Chapter 3

The ruined street still holds some beauty

I’ve been waiting a long time for your return

in my hand there’s a forget me not

Sookie’s POV


It was cold, but strangely I wasn’t affected by the weather. I could feel the wet cold underneath my feet, and I looked down to see that it was snow.

For endless miles, I could see nothing, but a winter wonderland; and it made me think of Christmas. Suddenly, I was longing for a nice cup of my Gran’s home made hot coco, and fresh cookies. The thought made me smile, and I inhaled, taking in a deep breath; imagining the sweet smells during Christmas, but what I got instead was the smell of salt.


That was odd, I took in another deep breath, concentrating on the smell, putting my mind into it. I could faintly hear the sounds of waves crashing along the shore.

The ocean.

There was a beach nearby. I smiled, and headed down towards the beach. I could never truly enjoy the beach as a child. There was always the sounds of people’s thoughts that never brought me any peace, not even at the beach. The thoughts of the people were very perverse, I heard things no child should ever hear, at the age of eight.

I was very excited to see the ocean, so I ran, as fast as I could to get there. Not even bothered by the fact that I was even barefooted. I didn’t even know why I was barefooted, and I could care less either.

I could feel the sand underneath my feet, the difference between cold, wet and suddenly soft and grainy was big. The sand wasn’t cold, and it felt so nice.

I continued down towards the shore line, the ocean was so vast, and endless.

The ocean in winter.

It smelled so lovely, I inhaled its scent, and it was so comforting. It smelled so familiar to me, just like how the deep, rich, blue ocean; reminded me of someone’s eyes.

I knew someone with those kind of eyes. I felt a sudden sadness come over me, and I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t recall who’s eyes the ocean reminded me of, or what the scent reminded me of either.

Who did I forget? Why was I feeling so sad and lonely?

Was this person that important to me?

Why couldn’t I remember them?

I sat down on the sand, right next to a patch of forget-me-not flowers. The flowers looked lonely, just like the eyes in my memory. The eyes in my memory looked sad and lonely, but they were filled with love.

Did this person love me? Did I love them?

I felt an ache in my chest as I tried to remember, and I felt a tear roll down my cheek, but I couldn’t recall why.

And it frustrated me.

“Because you chose to forget.”

A voice called out to me, and I looked up to see a young boy, with those same deep, rich blue eyes. I gasped slightly. “Are you the one from my memory?” The boy shook his head at me.

“I am not.”

“Why did I choose to forget?”

Why not? Its better this way. It’s less painful, it’s peaceful. Aren’t you happy?” He approached me, and looked down at the flowers. There must have been a good reason to choose to forget something so painful, but regardless. I wanted to know. I tried prying into the boy’s mind, and I couldn’t read him, his mind was blank to me.

“Why did I forget?”

“Ssh, Sookie. It’s okay to forget the painful stuff. Just, ssh. I’m here, and that’s all you need. So just stay here with me, please?”

I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I relented. If it was that painful, then maybe it was better to forget everything. I was fine here, no one would hurt me, no more tears, no more anything. I was finally happy.

So I chose to ignore the small ache in my heart, and I took the boys hand, and gave him a quick embrace.

“Thank you” I said to him. “Thank you for easing my pain.”


“She’s been unconscious for a week now, Ludwig. What the hell is wrong with her?” I gritted my teeth, trying my best to control my temper.

It had been a week since I had received a call from Ludwig, telling me that Sookie was laying dead on floor in her child’s nursery room. I was having my meeting with Cataliades at the time, and I had to cancel and speed over as fast as I could in order get there.

When I had gotten there, I expected to find Sookie dead. Though to my relief, I could hear her heart beating, but I could also hear it beating slowly, too slow for a human. She was alive, and that relieved me so much, but the problem was, she wouldn’t wake up. I tried giving her my blood, and that made her heart beat a tiny bit faster, but it went back to its slow rate in the following two days.

I didn’t mind giving her blood every two days, so when I tried feeding her my blood again, she seemed to go into a seizure, and she threw up all my blood.

Her body rejected my blood.

Mine, one of the greatest in existence due to my bloodline. I had at least hoped it would equal to Eric’s blood, but it wasn’t. Eric had ancient blood, so it was powerful, while I did not, my blood was weaker in terms of age and power. I was a baby compared to Eric. So my blood was useless.

I did everything in my power in trying not to call Eric. I tried everything in my power to show control and restraint, I tried not to panic, but it was getting hard to do so.

I needed answers, and I needed them now.

“I have never seen this happen before, and I could tell you that she should be dead right now. But she isn’t entirely human, the Fae in her is keeping her alive. Obviously, she’s in a coma, and her heart beat is still as slow as when we found her. Magic keeps her alive, but even magic doesn’t last long.” Ludwig sighed.

Okay, can I push the panic button now? Because it seems like a good time to do so. Things were looking worse, and this time not even Dear Abby could help me out of this one.

