Flashback GPOV

“So, do you two want to tell me why there’s blue everywhere—why is there a sword in the nursery?” Selene placed a hand on her hip and gave both Aidan and I a questioning look.

“For my son of course,” Came my elder brother’s reply.

“I assume blue is an appropriate color for my nephew, Selene.”

Selene paced the room back and forth and then called for a maid to bring her some fresh bagged blood. She rubbed her forehead and sighed to herself.

“Why are the two of you assuming I’m going to have a son?” Her question caught the two of us off guard.

“Well…” Aidan started, but found that he couldn’t find an answer.

“Because my eldest brother would love nothing more to have a son to teach how to wield a sword, and fight fearsome battles, it’s what every male would love.”

“Well.” She said. “The males in this family need to stop assuming, and actually ask the woman carrying the child her opinion in matters such as these.”

It seemed like she was on one of her moods again. Selene usually had a quick temper, but she never really let anyone know when she was angry, unless it was Aidan, my poor brother usually was the target of her mood swings. She was usually a kind and gentle woman. I often thought she was not meant for the vampire world but more often than not, she always proved me wrong when she revealed her true nature.

Her moods during her pregnancy usually went from angry to sad. But half the time she was throwing angry fits.

She had snuck out the day  before behind our backs and somehow evaded her guards; and went off on her own. Both Aidan and I were livid but she let us talk and then she unleashed her wrath on us and revealed that she had seen Eric and that she was within her right to see him. We let it slide this one time.

“Aidan, how do you know that MY daughter is going to enjoy sword fighting?”

“How do you know it’s a girl, my love?”

She pressed a chaste kiss to Aidan’s lips and pulled away.

“I’m her mother. A mother knows best.”

My brother smiled. “Then I suppose Godric and I shall begin to sharpen our weapons for any male that even dares to come near our daughter.—Besides,” He said “ We can always try for a son. We have an eternity to try.” He leered at her.

If only I would have known that my brother would never be able to even try eternity with Selene.

Selene Wardrobe






After I had a conversation with Adele Hale, she had revealed to me that Selene had promised her daughter to Eric when she was still pregnant. I chuckled a little to myself, thinking how strange it was for that woman to actually listen to us after that one scare she gave us in which she snuck off to find Eric.

Apparently the bargain was that she would stay forever safe, so long as  he promised to love and cherish her daughter for an eternity.  Now that I thought about it, it was very typical of her. Selene most likely wanted to ensure that if anything happened to any of us, she wanted Eric to be happy and safe. She wanted him to have someone to love and to be loved in return. She also wanted the same for her unborn daughter.

Unfortunately fate can be cruel.

My brother was killed, and a few years later Selene chose to sacrifice herself in order to protect her daughter and Eric. It made me wonder if that sacrifice was truly enough. Eric was suffering all the same without his beloved Aislin by his side, and Aislin? She was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I’ve kept tabs on her, and she can’t seem to stay away from Eric. Truth be told is that I fear for her.

Even as a human, Aislin was still a force to be reckoned with. She took after her mother after all; she was stubborn, proud, fierce, and strong.  I feared for her because like her mother; that child could not stay out of danger.  I was waiting for it, eventually she could not stay human for long. Selene had entrusted me with her life, and I felt that Aislin being fully whole was better for everyone. I also couldn’t let Eric suffer. He has suffered enough.

Yet still, a part of me was still hesitant about bringing Aislin back. If I did release the spell, then I would be breaking my promise to Selene. Aislin would be thrusted into the dangerous world of vampires. Being a Hunter gave her a protection from Vampires and humans alike. She was respected by all supernatural creatures. Being a Hunter gave her such a privlege, and I’m afraid that once she went back to her old life then she would no longer have that privilege.

I was at a loss on how to handle this situation, I truly was.






I stared at the mirror, and I touched my neck, gently running my finger over where Eric had bit. The fang marks weren’t there, Eric made sure that no mark would mar my skin. I of course didn’t mind. I had a few small scars on my body from past jobs I had taken up. I wore those scars on my body like trophies. They were the trophies of all my hard work and accomplishments.

