Chapter 1

I could hear the faint sounds of music coming from the club.

New Orleans was a lively city, but a city like New Orleans was like a beacon that attracted all kinds of supernatural things. The French quarter was like the capital of all things supernatural in this city.

And since it was Mardi Gras, there was bound to be a bunch of casualties. Our jobs as hunters were to keep peace, and protect humans against anything shady—or supernatural that happened against the humans. Our main priority was to keep the humans from being killed and drained by a vampire.

Tonight I had to make my way into one of the most famous night clubs in the French Quarter. One owned exclusively by Vampires, which also catered to humans and a few others.

When I went inside, I could almost smell the stench of sex. I didn’t need to open up my mind to know that humans were in here looking for a feed and fuck from the vampires. As legal as that might have sounded, it wasn’t. It was against the law to feed from humans in public places.

I never went in alone on my missions; I always had my partners with me. Some were already inside the club, while others stayed outside, well hidden in the shadows, just in case something went wrong.

Hunters weren’t supernatural. But we were well integrated in the supe community. We hunted those that caused enough trouble. We kept order in the supernatural world, and the human world. We strived to create balance.

After Vampires had revealed themselves to the world, our job got even easier. While there was the AVL, they had no say in whom we killed. Because, if we wanted to; we could remove them from their seat in power. We understood the hierarchy as well within the supernatural world. Each hunter grew up being taught our many rituals, and our code. We were taught from a young age how to disarm and kill.

In my case, our Gran had taught us this, seeing as my grandfather, and my parents weren’t around. Our Gran became the matriarch; she was the head of our family. Even if she had retired as a hunter, her word was always law. And like most supes, hunters lived in the shadows. No one in Bon Temps knew what my family was. For all they knew, we were just your normal southern family. Even the Shifter that worked the bar back home was just as clueless. He thought perfect little Sookie Stackhouse was just a normal girl.

No he had no clue that I was in reality a Hale. I came from a well-known, Hunter family. The Hale family was feared amongst the Supes. My grandparents and my parents were legends amongst our kind. My brother and I hoped to follow in their footsteps. Jason and I were both a team. We were always on missions together watching each other’s backs.

We, as hunters; didn’t have any supernatural powers ourselves. Only a few Hunters were werewolves and shifters.

Each hunter was protected, vampires could not drain us. The protection charms we wore on ourselves prevented any kind of supernatural death. That didn’t mean we weren’t immune to death. After all, my parents died in a car accident.

So here I was in the club, while some techno music flared in the background. I took a sip of my Gin and Tonic, my eyes wide and open, searching for anything that was out of the ordinary, anything illegal. Jason was at the other end of the club, dancing with some girls, but I knew he was on alert as well.

We weren’t here to enjoy ourselves. We were here because a powerful vampire was going to make an appearance. Sometimes, powerful vampires caused quite the riot.

Luckily I was well armed, a silver dagger strapped on the inside of my boot, and a gun was strapped to the inner most part of my thigh; underneath my dress.

I finished my drink, and asked for another. I felt a void sit down next to me, I knew it was a vampire since their minds never gave me any signals, other than just a blank.

“My lady, what is a beauty such as yourself doing? Sitting here all on your own?” I looked at him, and I could feel him trying to pry into my mind, trying to glamour me. “Won’t you like to accompany me into a more private area tonight?” I gave him my ‘crazy sookie’ smile.

“Sorry, I’m not on the menu tonight darling.” I drawled in the most, sweetest southern accent I could muster.

“But, you should try someone else.” When I said that, he grabbed onto my arm not letting me go. He dropped fang, and looked at me with killer intent. I didn’t flinch, I wasn’t afraid of him. I merely raised an eyebrow at the Vampire before me.

“What, you’re going to kill me in a club full of humans, weres and other vampires?” Oh I knew I was playing with fire, and that just excited me more, watching this vampire squirm and get even angrier. I could almost feel the blood lust and rage radiating off of him. He wasn’t pleased that I couldn’t be glamoured, he didn’t like that I was spitting the truth at his face.

“Is there a problem in my club?” Another void another vampire, I saw a blond haired woman standing next to the vampire in front of me. She was very beautiful, very appealing to the eye.

“Let go of the human, Mason.” She threatened. The Vampire known as Mason, complied, and let me go. He retracted his fangs, but he kept glaring at me. “Forgive me, Pamela. I was just having a nice chat with the human, weren’t we?” He tried glamouring me again.

“No, we weren’t.” I said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I came here to enjoy myself.” The woman known as Pamela gave me a fangy smile. “Oh darlin’ if you want to enjoy yourself, I could always be of service to you.” I smirked back at her.

