Chapter 2


A few weeks had passed since I was in NOLA with Jase and the rest of our partners. In those few weeks, I had spent my time cooped up at HQ, searching for every single Vampire name recorded, starting at the letter ‘A’.

I had managed to find Eric Northman. I found records on Russell Edgington, Salome Agrippe, The Ancient one, Felipe De Castro, and a few others.

But none, with the name Aislin

I sighed in exasperation, and moved on to the next set of records for human ‘pets’ and none yet again. I moved over to the far older books, the one on the Fae, and I still found nothing.

When I settled on the Brigant family tree, I opened up the aged pages; finding the long lists of Brigants, starting from the Ancient one herself, down to Aidan and Selene, whom apparently ‘suicided’. Though there was no given reason, as to why they did so. As I continued to read further, I turned the page, and suddenly, the book pages caught themselves on fire, and suddenly poof. The book was gone.

It had me frustrated to no end that, they’d even gone as far to place a spell on the damn book. What was the damn secret?

When I had asked Gran, she only smiled at me and shook her head, saying ‘I truly wonder about that myself dear.’ I tried asking Jason, and his answer was a dead end as well.

My line of thought was broken when one of the new waitresses pointed a finger at me and said. ‘I saw you in New Orleans! In that vampire bar! You and your brother!” Shit. So much for laying low.

I heard the gasps and murmurs of everyone in the bar.

I tried keeping my shields up, trying to prevent the flood of thoughts being bombarded at me. I knew they weren’t pleasant. I also had a huge idea what they were saying in their mind. Yeah, I bet they were already calling me a ‘fangbanging whore’ already. God knows they did so when Dawn and Maudette were around.

I turned around to walk back to pick up a few orders, and Sam grabbed me by the arm. “What the hell Sookie?! What were ya doin’ in a damn vampire bar?! That’s really stupid you know! It’s dangerous, you shouldn’t be around vampires!” He hissed at me, and I had the urge to roll my eyes at him. The way his hand was wrapped tightly around my wrist made me want to turn around and punch him. How dare he touch me so easily!

Instead I smiled, as if nothing was wrong. “I don’t think that’s any of your business, Sam Merlotte. In fact, my life isn’t any of your business at all. What I do on my own time shouldn’t be anyone’s damn business.” I snapped.

“I didn’t give you time off from work so you can go to a Vampire bar! If that’s where you go every time you take time off”

“I take time off to visit family. If I want to go out at night, in New Orleans to enjoy myself, I will damn straight do it, now let me go!” Stupid shifter. If he thinks he has any right to me, he has another thing coming. I could put him down faster than he can shift. He let go of me, and gave me another glare, I could feel the eyes of the customers on us, but I didn’t care.

“Speaking of time off, I’m not coming in next week. I have some stuff to do in Texas with Jason.”

“You better not go into another vampire bar, Sookie. I mean it. I won’t have you turn into a fangbanger, you’re a nice girl cher. Girls like you need to stay away from that kind of stuff, marry nice men, have kids and all. You won’t end up anywhere with those fangers.” I narrowed my eyes at Sam. Really had he the nerve to tell me what to do? I mean I get it. He has a crush on me, he’s in love with me. Well he’s in love with Sookie Stackhouse. But I’m not Sookie Stackhouse. My name is Susannah Hale, a Hunter from the Hale clan, and if Sam was on our hit list, then I would have done away with him a long time ago.

I wish I could just place a bullet on his head right now, because he’s being impossible. He implied I was turning into a fangbanger, and he thinks I should just lead on the role of ‘Miss nice girl’ yeah if he only knew that my hobby was shooting supernatural criminals. I nearly scoffed at the idea.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes, and walked off. I stopped dead in my tracks when I felt a void enter the bar.

A vampire.

I looked on ahead, watching as he just strolled in here, took a seat up at a booth, and the rest of the waitresses scurried away trying to avoid him. Sure vampires were dangerous, but not all of them were like that.

“Would you like anything? We’re all out of true blood, so I’m sorry about that” I said as I went up to him, putting on my ‘crazy Sookie’ smile. I also noticed that some very infamous people were lingering around him. Oh how nice, trouble.