Internally, I wished he had left his fang marks on my neck. There was a part of me that wanted to be known as his, and that he had chosen me. Though, the kiss I had received the other night was just fine.

The party I had gone to as Eric’s escort, or date was only a few days ago, but every time I closed my eyes, it’s like I’m just there dancing away with Eric. The whole memory just gave me butterflies.  It was the best feeling ever. I never knew that one man, or vampire could ever make me feel such a way. I smiled just thinking about him.

My family always made me smile, but they couldn’t ever make me feel butterflies at the pit of my stomach, nor could they ever make feel the way Eric made me feel. Eric made me smile, and all I ever seemed to think about lately when I often spoke with him. The best part of it all was that both Gran and Jason didn’t seem to mind that I was dating a Vampire, a pureblood no less! There was also a few group of hunters that approved my relationship with Eric and it was nice to know that they didn’t mind. The only who hasn’t been notified of my blossoming relationship with Eric was Godric.  I was kind of afraid to tell him.

He was the person who had told me to be wary of Eric and to refuse his blood offer, because it would do more harm than good to my body. Gran had also told me that drinking vampire blood would be harmful to me, a bad case of allergies is what it would give me, she had said. I had never heard of that condition in a human. Believe it or not, I actually went out to do some research on my own. I had asked a few hunters about it, and they all told me that they had never heard of such a case in which a human would be allergic to vampire blood. They’ve only heard of V addicts, which was the same as any old drug addict.

I knew Gran was lying though. Allergies to vampire blood? That was the worst lie ever, and I knew it was a lie. Gran was trying to hide something from me. She approved of my relationship with Eric, but disapproved of me taking his blood.

I wish Gran and Godric understood the limits they have put on me. I let Eric take my blood, and now my greatest desire has been to taste his. The thought passed my mind when I was locked up in that room with him at the party. I really wanted to latch on and take his blood. For some reason that wasn’t strange to me. I felt like it was okay for me to desire him to that extent. To want to take his blood felt just right, and I wasn’t going to question why, because I knew my feelings for Eric ran that deep.

Was this love? Was I in love with Eric?

I think maybe, probably I am.

By Sunset, I was getting into my car to go to Fangtasia to meet Eric; as I was fastening my seatbelt I had a new notification on my phone.

Eric: Prince Charming is on the search for Cinderella. I believe she left behind a glass slipper.

I laughed lightly and responded to him.

Sookie: I think I found Cinderella, I’ll be sure to send her over to you. Prince Charming will be delighted I’m sure.

Eric Northman was no Prince Charming. But he definitely was something.

Eric: Prince Charming awaits for her arrival.

By the time I had left Hummingbird Lane, I had that fluttery feeling in my stomach again when I read his text message.  My phone rang, and I turned my Bluetooth on and answered. As a hunter, wearing a headset was so much easier than lowering your guard when you had your cellphone to your ear. The blue tooth made us more alert to our surroundings. Besides, the roads of Bon Temp weren’t always safe at night and it was better to be alert at night when one was driving these lonely roads; it also saved us trouble by being pulled over by the police officer to give us a ticket for ‘careless driving’ as they would say.

If that was careless driving, then I wonder what you would call Pam or Eric’s driving.

I hope the spell doesn’t wear off at midnight this time my little Cinderella.” I loved hearing his voice.

“My Fairy Godmother might be gracious enough to let me stay—a little longer.” I smiled.

I’d hardly call you Cinderella though, you are more like a goddess. Athena, Artemis—no you are Freja, goddess of Love and beauty and war “

“Freja, huh. I am pretty badass, aren’t I?” I giggled.

My smile soon turned into a frown once my car decided to slow down to a complete stop. Not exactly what I had in mind for my date with Eric tonight. I sighed in frustration.

Something wrong, lover?”

“My car. I had it tuned up just last week. Everything should be up to date.” I said grumbling, and I was pretty sure Eric could hear me cursing and all that. Not my finest moment, but I was pissed. Tray Dawson, was my mechanic, and he was a damned good one at that, so my car shouldn’t have any troubles, and my car is only a year old too. So what gives?