“Maybe next time.” I winked at her, and then I sauntered off to the dance floor.

My favorite song was playing, and while I was technically on the clock as some would say, no one said I couldn’t enjoy myself. Technically, there were others watching my back, and the big bad mystery vamp hadn’t appeared yet.

Usher’s Scream came on, and I began to move to the music. Losing myself in the beat, I was startled when I felt someone behind me, and I grinded up on them. Moving my body along, swaying my hips along to the song. I opened my mind, to see who it was behind me. A void, it was a vampire, but instead of pulling away I let his large hands wander all over my body as we moved in synch, in rhythm to the song. His hands feeling so sensual as they ran down my thigh.

I turned around, and was surprised to see how tall he was. The man had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. His eyes were a piercing blue color, and I could lose myself in them. Our dancing was erotic, just like the song.

I let him lead me, and I swore my body was dripping with arousal, because as I lowered my shields, I could hear people’s thoughts on me. Many were perverse thoughts about me, and this mystery vampire, others were of course the fangbangers that thought I was stealing their man—er vampire.

Seconds before the song ended, he pulled me close to him, our noses barely touching. I stared into his beautiful eyes again, feeling myself lost again. I guess he tried glamouring me again, but we all know that doesn’t work on me.

“Later cowboy.” I smirked at him, and pulled away just in time. Because I swear to the heavens that If I stayed any longer, I would rip his clothes off right on the spot.

I walked away from him, making my way over to the booth my brother was at. When I sat down, Jason shook his head and laughed. “Dang, sis. What was that? Looks like you were having sex with your clothes on.”

“Jason, please.” I elbowed him.” I’m not even sure what happened, and let’s forget it happened please.” I sighed, ordering myself another Gin and Tonic from one of the waiters. Jason dropped the subject, and went back to observing the crowd of people.

When I looked on over to the dance floor, I noticed my vampire Adonis was gone. Well, I wouldn’t blame him, he must have gone to find some relief from our dancing. Lord knows I needed it.

The music stopped, and in that moment, that blond vampire known as Pamela, was up at dais. Her mere presence up there meant that everyone needed to shut up.

“I have a surprise for you all.” She drawled.

“I would like to present to you; Eric Northman.”

There were gasps and murmurs amongst the crowds, Both Jason and I were aghast. As far as we were concerned, Eric Northman hadn’t made an appearance in the Supe world in over a hundred years. Some assumed him dead, others assumed he went into a deep slumber.

As far as I knew, Eric Northman was a pureblood vampire. He was one of the few purebloods left in this world. Vampires like him were considered royalty, and many opted to stay out of the politics of their world.

Pureblood vampires, were born vampires. They were somewhat fertile, and it was rare for a pureblood to conceive. This is why their kind was diminishing. So when they wanted children, most opted to turn worthy humans. Those that were turned by a Pureblood were considered royalty as well. Their progeny acquired their weaknesses, and strengths. Sometimes they even developed skills of their own.

I was a bit overwhelmed. I had danced with this powerful vampire, and I suddenly felt a little self-conscience. Not only that, but when dealing with a pureblood, the rules changed altogether.

We weren’t allowed to touch them, when a pureblood committed a crime, they were brought into a tribunal and their fate was decided by the entire council. Hunters had no power in this case.

For the most part, I ignored everything the woman was saying about Eric Northman. All I heard was,

“You know the rules, swear fealty.”

That was it, once every one had sworn their fealty, the music turned back on; and I cast out my telepathic net to see if there was anything going on.

Just in the nick of time. It seemed as if a new acquaintance of mine had missed tonight’s grand show. He was feeding on a young woman inside one of the bathroom stalls. I turned to Jason, and blew a kiss at him. This was our signal for, ‘attack mode.’

I made my way on over to the bathroom, hearing the moans coming from Mason. With my gun in my hand, I crouched down low enough, and aimed at his ankle. My gun was equipped with silver bullets, which were filled with mistletoe powder. It was a nice accessory for dealing with all kinds of Supes.

When I fired, Mason hissed in pain.

I’m pretty sure the sound of my gunshot did not go unnoticed by the supes in the bar. The music may have been loud, but they had exceptional hearing.

“What’s going on here?” Ah, right on cue. I turned my head, and saw Pamela’s eyes narrowed at me.

“He broke a rule, and so I did justice, as is my right.” I stated.

She opened the stall, and dragged Mason off of the poor girl. Who was mostly dead now. By the look on his face, he probably wanted to drain me next. Pamela had another vampire come in, and she tried dragging me off to some secluded place. To kill me or glamour me no doubt, but she didn’t get far, because many of my Hunter allies including my brother had stopped her.