“A glass of your best wine please.” I felt him stare into my eyes. I could feel that pull again, the same one as from the other night, when that one Vampire attempted to glamour me. Hah, this moron was trying to do the same thing.

I came back with his wine, and set it down on the table. “Oh, aren’t you that vampire that moved into the old Compton house?” This guy was trouble if he was that particular vampire. According to our records he was famous amongst the Queen’s court, procuring unwilling humans, glamouring, etc., etc. He has never been caught, since he was always on the down low, and there was always very few evidence against him. He was good at that it seemed; covering his tracks, but both Jase and I knew better. Actually, every Hunter knew better than that. We were waiting for him to show up on our radar again. Because this time, we would be able to catch him dead on his little game of hunt.

“Yes, indeed I am. William Compton, Miss….Sookie.” He said with a charming southern accent. A very charming one if I may add. But I bet that’s how he ensnared humans. I smiled again. “But you may call me Bill.”

“Nice to meet you Bill.”

Upon seeing the infamous Rattrays, I decided to speed away like a vampire. I did not want to be around people like them.

Got ourselves a Vamper, this one will do nicely

Oh great, they wanted to drain him.

I could just let them do it, after all it will save us the trouble of hunting him down, but then again he also has valuable information that our client is looking for. For Compton? Oh yes, not only was he on our hit list for trafficking humans, but someone has requested that they deal with him personally.

While I much rather just put a bullet through him to end his miserable existence, this wasn’t my call to make, unfortunately.

I was about halfway done with my orders when I saw that Bill Compton and the Rats were gone. I looked around, trying to think up of an excuse to make myself leave after them, when suddenly I looked on over to Sam.

“Sam, I’m taking my fifteen now.”

Eric POV

Godric, I’ve found her.” Was the first thing I said to him, when he answered his phone. My voice only wavered slightly. I had not spoken to my mentor since the day it happened, neither could I keep quiet about it. A few months had passed since I’ve last seen her, and right after our meeting, she disappeared without a trace.

Hello to you too, my child.” He said, but paused after a moment, trying to take in the words I’ve said.

Eric, whom have you found? If I may ask?”

It’s her, Godric. I’ve found her, I’ve found Aislin. ” I could hear him take in a deep breath. There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line, and it was making me anxious.


Eric, how do you know it’s her? Aislin has been gone from this world for the past eight years. There is no such thing as the dead coming back to life.” Of course he didn’t believe me.

I smelled her. Her intoxicating scent, it has never changed, albeit it’s not as powerful to me as it was before…but it’s hers. Only hers.” Again, the other side of the line was silent. What was going on through Godric’s head?

Eric, you need to stay away from her.”

Why must I stay away, if it’s her? If this were Selene, you would not keep away either.” I was completely aghast! Why was Godric telling me to keep away from her?

But because it is a request from Selene to keep her daughter safe, you will stay away from her.” Godric’s voice had changed, it was authorative, and cold. I recognized this tone of voice. It wasn’t often that he used it, but when he did; it was because he expected to be obeyed.

But a request from Selene? I knew Godric would not turn down anything Selene asked of him, but it did leave me curious, wha had that woman requested of him?

Something reeked, I grew suspicious. “Godric, what are you keeping from me?”

You will be relentless, if I do not tell you, so I will tell you now. ” He said with a sigh.

When the Brigant family came under attack…Selene used every last bit of her power to seal away Aislin’s supernatural side. In doing so, her memories and powers have been locked away, sealing any trace of her vampiric side. The Aislin you’ve met, is human, she has human customs. She was left in the care of a good family. That took her in as her own. The Aislin you knew is no longer. She is, Susannah Hale, a human and a hunter of the Hale clan.

So, once again I will tell you. Aislin Brigant is under my protection. You will stay away from her, if you know what’s good for you. I’m sorry Eric, I know what she means to you, but I will not put the child of my most beloved treasure, at risk of anything. So once again I will tell you, do not go near her.”

With those words, Godric hung up on me. I was completely speechless, and once again I was stuck at a dead end.

That night, when I first laid eyes upon her on the dance floor, something in me snapped. I felt my primal urges begin to lose their control, I blurred over in a swift motion; joining her on the dance floor. Grinding up on her, inhaling her scent; I knew my hands wandered all over her body as we danced. I made sure my scent was rubbed all over her this way. I was marking her as mine, I was letting others know that she was not to be touched.