I popped the hood of the car, got a flashlight out of my trunk and tried to look under the hood for anything out of place. I may not be a mechanic, but hey a girl had to know some things.

I can find your location, I have had your blood remember? I can come to you.”

At this point it was better than just trying to figure out what was wrong with my car, but maybe all I needed was some oil? Who knows, Tray may have forgotten to do an oil change, not all men were perfect.

But the oil was in tact. That’s all I knew about cars anyways, so I closed the hood of my car and then I sighed.

“You really don’t have to Eric.”

I want to.”

Even if I said no, he’d probably come anyways. So I relented.

“Okay, Prince Charming.” I teased. “Your princess awaits.”

Before I could continue any form of conversation with Eric, I felt something grab me  from behind. I was really caught off guard, and I guess Eric must have felt my distress because he kept calling my name but I had tuned him out. I elbowed the person in the stomach, and he growled. I managed to slip away from him and then before I knew it, he punched me in the stomach.  I stumbled back trying to regain my focus, but I couldn’t even focus because my attacker went in again and gave me a good kick to the stomach once more, making me collapse to the ground. I yelled out in pain as tears threatened to form in my eyes but I tried to hold them back. I wouldn’t give my attacker the pleasure of seeing me like this.

I laid on the ground, watching as my attacker approached me. I could barely make them out, and just as they got near me, I saw them being picked up and thrown off like a rag doll.

“Sookeh. I’m here now darling. Take some of my blood.”


What the hell, Eric never called me that. This wasn’t Eric, nor was it Pam either. His voice was different and very creepy. I could barely make him  out but I could hear him tear into his flesh, and I felt him trying to shove his wrist at me..

“Drink, Sookeh.” He said trying to shove his bloody wrist into my mouth.

No, this wasn’t right.

No! I couldn’t drink his blood, no!

I needed help, I couldn’t take his blood.

I weakly moved my head away, trying to close my mouth, trying to prevent him from getting his blood into my system.

“Sookeh, my blood will not turn you into a vampire. It will heal you. You need to be healed.” I shook my head again. I wasn’t stupid, I knew what vampire blood did.

“No.” I said weaklly and I was finally able to make out who the vampire was. It was Bill Compton. I should have staked him, I should have staked him and I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

Seeing as I wouldn’t relent, Bill got a good gulp of his own blood, and then he covered my mouth with his own, trying to force the blood down that way. When he saw that I wasn’t swallowing it, he tried to cover my nose so I could forcefully swallow.

Fucking asshole!

I felt myself panic at this. I was weak  and I hated being in this kind of situation.

Just in that moment, I felt Bill being ripped off of me.

“Did I not tell you, Compton? She is mine!”  I heard Eric’s voice, and I was so glad for it. I began to spit out Bill’s blood, trying not to get any down my throat.

“She needed help! She was attacked and she needed blood! Do you even care about Sookeh’s well being? I was trying to save her!” I heard Bill say.

“Run, Bill. Run before I tear your throat out myself. I don’t give a damn what the Queen says, I will gladly spend my time in a fucking coffin if that meant I got to tear your throat out right now.” Eric said menacingly.  It seemed like that had done the trick. Bill had disappeared once Eric threatened him.

Eric finally turned to me, kneeling down to the ground he gently caressed my face.

I was crying, not because I was scared, but because I was weak and in turn I felt anger. I hated being weak and unguarded. If I had taken more precautions, none of this would have ever happened.

I was more determined to get Bill what he deserved now.

I sighed, trying to reign in my emotions, I smiled at Eric, as he had gently picked me up from the ground, and carried me like a princess.

“My knight in shining armor.” I jokingly said. “My Prince Charming.”

“Always.” Eric said to me while placing a kiss to my forehead.

“Anything for you, my princess.”





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  2. So obvious that Beehl the asshole tampered with her car in order to engineer this little scene. Please kill him, very sloooowly. Pretty please with cherries on top.

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