I took in a deep breath. “I’ll be fine. If we’re not out in the next twenty minutes, you know the drill. Swoop in and kill.” I ordered.

With that said, I was dragged away to a private area of the club. When we entered the private room, my eyes landed on my vampire Adonis, the pureblood Northman.

“Master, the gunshots we heard, was by this human. I assume she is of the police force. There were many others like her outside.”

I crossed my arms, and raised an eyebrow at her. “Police force, no. We’re of the Hunter’s Alliance, and you took my prey.” I turned to Pamela, and as if I had magically summoned him, the vampire named Mason was brought in by another vampire.

“And what, pray tell is a Hunter doing in my establishment?” She looked far from pleased.

“My orders are to subdue, and kill if necessary. This vampire…” I gestured over to Mason who was hissing at me. “Killed the woman he was feeding from. That in itself is murder, which is a grave offense. Firstly, the laws are that no vampire must feed on anyone in a public establishment, nor must they kill their food.” I stated.

“Bloody Hunter I will kill you!” Mason yelled, struggling against his captors. “Not unless I kill you first.” I smiled.

Northman looked at me, his gaze felt as if they were peeling away not only my clothes, but layers and layers of my walls and barriers. I felt so exposed towards him, so vulnerable. On the surface I looked calm and steady. My best poker face on. No emotions whatsoever on me. But I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks as his gaze lingered on me.

“I want everyone, including the prisoner, Mason out. Pamela, you may go play with your new toy. He failed to swear fealty to me, and instead he opted for breaking a law. I’ll assume this an act of treason on his behalf.” Pamela gave him a fangy smile, and along with the others, she sped out dragging Mason behind her.

We were alone.

“I received a phone call earlier, alerting me of your arrival. But I never thought that the hunter would be you.”

Northman took a step closer to me, and I stepped away from him. “My lover.” He said in a low husky voice. He kept stalking towards me, and I kept retreating, until there was nowhere to retreat to. I was up against the wall; there were no barriers between us. I felt like a caged animal, and he was my predator. I had never felt so out of control, and usually I was the predator.

“I never expected you to be here, Aislin.” Our bodies were so close together, I felt a shiver run down my spine. If he gave the command for me to throw my clothes off and jump him, then by god I would. I hated how my body reacted to him.

“Aislin? My name is Susannah, Susannah Hale. You must have me mixed up with someone else.” I said barely making the words out. I tried to struggle away from him. “No, I would never forget your scent, my beloved Aislin.”

“I’m not Aislin, I already told you!” I felt my voice waver slightly. “My name is Susannah Hale; I’m a Hunter, along with all those other hunters outside waiting for me.”

It’s as if he wasn’t listening. I saw the tall blond vampire; close his eyes, and his lips brushed along my neck. I felt him inhale, while he gently caressed my hair.

“You’ve forgotten me, my beloved.” He said with a pain and grief in his voice that made my heart sink. It was as if I could feel his sorrow, and I felt so sad for him. Whoever this Aislin was, he must have truly loved her.

“No, you might have me confused with her. Like I said…” I took in a deep breath, trying to regain control.

“I’m not your beloved Aislin. I’m just a human. A hunter. I hunt your kind.” I said to him in a faint whisper, which I knew he could hear.

“Even if I was her, we could never be. I’m a predator; I hunt your kind, and many others. I have taken satisfaction in killing them. If not for the fact that you were a Pureblood, then I would have put a bullet through your head long ago, for even coming into close proximity with me.”

His silence was unnerving. Maybe he would kill me right here for threatening him. I waited for his response, I waited for harm to come my way, and I was prepared to fight. But instead, he kissed my forehead gently.

“I have had thousand years of blood on my hands. Your threat does not scare me.” He said as he pulled away from me.

“Leave. Report to your people that I have taken care of the vampire known as Mason, trust me on my honor, my name as a Northman, that I will make sure he receives his own punishment.”

I stood there watching him, trying to study his features, but all that gentleness, all that guilt and pain that I had felt from being near him had gone away. In its place was nothing. He locked away his emotions from me, and that kind of made my heart ache. Though I didn’t know why.

I wish I was this Aislin he spoke of. Maybe he wouldn’t be so sad then.

“Then I will trust you on your words, Mr. Northman. Good night.”

I rejoined my anxious comrades, and as I left the night club, I couldn’t shake off the feeling, that this wouldn’t be the first time, that Eric Northman and I would cross paths.

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  1. I have only just discovered your site and your stories and I wanted to compliment you on this first chapter of Predatory. I love your original ideas applied to these canon characters. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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