Chapter 5


It had been a few days since I last heard from Eric. But aside from that, I had seen him ever so often. I would drop by fangtasia and we’d always hung out.

I always thought about him. I felt this need to be near him and it was driving me insane!

I actually wanted him to take my blood, not out of our agreement, but because I wanted something more to it. But, I quickly but that notion all the way back in to the deep dark parts of my mind.

I also ended up talking to Gran and Jason about what had happened that one night, and even though I had thought it was a good idea, they completely jumped ship on the idea of me taking Eric’s blood. They were dead set against it, and though I tried reading their minds, I had found that I was blocked off.


Then I called my friend and mentor; Godric.

When I told him my situation, he was also so against me taking Eric’s blood. In fact, he told me to stay away from Eric, and he sounded quite angry about it too.

I know my life revolves around secrets, but no one would tell me why I couldn’t hang around Eric, or take his blood. There was no specific reason. That was my argument, and then Gran said I was allergic to Vampire Blood, and that I had nearly died when I was young because of it.

If she said so then…

I still didn’t believe her. Something was fishy, and it was frustrating not being able to read their minds.

When I phoned Eric the other night, about this mishap he had gone quiet, and he told me he understood where they were getting at. I didn’t mention Godric though, because how the hell am I sure if they’re enemies or not? Supes could be friends one day and try to kill each other the next.

This is why I never really got close to most of the Supes, the same went for the two natured that had refused to be part of packs, and opted instead to take the oath and become hunters. We usually didn’t discriminate in those matters, we respected them but never made friends with them either.

Hunters were almost like Supes, blood oaths were sacred to us just like the Supe world. In fact, we acted just like the Supes, only we were humans with special things to protect ourselves.

And Speaking of Godric, I was down here in Dallas paying him a visit. Hunter business, but this was a personal request from Godric himself so I couldn’t refuse.

Anything to get myself out of Bon Temp, Louisiana.

I suddenly remembered what I had been wondering all along, and since Eric Northman wouldn’t answer my damn questions then perhaps Godric would.

He seemed to have notice my stare so he looked up at me, quirking his eyebrow. “Is something wrong Susannah?” I shook my head.

“Not really..” I sighed. “But…actually I have a question, Godric. I need to know this, it’s been eating away at me for a while now and I can’t seem find the answer to it, and seeing as you’re ancient and wise then..maybe you might give me an answer.”

“As I seem to recall, you usually have the most interesting questions, little one. Go on, let’s hear your question.”

“Godric, who is Aislin?”

If a vampire could turn any paler, Godric was it. He reminded me of when I first met Eric. When I had first met Eric; the man looked like he would faint at any second, if vampires were capable of doing just that.

Godric froze at my question, but he soon snapped out of his sudden shock.

“Susannah, where did you hear that name from?”

“When I first met Eric, he called me his beloved Aislin.”

He looked a bit angry, but then he schooled his features and gave me his best poker face. He turned to me and gave me gentle look.

“Aislin was the child of Selene and Aidan Brigant. She was my most beloved niece.”

I didn’t have to ask what had happened to her, just hearing Godric’s voice waver a bit at the mention of his family made my heart break for him. So I stood up, walked on over to him and pulled him into a hug.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” I said to him, with utmost sincerity. Godric said nothing, and relaxed in my embrace. I wanted to ask more, but I decided against it. I’d just have to pull my answers out from another source, I suppose.


“Godric.” Came his reply, as soon as he answered.

“Eric, I warned you to stay away from her, and here I am hearing about a blood tie? What is wrong with you?” I hissed into the phone.

“How did you?..”

“I have eyes and ears everywhere Eric, now do not change the subject and answer my damn question.” I could hear Eric sigh on the other side.

“She came to Fangtasia, Pamela’s new toy; and was looking for the Sheriff.. Susannah came here to report about Bill Compton and his intentions, so she wanted me to claim her as my human. She even asked me for my blood. As it turns out, Compton has his eyes on her.”

The urge to rip his throat out diminished . He was practically like a son to me. I love Eric but he could really try my patience sometimes. And those killing urges were now directed towards Bill Compton, and I knew exactly who and what he was.

“Giving Susannah any form of vampire blood can be disastrous. She will be turned into a vampire on an instant, and it will not turn out well. For all we know she can go mad. The only one allowed to give her blood, is me. Directly from me only, because she is blood of my blood. Should the need ever come, then I will release the spell, and she will be whole again.”

The line went silent, but I knew Eric was there.

“Then why not release her now.” He had asked me, and I had seen the question coming along after I had recently explained this to him. “It is her mother’s wishes, and I will not go against Selene’s word, I will not break my vow, and not only that but Aislin is my niece. I am the head of Brigant family now, and it is in within my duty to see to her well-being. If she is safest as she is, then she will remain as she is.”

“You speak of rights, but what about me, Godric? She is my bonded!” I nearly crushed the phone in my hand when he told me this.

I had known this, and I had known that Selene basically broke the tie between Aislin and Eric, and the man had every right to seek retribution for this. But I suspected the blood tie was still there, only he couldn’t feel it because of the state Aislin was in. Even more reason not to let him give her blood. Good god knows what would happen if they exchanged. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Eric also had a right to kill me for keeping him from his bonded, although I knew he wouldn’t bring me any harm and he wouldn’t do so at all, he probably still felt those killing urges towards me.

But, how can I blame him? Having your bonded die is a pain not even death can compete with.

“Eric. I know, but you must forget about her. Please, just listen to me and move on. Let Susannah live and be happy.”