As I had thought back to that night, I felt my fangs throb and I could feel my cock harden. I wanted to drink in all of her. I wanted to drink from her, I wanted rub myself all over her, bury myself inside of her and make love to her.

My primal needs urged me to seek her out and claim her.

I knew I had to obey Godric, but I can’t, I wouldn’t do it. I needed to seek her out, and find ways to bring her back to our world.

But, was she truly meant for our world? Aislin was the sun itself, in this world of ours, her light would be the only thing to keep me sane, yet like Godric had said. If she was revealed to the world, then her life would be in danger, and I could really lose her for good this time.

I had already lost her parents, the people that took me in when my own parents had died. Both Aidan, and Selene took me in, they looked after me. They entrusted me with the care of their daughter. They believed in me, and yet here I was, thinking of putting her in harm’s way again.

But I couldn’t help it. I needed her, I needed Aislin with me, and I would not stop until I had her in my arms once more.

Thankfully, I had Pam check in all the security cameras, trying to find a perfect shot of my beloved one. Once we had her image, I had sent it to someone trustworthy to investigate her whereabouts by just her picture alone. I had them search every single security camera in the states, and a few days later, I had a nice call, giving me the good news.

Aislin had been found.

Or, Susannah Hale had been found. But how clever of her, she had taken on the name of ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ she was a waitress at a Shifter’s bar, in Bon Temps Louisiana, that was very close to where I was; Shreveport.

She was a clever little thing, hiding her true identity, because if the shifter knew that she was from the Hale clan, he would have fled a long time ago.

Shifters and Weres especially hated Hunters, a little more so than vampires. Most Vampires tended to hire Hunters too because they didn’t want to dirty their hands when it came to mingling at huge events that included humans.

I stared at the photograph of ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ admiring how mesmerizing she was. I was lost in my own thoughts of her, my fangs threatening to pop out. I pushed the photograph away, scolding myself for acting like a pre-pubescent boy. The last time I had lost control over my fangs, was when I was a boy of twelve. It’s a normal occurrence between Pureblood vampires of that age, because, It’s when our fangs begin to grow.

But I was not a twelve year old boy. I was a thousand years old. A thousand year old Pureblood vampire, that was supposed to seem like a ruthless, coldblooded creature to the rest of the supernatural world. But here I was, losing control of my own body over a picture of a woman.

When for as long as I can remember, women have fallen at my feet. I had fucked countless women, fed off of countless women, but here was this young little ball of fire, rousing me up like I was a simple minded teenager

It was utterly ridiculous, and Pam would never let me live it down. Yet I found myself uncaring. For years I had mourned her. The pain I felt when I had thought her dead was unbearable. How I didn’t find death in those years, is still a mystery to me.

“Master, I need you to pretend to be Sheriff for me tonight.”

I arched a brow at my child. “Please don’t tell me there’s another shoe sale Pam. You just went on a shopping spree last night. I think my credit cards have suffered enough.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “You’ll give me your credit cards when I give you the reason why, you’ll be taking my place.” She smiled at me. Pam isn’t one to smile much, but that smile she gave me tells me she is up to something, and it obviously involves me.

“Should I refuse?” I replied back to her, smirking right back at.

“Are you sure?” She asked again. “Because maybe I can keep your little G.I Jane all to myself tonight, she smells absolutely divine. I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of that.”

She was referring to Susannah. Pam had given Susannah that nickname, so when she mentioned her, I was all ears.

“What is she coming here for?”

“Some investigations, she is doing on her own time. She will ask questions around the bar, I’ll assume you will want to answer them for her, won’t you Eric?”

I threw my credit cards on my desk. “Take them, this is also the last time you use them. It should be a crime to shop as much as you do.” She gave me a grin when she took up my cards.

“Nonsense.” She said. “Also, there is no crime in going to a Jimmy Choo sale. I’ll be on my way Master.” She grinned again. “Have a….lovely night.” With that she blurred out of my office, leaving me to attend to her Sheriff duties.

I was now posing as Sheriff of Area 5.

When I stepped out onto the floor, my eyes immediately locked onto her petite form.

What a lovely night it was going to be, indeed.


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