“It looks like some sort of bonding sickness, but she isn’t bonded to your maker. I could come up with endless theories, but there is no point in counting up theories. Last resort is to have her take blood directly from the Viking. Because at this rate, she will surely die. There is no doubt about that. ”

“Ludwig is right.” The sweet scent filled my nostrils, I turned around, baring my fangs at the fairy whom had appeared before us.

“Well well, if it isn’t miss faith, trust, and pixie dust. Whatever brings you here, darling?” I drawled, looking her up and down, devising ways on how to slowly torture and kill her.

“What Sookie is experiencing, is bonding sickness. Her connection to Eric never fully severed.”

“So, you’re telling me, that they were still bonded in some strange magical way?”

The fairy nodded her head. “Yes, and that connection was the child. The child carried Eric’s blood, and Sookie carried that child inside of her. In a way, she still had Eric’s blood within her. Upon having that connection severed, she would be experiencing this bonding sickness. She could have died when her bond with Eric was severed, were she not with child. But the child saved her, although now…her future looks bleak..” The Fairy trailed off, she looked like she wanted to say something but, she stopped herself from saying it.

I had retracted my fangs, but that didn’t last long. I popped them out again, and I grabbed the fairy by the throat, pinning her up against the wall. Never trust a fairy, was something I learned from my Maker, and I sure as hell wouldn’t trust her.

“I’m not stupid, there’s something you’re not telling me, fairy.”

“There is nothing to tell.” She croaked. “Bullshit.” I said, keeping her pinned against the wall.

“Now we could do this the easy way, or the hard way, and let me tell you, I’m in no mood to drain a fairy tonight, so I will gladly torture you, and give you a slow and painful death, because I know you were in on the child’s disappearance. Death is too good for you, sweet heart. If you tell me, I will give you a head start and let you run, because I will still kill you one way or the other.”

“Because Sookie is also Fae. The Fae imprint, that’s how we find our mates, and this applies to Sookie. When she met Eric, she imprinted.” I slowly released my grasp around her throat. “Basically, Sookie and Eric are mates. If one dies, so goes the other. Its exactly like bonded pairs, if one is gone the other will experience pain. In Sookie’s case, because she is fae, she is feeling the full effects of being separated from Eric. The longer she is away from him, then she will not last. Neither will Eric. The two of them must be together, they cannot part.”

Well, fuck me.

I released the fairy, and the minute I released her she was at Sookie’s side, doing some weird pixie dust shit, I saw Sookie’s body glow slightly, and I growled at her.

“What the fuck did you do to her?”

“Down fanger. She gave Sookie some of her light, it’s going to let Sookie last a little longer, which is what we need exactly.” Ludwig was right and that little bit of news, had me a tiny bit relaxed, since Ludwig said what I needed to know. Regardless, I was not ashamed of having threatened the fairy. I still wanted to kill her. These past few months, I have become overly protective of Sookie. Thanks to my little Tinkerbelle, some type of new primal instincts were appearing in me, and I welcomed them with open arms tonight.

Regardless, the killing of fairies, was not my place. I knew what I had to do next, and that was call my maker. Once he found out everything that went on, then he would give those fairies a fate far worse than death, and while I would love to commit my acts of revenge, It wouldn’t be in my place to do so. Though, I can imagine Eric would give me a little taste of it. He always did love to spoil me rotten.

I almost smiled at the thought.

“I’ll pay you double for your services Ludwig.” I sped out of Sookie’s room, and I turned my phone on, the one I turned off a week ago. I knew it was full of voice mails, from my favorite Viking. Though it was not time to be amused, I clearly was. I needed to be amused, because too much shit was going on right now, and I needed something to make me laugh before Eric yelled into my ear, and called out a punishment on me, because I knew he would.

Eric was very angry with me, I did not need the child-maker bond to find that one out.

“Where the fuck have you been Pam.”

Ah yes, the sweet sounds of an angry Viking were music to my ears. I took a deep breath, and acted as calmly as possible.

“Master, I have a very good reason to have been MIA. But wherever you are, I need you to make sure you’re alone. No nosy kings, or whatever the hell is around you. What I’m going to tell you is highly classified, as in TinkerBelle classified.”

Ah yes, my favorite nickname for my favorite breather, and the only one that knew that nickname was Eric.

“Tala till mig, Pamela.”

“Eric, är Sookie döende. Och hon gör inte har lång tid att leva. Hon är i koma, och hon har varit så här i en vecka nu. Hon kommer inte att vakna upp. Vi förlorar henne, Eric.”

I said all I needed to say, there was more to say, but I could not say more. I could hear Eric growl on the other line, and I could have sworn he was ready to smash the phone against the wall.

“And you waited a week to tell me this Pamela?!” He roared at me, and I pulled the phone away from my ear, pretending not to hear anything, but whom was I kidding. My super enhanced hearing heard everything he was throwing at me. To insults, curses, everything.