I hung up, and as soon as I did, Susannah came strolling in.

“Ah, you’re early.” I said smiling up at her.

“Yeah…there was no traffic this time around.” She sauntered in, placing a small peck on my cheek. There was a large grin on her face.

“It is good to see you again, little one.” I said to her, as she began to make herself comfortable, by grabbing a pillow from my couch and hugging it to her chest as she sat down.

I began to recall the time she was a child, and her fangs began to grow in.


Uncle Godric, my throat feels weird.” She pulled on my arm. “I’m really, really thirsty but water won’t help.” She whined. I was looking after her, since her mother was out on some business trip, and she would be back in two days, so I was left looking after my beloved niece. I was busy in my study, writing a few letters and I directed my attention to her. She seemed frightened, and her eyes had certainly changed. Her pupils were dilated, and there was a small glow to them, that was only noticeable if you stared long enough.

But because I had heightened eyesight, I could see it very well.

I also understood what was going on with her. A dry throat, constant thirst and hunger that won’t be sated by anything else and her eyes, they said all. My dearest niece was in need of blood. I knew Aislin would come into this stage soon.

I knew her mother was very picky, and I also knew that children shouldn’t feed on donor blood unless they were much older, so I needed to feed her my own blood.

It’s alright, little one. You’re fine, I know exactly what’s wrong with you.”

Please make it go away, Uncle.” From her tone of voice, I knew she was scared. I motioned for her to come onto my lap, and she hopped on. I tore open my wrist, letting the blood flow. I heard a click of fangs and she immediately latched on. As my blood entered her body, I could feel how content she was, her thirst and hunger finally sated.

Alright, enough my dearest.” She pulled away, wiping her lips with her hand, and then licked her hand clean.

Table manners, dearest Aislin.” I said to her. She pouted. “Mama isn’t here you know.” I placed a kiss on her forehead. “No, but I am; and your mother would have a fit if she knew I allowed you to eat like that.” Aislin giggled.

Aislin, remember. If you feel like before, you come to me. I will feed you.”

Yes sir.”

Now, you may go play if you wish, just remember what I said.”

Yes, Uncle Godric!” She kissed my cheek, and ran off.

End Flashback

Fond memories, oh how I wish I could go back to them.

I could feel Susannah staring at me, so I gave her my attention.

“Is there something wrong, Susannah?”

She finally explained to me what she wanted, and she needed a question to be answered.

What I wasn’t expecting, was what kind of question it was. When she asked me who Aislin was, I froze. Her question had indeed caught me off guard. I hadn’t spoken that name in a while, but I had a lingering feeling that she had heard if from Eric. That child needed to put a lid on his mouth sometimes.

When I had asked Susannah where she had heard the name from, she confirmed my suspicions. It really was Eric that had mentioned this to her.

But how could I blame him?

The woman he’d thought dead came back to life, and strolled into a bar. The woman he loved, the woman that he lost was the reason he wanted to seek death, but much like me; he was seeking a way to destroy those that had wronged him.

I sighed, finally answering her question, but I said no more, because every time I thought of how everything turned out, it would really damper my mood. Susannah seemed to catch on to this, and she placed her arms around me. She apologized for bringing the topic up, but I said nothing to her.

How could I fault her?

She was not at fault for anything. Both Selene and I were the ones to blame for ripping her away from Eric, we were to blame for letting her live oblivious to everything.

I was suddenly having doubts, perhaps I should rethink this. Maybe there was a way to keep her safe, while reverting her back to her old life.


After Godric had hung up on me, I ended up redecorating the office to put it in nicer terms. Upon hearing the sounds of destruction in here, Pam had blurred down here in an instant.

“Nice, I was thinking of redecorating, but you did the job for me, thanks.” I wasn’t in the mood for any of her shenanigans today.

“I take it someone pissed you off. Usually, that has to do with anything relating to G.I Jane.” Pam examined her nails, with a bored look on her face. I didn’t reply to her comment either.

“Master, dear Abby says it’s good to talk things out.”

And there she went with the dear Abby. I knew she was trying to help because she was worried about me, despite her usual nature.

“I have a right to kill him.” I said.

“Kill who?”

“Godric, I have every right to fly down to Dallas and end him.” I said through gritted teeth. I was trying to control my anger.

“But you won’t. He is your mentor, he raised you. He is Aislin’s last remaining blood relative, and if you kill him, then when she gets her memories back, she will never forgive you.” I hated it, but Pam was right. Godric took me in when I was a child, and introduced me to his family. He taught me everything I know, everything there is to be a vampire, and the rest of the Brigant family? Aislin’s mother took care of me, when I needed the warmth of my own mother.

The debt I owed the Brigant family, was one that I could never repay, I was always going to be there to aid them when needed, I could never, and I would not kill anyone from that family. Even if I had a right to do it.

“You’re right.” I said to her, which earned me a smile from her.

I was not a parent, I didn’t understand all these sacrifices they had to make. In my own opinion, they were robbing Aislin of her life, by allowing her to be someone else, someone she was not. My lover had a beautiful heart, but she embraced her nature with open arms, she loved what she was, she loved life and she never seemed to have any regrets.

I could not give her my blood, but I needed to find a way to break that spell without having any need of Godric’s blood.

There had to be a way, all spells had a loophole somewhere and this one was no different.

“Pam. Find me the witch, Octavia.”


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  1. Interference from well meaning relatives never works out for the best and it is only a matter of time before all is revealed. A pissed off Susannah will have a few things to say. And maybe some backsides to kick. Loving this story.

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