning to resurface, and he did not want his progeny anywhere near this woman. There was a need to claim her, and to let everyone know that she belonged to him.

“Pam, get out.” Pam tried to protest. “As your maker, I command you.” His voice sounded beautiful to her ears, even if the man was angry, and even if he was a vampire.

When Pam had left, at his command, Eric turned towards her, taking steps closer. He looked like a predator, but somehow she knew she could trust him with her life. He felt like a safe haven to her, and that was something she thought was long lost. But after so much betrayal, she wanted to fight that feeling, she didn’t want to trust him.

“I’ve finally found you.”

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