And that was not the whole story. Couldn’t wait to see his reaction when I told him the full details.

“Eric there is more to tell, but I cannot relay the information over the phone. Its too dangerous, and shit could hit the fan if someone finds out.”

He seemed to calm down, but I felt his anger.

“Very well Pamela. I will make arrangements. Do not think you are off the hook for such insubordination. One, you should NEVER turn your phone off. I am your maker, and I will not tolerate that kind of behavior Pamela, you know better than that. I will see you soon.”

He hung up, and now I needed to think of how I was going to tell him about Eric Jr, and how he got taken by fairies.

Fuck me.

Eric POV

I could not touch donor blood, that was for certain. I had glamoured at least 20 donors this week. I was able to show some self restraint, but I had a sudden craving for Sookie’s blood, every time I took blood from a donor, I’d throw it up and my need for Sookie’s blood was becoming stronger. My blood was calling out to her.

I had not bee in contact with Pamela for a week. I’ve been calling Pamela for a week, and every time I did, it would send me to voicemail.

For an entire week I had been agonizing in pain, wondering what the hell was going on with me, but I had no answers, I could not get my answers. I tried calling Ludwig, and she was a dead end. She returned my call saying she was busy, and she could not come to me.

I was growing desperate. My room was thrashed, my furniture broken, I had become territorial. Whatever creature that would come to me, usually ended up badly injured. My Primal instincts were getting the best of me, my instincts were telling me to go to Sookie, yet I could not, and that put me in a more irritable mood.

I told Felipe I did not want to be disturbed, and I told him that if he sent anyone here to me, then I would stake them, or kill them. He could easily see my foul mood, and he had left me alone for the past week. Even he could not tell what was wrong with me, and I was grateful he left me alone. Because I would have driven the stake through his heart the minute he would come in here. It was his fault I was away from my Sookie.

Suddenly, I felt Panic, Anger and Blood lust.

Usually my child was good at blocking her emotions from me, and today I could feel her emotions. For one, I had never felt or seen Pam panic, my worry grew for her. Pam never panicked.

I felt her anger and her blood lust, I could feel her intent to kill. I made out more of her emotions, I could feel her rage, she wanted blood, she wanted to kill.

I knew these emotions all too well. Something happened to Pam, someone must have double crossed her, someone messed with my child.

No one messed with my child.

No one.

What if it was a vampire far older than her? My worry grew deeper for her. I became restless, my urge to kill was stronger, if there was a powerful vampire that even Pam could not kill then I was worried for both Pam and Sookie, and I needed to go to them.

I would kill whoever decided to harm what was mine.

When my Phone rang, I did not want to answer, but the caller ID was my child, and so I immediately picked up. I growled at her, hurled insults at her, and yelled at her. I had never been more furious with her.

But regardless she was calm, she did not raise her voice at me. Instead she went straight to the point.

She mentioned classified information about Sookie, and I allowed her to speak. But I never expected to hear the words

“Sookie is dying.”

While I paid some attention to her, so many thoughts ran through my head. My love had not awoken for a week, and she grew weaker, she was nearing her end. While I was here in New Orleans, stuck doing work for Felipe. I had been here, doing useless shit, while the love of my life was dying.

Finally, a plan formulated in my head. I was coming back to Sookie and Pam tonight if possible. I said a few more things to Pam and hung up.

I finally decided to leave my room, and found my way into Felipe’s quarters. He was feeding on a young red head, she was a beauty, but her blood had a disgusting scent to it. I almost scrunched up my nose in disgust, but I would not do so in front of Felipe.

“Eric, you’re finally out of your cave.”

“Your Majesty.” I nodded my head at him, ignoring his remark. “I come here to ask permission to leave for a few weeks.” Felipe eyed me, and before he could tell me no, I spoke up once more. “It seems Pamela, my child has encountered some problems. She was captured, silvered and nearly left out to burn in the sun, but she managed to escape. I need to go to my child, I will stay with her, keep an eye on her, and kill whomever attempted to kill my child. I will not come back until the situation is dealt with. I will not rest until I find whomever is responsible.”

He seemed to understand, he wiped the blood of his lips with a handkerchief. “Very well, but I would like to send someone with you.”

“Not necessary. My time with my child is my personal time alone. I will not have anyone watching my back, and I will not allow anyone to see my child in a humiliating state.”

“Very well, deal with the situation, as it is of most importance for the safety of my kingdom for this to be dealt with. I don’t care how you do it, just fix the problem. But you will come back once you are finished. Understood?”

I nodded, and bowed. “Thank you, your majesty. I will leave tonight then.”

I was surprised he didn’t protest against me leaving tonight, but then again I could not trust the man. He wouldn’t let me go so easily, and he would most likely send someone to c heck up on me. I needed to be careful, I needed to cover my tracks in the next few days.

But what is done, is done.

I was going to see Sookie tonight, and I would kill whomever got in my way.


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